Age is Just a Number: Martha Stewart’s Fashion Rebellion

Martha Stewart's Age-Defying Secret Looking 'Pretty Much the Same' as Her 17-Year-Old Self and Ignoring Fashion Rules

Martha Stewart claims she still looks the same as she did at 17 and isn’t concerned about dressing for her age.

Martha Stewart attends the FGI Night of Stars in New York City on October 17, 2023.

Martha Stewart, the fabulous 82-year-old lifestyle icon, recently made waves at the FGI Night of Stars gala in New York City. When asked by Page Six about her approach to age-appropriate fashion, she responded with a witty retort, “Dressing for whose age? I don’t think about age. People are more fabulous than ever in their senior years, and I applaud every one of them.”

Stewart, known for her effortless style, has been dressing the same way since she was 17 years old. In her own words, “If you look at my pictures on my Instagram, I look pretty much the same.” She believes that it’s important to wear what looks good on you, and if there’s any doubt, just take a picture. If it looks bad, toss it out; if it looks good, flaunt it!

Martha Stewart attends the FGI Night of Stars in New York City on October 17, 2023.

This devil-may-care attitude towards fashion has caught the attention of Alison Gary, a fashion blogger who thinks Stewart’s approach is spot-on. In her opinion, the notion of “dressing your age” is nothing more than a societal pressure to conform and cover up our natural beauty. As Gary puts it, “It’s about disguising the fact that we’re human beings who have lived and experienced the passage of time.”

Gary, a former stylist and personal shopper, now provides “real-life style advice for grown women” on her website, Wardrobe Oxygen. She believes that the fashion industry tends to focus on the young, thin, and firm, leaving many women feeling inadequate. That’s why she uses her platform to showcase her own fashion choices and prove that being over 40 doesn’t mean giving up on fun and fabulous outfits.

Martha Stewart attends the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue launch party.

Of course, Martha Stewart’s status as a celebrity and former model does come with certain privileges. Gary acknowledges this, but emphasizes that Stewart’s message holds true for everyone. We all have the right to wear what we want, when we want, regardless of our age or societal expectations.

So, let’s take a page out of Martha Stewart’s fashion rebellion playbook! Let’s embrace our individuality, celebrate our senior years, and wear what makes us feel stunning and confident. Remember, fashion knows no age limits, and as Stewart reminds us, each of us is more fabulous than ever. Cheers to defying age and embracing our unique style journeys!

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