Living a Long and Fabulous Life: Lessons from my Centenarian Father

Following in My Centenarian Dad's Footsteps Lifestyle Tips for a Long and Gratifying Life

My dad, who lived to be 101, shared his lifestyle tips for a long life.

Louisa Rogers Courtesy of Louisa Rogers

Oh, fashionistas, let’s talk about living the good life – not just one filled with fabulous outfits, but one that keeps us looking and feeling fabulous even into our golden years. And who better to guide us than my centenarian father? Yes, that’s right, he lived to be a remarkable 101 years old before he moved on to the runway in the sky.

Now, my dad wasn’t just any centenarian, he was a superstar in the world of healthy living. He had it all figured out – moderation, exercise, stress reduction – the secrets of the Blue Zones. So, in honor of his fabulous existence, I’ve taken his wise practices and added my own little fashionable twist to them.

Eat and Drink like Royalty (But not too much!)

Dad always said, “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” Wise words, indeed! But let’s not forget the fashionista’s twist: always stop eating when you’re 80% fabulous. Now, as a reformed overeater, I’ve learned to embrace a 90% plant-based diet with occasional fish. I have my indulgences, of course – a little junk food won’t hurt my fashion-forward figure. And wine? Well, darlings, a glass or two is my guilty pleasure – just like that fabulous little black dress hidden in the back of my closet.

Exercise, Darling, Exercise!

My dad was quite the fitness fanatic. He ran, hiked, and backpacked his way through life, even into his golden years. But let’s face it, running isn’t for all of us. So, I’ve found my own fitness loves – from long walks exploring fashion districts around the world (Camino de Santiago, anyone?) to bike rides and paddleboarding. And here’s the secret: just like that perfect pair of heels, I’ve made physical activity a stylish accessory in my daily routine. Walking is the new black, my fashionable friends!

Shoo Away Stress, Hello Gorgeous!

My dad’s resilience was truly remarkable. Despite facing many losses in his life, he always bounced back with style. And me? Well, I’ve mastered the art of stress management. I don’t do Christmas stress anymore, and slowly, that attitude has spread to all aspects of my life. Of course, stressful events happen, but I’ve discovered my secret weapons to combat them – walking, chatting with friends, journaling, and meditating. It’s like using that fabulous red lipstick to conquer the world!

Rise and Shine with Purpose

Centenarians know the power of having a purpose in life. My dad? He was engaged, passionate, and always ready to make a difference. As for me, I thrive on connection, learning, and creativity. Whether it’s writing, cooking up new fashion-forward recipes, or painting my dreams onto canvases, I know that every day is an opportunity to embrace life’s runway.

Cherish Connections, Like a Fashionable Social Butterfly

My dad lived in Pennsylvania, and not one of his five children lived nearby. But distance couldn’t keep us apart – phone calls and frequent visits were our secret to maintaining a strong family bond. And just like fabulous fashion trends, I’m always on the lookout for new friends. After all, you never know when a close connection might unexpectedly move away or, sadly, leave us.

The Divine Touch of Fashion Spirituality

Unlike most centenarians, my dad didn’t have strong religious beliefs. But darlings, using the placebo effect, I’ve found that nurturing a little fashion-forward spirituality never hurts. I write notes to the fashion gods when I need some divine guidance, and you know what? It works wonders! So why not give it a try? A little spiritual touch never goes out of style.

Now, my fashionable friends, as we embark on our journey towards stylish longevity, let’s remember that life is unpredictable – even the most fashion-forward people can’t guarantee a long and vibrant existence. But by following these fabulous practices, we can increase our chances of strutting our stuff well into our golden years. So, let’s raise our glasses of wine (in true centenarian style) and say cheers to a life well-lived, filled with beauty, fashion, and an everlasting sense of fabulousness!

Stay fabulous, Your Fashion & Beauty Expert

P.S. What are your secrets to a long and fabulous life? Share your fashion-forward wisdom in the comments below!