The Glamorous and Not-So-Glamorous Life of Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista bravely sheds light on her tumultuous marriage with Gérald Marie 'He understood that touching my face was off-limits

Linda Evangelista speaks out about her abusive marriage to Gérald Marie, highlighting how he never laid a hand on her face.

Linda Evangelista and Gerald Marie Gerald Marie and Linda Evangelista during Maybelline Presents 1991 Look of the Year at Plaza Hotel in New York City, New York, United States. (Source: Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to dive into the scandalous world of supermodel drama, where the air is filled with emotions, secrets, and some seriously unglamorous revelations. Brace yourselves for the rollercoaster tale of Linda Evangelista, the stunning beauty who recently spilled the tea on her “abusive” relationship with former Elite Model Management executive, Gerald Marie.

In a new AppleTV+ documentary aptly titled The Super Models, Evangelista spoke candidly about the not-so-glorious aspects of her meteoric rise to stardom. While we often think supermodels have it all – the fame, the fortune, and the fabulous life – Evangelista shattered this illusion, exposing the thorny truth lurking behind the glamour.

As the screens lit up with clips of Linda and her ex-husband Gerald Marie, she confessed, “I celebrate all the great things that we got to do, but it wasn’t as glorious as one would think it was.” Oh, the irony! The woman who graced countless magazine covers with her radiant smile had been living a personal nightmare. Talk about a plot twist!

Now, hold on to your contour palettes, because this story gets even juicier. Linda Evangelista tied the knot with Gerald Marie in 1987 when she was just 22 years old, and he was a ripe 37. Let’s just say their relationship had a few more wrinkles than her flawless complexion. But don’t worry, folks, Linda knew how to protect her assets. In her own words, “He knew not to touch my face. Not to touch the moneymaker, you know?” Ah, the sweet woes of supermodel life!

But wait, there’s more! In September 2020, multiple women came forward accusing Marie of rape and sexual assault dating back to the ’80s and ’90s. The fashion industry, known for its glitz and glamour, was suddenly cast under a murky shadow. Former models Carré Otis, who was married to actor Mickey Rourke, and Jill Dodd, who was part of a modeling agency where Marie worked, shared their harrowing experiences. And you thought being a supermodel was all silk gowns and champagne!

Of course, Marie vehemently denied these allegations, painting himself as a misunderstood angel in this scandalous saga. His lawyer, Céline Bekerman, released a statement claiming, “Gérald Marie firmly objects to the defamatory and false allegations made against him.” Oh, the drama, the audacity!

Now, let’s fast forward to February 2023, where French prosecutors closed their investigation into Marie. The statute of limitations played its part, shielding the accused former head of the European division of Elite Model Management. Talk about a catwalk escape!

Throughout this documentary, Linda Evangelista’s voice became a rallying cry for all women who have suffered in silence. She declared, “I would love that justice be served. I would love for assholes like that to think twice and be afraid. And I would love women to know that they’re not alone.” Preach, Linda!

As this captivating tale comes to an end, we’re left awestruck by the intricate web of emotions, scandals, and deceit that lies beneath the glossy world of beauty and fashion. It’s a reminder that even the most glamorous professions hold secrets, and we should never judge a flawless face by its magazine cover.

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