Unplugging the Gen Z Meet the 23-Year-Old Inspiring a Newspaper Renaissance

Engaging the Digital Generation How One 23-Year-Old is Inspiring Gen Z to Embrace the Printed Word

Kelsey Russell TikTok

Kelsey Russell, a 23-year-old fashionista who loves to stay informed, has found a unique way to keep up with the news. Instead of spending hours online, she’s using her platform on TikTok to read and explain news articles to her fellow Gen Zers. Move over runway models, because Kelsey is making print media the hottest trend!

You see, Kelsey grew up sharing newspaper articles with her dad, so when she felt a lack of knowledge in sociology and education, she decided to subscribe to the Sunday edition of the New York Times. And boy, did that decision change her life! She found that by reading the paper, she felt more informed and at peace. No more distractions from text messages or notifications. It was like fashion week for her brain!

Inspired to share her newfound passion for print media, Kelsey took to TikTok to document her journey. In her first video, she held up a copy of the New York Times, urging all her fellow fashion-forward Gen Zers to read the news like they read style magazines. The video went viral, receiving a whopping 1.7 million views! Talk about a fashion statement!

Since then, Kelsey has been on a roll, posting video after video, explaining and commenting on the news stories she reads. And her content is definitely in vogue, with tens of thousands of views and a growing following of almost 85,000 people. Even the journalism industry has taken notice, with the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times showering her with attention. It’s like she’s become the newest It Girl of journalism!

But it’s not just about getting dressed in the latest news headlines. Kelsey believes that her generation is lacking in media literacy. Too many young people are getting their news from questionable sources, like social media, where celebrities and influencers often take the spotlight. Kelsey knows the importance of trustworthy journalism, and she wants her fellow fashionistas to invest in print media. It’s like buying designer clothes for your brain!

Of course, with fame comes criticism. Some people accuse Kelsey of sharing biased propaganda, but she sees this as an opportunity to start a conversation. She encourages her critics to develop the skills to discern bias and not be deterred by it. After all, fashion is all about personal style, and so is consuming news.

Now, Kelsey may not have a degree in journalism, but that hasn’t stopped her from putting on a show. She believes that anyone can understand what they’re reading with a little help from our good friend Google. So, put on those chic reading glasses and dive into the world of news!

As Kelsey continues to create educational and entertaining videos, her hope is to create a space where young people can learn and have fun. Because, let’s face it, staying informed is always in fashion. So, grab your favorite fashion magazine and a cup of coffee, and join Kelsey on TikTok as she twirls and sashays her way through the news!

What do you think of Kelsey’s fashionable approach to news? Are you ready to ditch the smartphone and start turning the pages of print media again? Let us know in the comments below!