Train Travel: Finding Comfort and Luxury on the Rails

Across the Atlantic Unveiling the Superior Comfort of Trains Abroad through 100 Hours of Exploration

I’ve spent 100 hours on trains in the US, Canada, and Europe. Trains abroad are more comfortable.

All aboard, fashion lovers! Get ready for a delightful journey through the world of train travel, where comfort meets style. ✨🚂✨

The author in train seats in the US, Europe, and Canada Image: Joey Hadden/Insider

Trains have always been my favorite mode of transportation. There’s just something about the rhythmic chugging of the locomotive and the picturesque views whizzing by that adds an air of romance to any journey. 🌟

But what truly sets train travel apart is the experience onboard. I’ve taken trains all over the US, Canada, and Europe, from coach to business class, and I have some fascinating tales to share.

A Fashionable Ride Around the World

As a dedicated explorer, I’ve embarked on countless train adventures, from local rides in the US to exhilarating long-haul trips. I’ve gone beyond the ordinary, trying everything from business and first class to private sleeper cabins. There’s just no stopping my passion for the rails! 🌎🛤️

In October 2021, I spent a whopping 60 hours on overnight Amtrak trains between NYC and Miami, reveling in the luxurious Amtrak sleeper accommodations. And as if that wasn’t enough, I indulged in first and business-class rides on Amtrak Acela trains from NYC to Baltimore. I even hopped across the border into Canada and experienced the splendor of traveling in business class on Via Rail trains. Talk about an epic journey! 💼💺

But my wanderlust didn’t stop there. In October 2022, I embarked on an incredible train adventure through Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. I tried various classes on different lines, including OBB Nightjet, Trenitalia, and InterCity Express. From coach to first class and shared sleeper cabins—I truly lived the fashion-forward train dream! 😍

The Search for Ultimate Comfort 🛋️

The author’s first class seat on the Amtrak Acela train Image: Joey Hadden/Insider

For any fashion lover, comfort is an absolute must. Let’s talk seats, darlings! In the US, I’ve noticed that coach seats on Amtrak trains can be a bit snug. But fear not, for there’s always first and business class to save the day—or so I thought. Those grand-looking chairs in Amtrak’s upper-class cabins turned out to be a tad stiffer than expected. Lesson learned: never judge a seat by its size! 💺💔

Now, let’s turn our attention to the international scene. Oh, Canada! Via Rail’s seats surprised me with their blissful comfort. The curved design provided unparalleled headrest support, allowing me to recline in the most divine fashion. In business class, I even had an extra side table—total luxury! 🇨🇦💅

But it was in Italy where I discovered true seat heaven. Trenitalia’s business class seats were like little couches, boasting a soft and cushy exterior. My derriere felt like it had found its true soulmate! 🇮🇹💖

The Battle of Bathrooms 🚽

Trenitalia business class Image: Joey Hadden/Insider

Now, let’s address the pivotal matter of train bathrooms. If you’re anything like me, a clean and spacious restroom can make all the difference on a journey.

In the US, I’ve had mixed experiences with Amtrak’s bathrooms. Of course, the business-class restrooms should be an upgrade, right? Well, not quite. They turned out to be eerily similar to the ones found in coach. Talk about a fashion faux pas! 🚽🙅‍♀️

My journey north of the border to Canada didn’t offer much restroom relief either. While cleaner than their Amtrak counterparts, Via Rail’s business-class bathrooms still lacked that extra touch of elegance. But then… cue heavenly music… enter Trenitalia in Italy! The business-class bathrooms on their trains were enormous, pristine, and adorned with delightful blue lighting. I truly felt like royalty, my dear fashionistas! 👑🚽💫

The Final Verdict 👑🌟

Although train travel in the US might not always be the most glamorous, my love for the rails remains unwavering. There’s something special about embarking on stylish journeys across the country, savoring the unique experiences along the way. The seats abroad might be comfier and the bathrooms cleaner, but nothing quite compares to the fashion-forward spirit of Amtrak.

So, fellow fashion aficionados, what say you? Are you ready to don your chicest outfit and embark on a fabulous train adventure? Let’s board this fashionably fast train and conquer the glamorous world of rail travel together! 💃🚂💄

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