Kat Von D: Farewell to Tattooing as a Job, but Not as a Passion!

Kat Von D Opens Up About Her Changing Perspective on Tattooing Why She's Not as Thrilled as Before

Kat Von D admits she has lost some enthusiasm for tattooing compared to the early days of her career.

Image: Kat Von D tattoos at her former studio in Los Angeles, California. Featured: Kat Von D works on a tattoo at her former studio in Los Angeles, California – Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

Oh, the winds of change blow through the enchanted land of tattoos! The queen of ink herself, Kat Von D, has revealed that her relationship with tattooing has transformed into something different, like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its artistic cocoon. In an interview that left her fans marveling, she confessed that she hasn’t charged clients for tattoos in over a decade. Can you imagine that? The talent, the artistry, all unleashed upon lucky individuals without a single cent requested in return. It’s like entering a magical boutique and leaving with a gown made of stardust and dreams, all free of charge!

She still adores the craft, my dear fashionistas, but she no longer wants to wield the tattoo machine as a job. Oh, how things change! It’s like a beautiful love affair that has blossomed into a deep, lasting friendship. Von D compared her connection to tattooing to an endearing rom-com, saying, “I’m not as thrilled about it as I was in my 20s per se, but I still love it, and I still want to be able to do it. I just know I don’t want to do it as a job.”

But wait, there’s more! Prepare to be amazed, for our lovely Kat Von D ceased charging clients during the final years of her famous High Voltage Tattoo studio. Can you imagine the joy of being on the receiving end of her artistic brilliance without the pesky detail of handing over your hard-earned money? It must have been like receiving a lavish gift from a fairy godmother, or stumbling upon a secret treasure map that leads to a paradise of beauty and self-expression.

So why did the ink goddess decide to go down this unconventional path? She finds fulfillment in tattooing as a profound means of connection with others, a powerful bridge between souls. It’s not just about the exquisite artwork; it’s about the shared experience, the human connection that emerges from the delicate dance of ink and skin. And let’s not forget the pressures of fame! Once she hit the small screen with her own captivating shows, like a supernova lighting up the night sky, the expectations skyrocketed. People weren’t just seeking a tattoo; they craved an experience. Talk about pressure, darlings!

But fear not, for the adventure doesn’t end here! Brace yourselves, for Kat Von D has embarked on a personal transformation. She has boldly chosen to travel the path of solid ink, covering up tattoos she no longer desires, like a mythical phoenix rising from the ashes in a magnificent display of metamorphosis. She’s spent close to 40 hours on this daring journey, where her body becomes a canvas for a new chapter in her artistic story.

At this point, my dear fashion enthusiasts, you might find yourself wondering about Kat Von D’s grand plans for the future. Hold on to your hats, for it’s a tale of quaint towns, big dreams, and a touch of uncertainty. Our inked queen purchased a charming abode in Vevay, Indiana, where the population barely reaches 1,200 souls. Can you imagine a world without the hustle and bustle of Uber, Postmates, or even a simple billboard? It’s a calmer existence, a provincial paradise where dreams can flourish like wildflowers on a breezy meadow.

And what about her tattoo shop? Oh, the plot thickens! While she once hinted at opening a studio in this charming hamlet of Vevay, she now contemplates other paths. Yes, my dear fashion aficionados, there are other endeavors she wishes to weave into the tapestry of this humble town. Restaurants, perhaps? After all, a fashionable soul must be nourished with the finest delicacies while engaging in exciting dialogues about style and beauty.

Now, my fellow fashion enthusiasts, we reached the end of our delightful journey through the world of fashion and inked wonders. Kat Von D might have bid farewell to tattooing as a job, but her passion for it still shines brighter than a supernova in the nighttime sky. She has gifted the world with her remarkable talent, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and bodies of those fortunate enough to receive her artistry.

So let us celebrate this enchanting tale, where tattooing becomes more than just a career, but a medium for connection, and where the rhythmic dance of ink and skin forms a symphony of human expression. Cherish your own creative journeys, dear readers, whether they lead you down unexpected paths or awaken passions you never knew existed. And remember, in this vast realm of fashion and beauty, the only limit is the sky itself — adorned with stars and the dreams of those who dare to dream.