Age Defying Dance Troupe: Old is the New Bold!

Unleashing the Power of Age Introducing 'The Pacemakers,' an Inspiring Dance Group Redefining Seniority

Meet ‘The Pacemakers’, a dance group of seniors aged 60 to 84.

An 84-year-old member of the seniors' dance troupe
84-year-old Irene Reiss is limber enough to even do the splits.

Courtesy of Susan Avery

Move over, youngsters! There’s a red-hot dance troupe called “The Pacemakers” that is breaking all the age barriers and stealing the show. This troupe is not just any dance group; it’s a band of sassy seniors who are proving that wrinkles don’t matter when it comes to dancing up a storm.

“The Pacemakers” is made up of an incredible 31-member team, including an impressive 84-year-old who can do splits without missing a beat, a 62-year-old who spins on her head with gravity-defying skills, and a 69-year-old with a heart condition who fearlessly does cartwheels. Talk about defying the laws of age!

Dressed in jerseys proudly displaying the year of their birth, these vibrant performers are tearing up the dance floor with their jazz moves and breakdancing skills. And don’t be fooled by their age; these dancers can groove to tracks like “None of Your Business” by Salt-n-Pepa better than most youngsters half their age.

Dancers doing headspin
Dance captain Barbara Adler does a head spin.

Luiz C. Ribeiro/Getty Images

Led by the legendary Susan Avery, affectionately known as “Chief Heart Murmur,” this remarkable group was formed in 2019 after Avery herself faced cyber-bullying for being “too old” to perform in public. But rather than succumbing to those haters, she decided to turn the tables and create a dance troupe that embraces aging with style and sass.

“Our mission is to prove that ‘old’ is not a curse word,” Avery proudly declares. “We believe that getting old is a badge of honor, and we shout it from the rooftops!” And shout they do, as they captivate audiences at movie premieres, conferences, street fairs, and even minor league baseball games.

But what makes this group truly exceptional is not just their impressive dance moves; it’s their indomitable spirit and unwavering determination. Despite various health challenges, including knee and hip replacements, pulmonary edema, and arthritis, these fierce dancers refuse to let age slow them down. In fact, they affirm that movement is crucial for seniors to maintain their vitality and ward off any dance-related FOMO.

Men dancing

Erica Denhoff/Getty Images

Critics may scoff or question the wisdom of displaying their birth year on their jerseys. However, the spirit of “The Pacemakers” is not about hiding their age; it’s about celebrating it with immense pride. Barbara Adler, the group’s dance captain and a proud ’61 baby, eloquently expresses their collective desire, “We want to be seen and feel proud and wanted.” They are living proof that age is just a number; it’s the passion and joy within your heart that truly matter.

A typical rehearsal with “The Pacemakers” is a symphony of laughter, with jokesters bringing a light-hearted and joyful atmosphere. While their agility and abilities may vary across the spectrum, their focus remains unwavering – embracing the sheer joy of what they can do.

So, fellow fashion and beauty enthusiasts, let’s take a moment to applaud the audacity and spirit of “The Pacemakers.” They have proven that age is not a limitation when it comes to pursuing our passions and defying societal expectations. Let’s welcome every line, wrinkle, and gray hair as badges of honor, and dance our way through life with unapologetic joy!

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