Sweet Little Darlings: What Are the Kids Up To?

The Adorable Antics Discover the Cutest Things Your Kids are Up To!

Kids and Their Cute Antics

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Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of these times, where news dominates our lives and we hold our loved ones a little closer, let’s take a moment to dive into something heartwarming and endearing: those precious little tykes in your life. Oh, the sweet and silly things they do!

At the tender age of 10, my little buddy Anton finds himself in that delightful in-between stage. In so many ways, he feels like a kindred spirit – he binge-watches Derry Girls on Netflix, expertly trounces me in a fierce game of Tenzi, and surprises me with the most unconventional scrambled eggs, amping up the flavor with a dash of mustard powder. But when bedtime rolls around, this ten-year-old dynamo demands cuddles and lullabies. Ten years old! It’s an absolute delight.

text teenager

Meanwhile, the charming 13-year-old Toby took the time to send me a thoughtful message. This kid, always putting others first! Digging through my digital archives, I stumbled upon an old screenshot from a few years back. What do you think little Toby searched for on my computer? Drumroll, please! Birthday presents! And his choices? Well, let’s just say his taste is impeccable.

Toby’s birthday list

Not too shabby, Toby! You’ve got style.

And speaking of style, my honorary niece recently attended a gymnastics class and absolutely nailed it! Move over, Simone Biles, there’s a new kid in town, flipping and soaring through the air with awe-inspiring grace and skill. Talk about capturing the spirit of the times! Gestures widely We have a superstar in our midst!

Now it’s your turn! What hilarious antics or adorable moments are the little darlings in your life up to these days? Share your stories, and let’s revel in the joy these kids bring us.

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(Top photo by the beloved Grace Cady. Gymnastics video by the fabulous Alison Piepmeyer.)