Nicaragua Takes the Crown at Miss Universe: Sheynnis Palacios Reigns Supreme

Historic Win Miss Nicaragua Takes the Crown at Miss Universe for the First Time Ever

Miss Nicaragua wins Miss Universe for the first time ever.

Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios is crowned Miss Universe on November 18, 2023, in San Salvador, El Salvador. Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Move over, fashionistas, because Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios has just stolen the show and the crown at the 72nd Miss Universe competition! In a dazzling display of beauty and grace, Palacios proved that Nicaraguan star power can truly shine like a diamond. She made history as the first-ever Miss Universe winner from Nicaragua, leaving fashion enthusiasts somersaulting with joy!

Not to be outshined, the first runner-up was the remarkable Miss Thailand Anntonia Porsild, who commanded attention with her incredible presence and poise. And let’s not forget about the stunning Miss Australia Moraya Wilson, who strutted her way to an impressive third-place finish. These ladies brought their A-game, dazzling the crowd with their charm and charisma.

R’Bonney Gabriel crowns Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios as the new Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel crowns Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios as the new Miss Universe. Hector Vivas/Getty Images

With her infectious smile and undeniable talent, Sheynnis Palacios captivated the judges and audience alike. During the final round, when the top three contestants were asked the question, “If you could live one year in another woman’s shoes, who would you choose and why?” Palacios chose the remarkable Mary Wollstonecraft, an advocate for women’s rights. She acknowledged Wollstonecraft’s role in pushing open the doors of opportunity for countless women. Talk about stepping into big shoes!

Aside from her undeniable beauty, Palacios is an accomplished individual with a degree in mass communications from the Universidad Centroamericana. Her passion lies in producing and editing video content, making her the perfect candidate to take the beauty and fashion world by storm.

But Palacios isn’t just another pretty face. She has been candid about her own mental health struggles, bravely sharing her experiences with anxiety attacks during her university years. To advocate for women facing similar challenges, she launched the project “Understand Your Mind,” aiming to shed light on mental health issues. Not only does she radiate beauty on the outside, but she also possesses a heart of gold.

Miss Universe 2023 top three Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios, Miss Australia Moraya Wilson, and Miss Thailand Anntonia Porsild during Miss Universe on November 18, 2023, in San Salvador, El Salvador. Hector Vivas/Getty Images

It’s important to note that this year’s Miss Universe pageant was filled with groundbreaking moments. Erica Robin, the first-ever Miss Pakistan, made waves by wearing a burkini during the swimsuit competition, proving that beauty knows no boundaries. Miss Colombia Camila Avella shattered expectations as the first married woman and mother to place at the competition since Miss Universe changed its rules in August 2022. And let’s not forget about Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett, who proudly represented body inclusivity at Miss Universe, breaking barriers and inspiring us all. Last but not least, Miss Portugal Marina Machete became the first transgender contestant to secure a spot in the top 20! Talk about diversity and representation taking center stage at its finest.

So, fashion mavens, let’s raise a glass to Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios and all the phenomenal women who strutted their stuff at the 72nd Miss Universe competition. Their grace, poise, and commitment to breaking boundaries have left an indelible mark on the world of beauty and fashion. Bravo, ladies!