The Unconventional, Chic, and Organized World of Monos Luggage

Monos Carry-On luggage review 2023 A Fashionably Durable Hard-Sided Suitcase with an Innovative Front Pocket Designed for your Laptop

Monos Carry-On luggage 2023 review Durable with a unique front pocket for laptops.

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Two Monos carry-on suitcases sitting side by side. Monos luggage makes two sizes of its hard-sided carry-on that come with a handy front pocket. Hannah Freedman/Business VoiceAngel

Imagine strolling through the airport, turning heads with your chic, stylish luggage that’s practically begging for its own Instagram photoshoot. Monos, the rising star of the luggage world, offers a range of simple yet sleek bags in colors like Rose Quartz and Ocean Blue. They’re not just suitcases; they’re fashion statements.

But looks aren’t everything, especially when it comes to your travel companion. Luckily, Monos delivers on functionality too. As a travel editor, I’ve put dozens of carry-ons to the test, and Monos has quickly become one of my favorites. In fact, I named their Carry-On Pro Plus the best carry-on for extra space in our guide. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Monos luggage so special.

Dance with the Pro and Pro Plus

Both the Carry-On Pro and Carry-On Pro Plus are more than meets the eye. Not only do they have a convenient front pocket for organizing your essentials, but they also boast elegant exteriors that will make you the envy of every other traveler.

The Pro Plus is the superhero of the Monos duo. It offers a mind-boggling 46 liters of space, allowing you to pack a week’s worth of clothes effortlessly. You can even use the front pocket for items that would typically clutter your purse or under-seat bag. However, be warned: the Pro Plus measures 23 inches and weighs 8.38 pounds, pushing the boundaries of standard carry-on limits.

But fear not! Monos also offers the Carry-On Pro, a slightly smaller option that measures 22 inches. While it sacrifices 10 liters of packable space, it fits comfortably in almost all overhead bins. This one is perfect for shorter trips of three or four days. Plus, both options come in a variety of stylish colors that will have your fellow fashionistas green with envy.

Functionality Meets Durability

Now, let’s talk about performance. When I put these bags to the test, they didn’t disappoint. I dragged them across various surfaces, lifted them overhead when fully packed, and even subjected the Pro Plus to the chaos of a moving van during my apartment relocation. These babies can take a beating, and they do it with style.

With smooth, multi-directional wheels, sturdy YKK zippers, and an adjustable handle, maneuvering these suitcases is a breeze. Though the handle may wobble ever so slightly, it’s still reliable enough to handle your travel needs. And if you encounter those mysterious white marks on the suitcase, Monos has you covered with an eraser that magically makes them disappear. It’s like waving a wand over your luggage, making it look as good as new.

One of the standout features of these suitcases is the front pocket. Unlike other carry-ons where the pocket protrudes and adds bulk when fully packed, the Monos front pocket seamlessly integrates with the sleek design. You can fit your laptop, headphones, charging cords, and even a lip gloss and lotion tin without compromising on style or space.

The interior of the Monos Carry-On Pro front pocket showing pockets for organization. The front pocket of the Monos Carry-On Pro and Pro Plus feature several easy-access organizational pockets. Hannah Freedman / Business VoiceAngel

Monos versus the World

Now, you might be thinking, “Wait, aren’t there other brands with hard front pocket options?” You’re correct, but Monos offers something truly special. While Arlo Skye and Rimowa offer fantastic luggage with front pockets, they come with eye-popping price tags of $375 and $815, respectively. On the other hand, lower-cost options like Delsey and CoolLife fall short in comparison.

In a world dominated by buzzworthy brands like Away, Monos shines as the ultimate champion. Not only does it offer a sleeker look and zippered compartments in the front pocket, but it also excels in overall construction and price. With Monos, you don’t have to break the bank to experience premium luggage.

A Few Things to Consider

As fantastic as Monos luggage is, there are a couple of caveats to be aware of. The Pro Plus, with its spacious interior, doesn’t comply with all airline carry-on size regulations. However, fear not, as the Carry-On Pro resolves that issue while sacrificing a bit of packing space. It’s all about finding the right fit for your travel needs.

Additionally, Monos luggage sits on the heavier side of the carry-on spectrum, with the Pro Plus weighing 8.38 pounds and the Pro weighing 7.8 pounds. While it didn’t bother me, those with less muscle power might find the extra pounds make a difference, especially if you fly with strict weight limits. But hey, what’s a little extra effort for a fabulous travel experience?

The Final Verdict

Monos luggage sits comfortably in the mid-tier range of luggage options. With its stylish exterior, incredible functionality, and that ever-so-awesome front pocket, it’s hard to find a better option on the market. Whether you prioritize extra packing space or a guaranteed fit in all overhead bins, both the Pro and Pro Plus have your back.

So, a toast to Monos for breaking the luggage mold and revolutionizing the way we travel. Are you ready to join the Monos movement and make a stylish statement in airports worldwide? Say goodbye to boring bags and hello to travel fashion with Monos. It’s time to embark on your next adventure — in style!

Pros: – Sturdy and reliable – Chic look that turns heads – Extra packable space in the Pro Plus – A smart front pocket that doesn’t protrude when packed

Cons: – Slightly heavier than other carry-ons – Pro Plus doesn’t meet all airline sizing requirements – A handle that wobbles ever so slightly

So, what are you waiting for? Turn your travel game up a notch with Monos luggage and embrace the chic side of wanderlust! Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below. Happy travels, fashionistas!