Bedrooms in 2024: The Inside Scoop from Design Experts

Interior Design Experts Reveal 8 Bedroom Trends that Will Dominate Next Year, and Bid Farewell to 5 Trends on Their Way Out

Interior designers reveal 8 upcoming bedroom trends and 5 fading ones.

red x and arrow pointing at industrial bed and nightstand and a green check and arrow pointing at a bunch of plants in a bedroom Industrial design trends are being replaced by biophilic elements in bedrooms. (Image: AnnaStills/Shutterstock)

Ah, the world of fashion and design! It’s constantly evolving, just like your favorite rom-com. And when it comes to bedrooms, even the trends have their own love affairs. We’ve asked three fabulous interior designers to spill the beans on which bedroom trends are hot and which ones are not for the year 2024.

1. Biophilic Design: Bringing Nature inside gray and black biophilic bedroom with wooden details, lots of plants, and natural sunlight Plants and natural sunlight can add a lot to a space. (Image: AnnaStills/Shutterstock)

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a lush forest, surrounded by greenery and warm sunlight. That’s the feeling you’ll get with the rising trend of biophilic design. James Stanley, the principal designer and founder of James Stanley NY, spills the tea on this one. Natural light, plants, and water elements will be taking over bedrooms in 2024. Because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to feel connected to nature while lounging in bed?

2. Bed Skirts: A Classic Rebirth beige bedroom with wooden and rattan accents and a queen bed with white linens and a bed skirt Traditional bed skirts are coming back in style. (Image: Joseph Hendrickson/Shutterstock)

Move over, minimalist trends! There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s bringing back some old-school elegance. David Samuel Ko, the interior designer and founder of Maison Ko, spills the beans on bed skirts. These beauties will be gracing bedrooms in 2024, adding that extra layer of sophistication to your boudoir. Slipcovered sofas took the lead, and now it’s time for bed skirts to steal the show. Get ready to have your dreams be as glamorous as a Hollywood starlet’s!

3. Embracing Nature: Materials Matter neutral colored bedroom with lots of woven and wooden design details Along with the biophilic trend, natural materials should be big next year. (Image: brizmaker/Shutterstock)

In 2024, it’s all about feeling one with Mother Earth. Stanley predicts that natural materials will take the throne in bedrooms across the land. Raw wood, woven fabrics, and rattan are here to create an earthy, warm aesthetic in your sacred space. Surrounding yourself with these natural elements is not only good for the environment, but it also brings peace and well-being into your life. Who knew being trendy could be so eco-friendly?

4. Wallpaper: The Bold Statement You Crave blue and gray bedroom with subtle botanical wallpaper Wallpaper can be subtle or loud depending on your style. (Image: Toyakisphoto/Shutterstock)

Ready to make a statement? It’s time to say goodbye to plain and hello to personality! Cherie Lee, the director and interior designer of Cherie Lee Interiors, reveals that fully wallpapered bedrooms will be the talk of the town in 2024. And we’re not talking about any ordinary wallpaper. We’re talking bold patterns, ornate designs that scream “look at me!” So, ditch the minimalist vibes and let your walls tell a story as exciting as a telenovela.

5. Artisanal Artwork: Local Love bedroom with lots of blue decor details and a big blue painting above the bedframe Mass-produced art doesn’t have the same vibe as handcrafted pieces. (Image: Ground Picture/Shutterstock)

Step aside, mass-produced art! Make way for the true stars of the show: locally crafted artwork. According to Stanley, 2024 will be the year of supporting local artisans and bringing unique pieces into your bedroom. Say goodbye to generic prints and hello to personalized, handcrafted treasures. This way, your bedroom will reflect who you are and your impeccable taste. Plus, it’s always nice to have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece to impress your friends with during those late-night gossip sessions.

6. Fabric Headboards: Luxury at its Finest neutral bedroom with a large bed with a fabric headboard and lots of pillow and blankets Fabric headboards can act like a piece of art in your room. (Image: New Africa/Shutterstock)

Bedrooms in 2024 will be dripping with luxury, darling! Cherie Lee spills the beans on the upcoming trend of elongated fabric headboards. These beauties will extend well beyond the length of your bed, creating drama and impact fit for a queen or king. Your bedroom will instantly transform into a luxurious and cozy sanctuary, perfect for dreaming, lounging, and living your most fabulous life. It’s time to indulge yourself in a little extravagance because, after all, you deserve it!

7. Technology Meets Comfort: Smart Bedrooms smart technology thermostat and entertainment panel outside of a bedroom Smart thermostats and entertainment controls have made their way into bedrooms. (Image: zhu difeng/Shutterstock)

Who says technology can’t be stylish? Not us! With the dawn of smart technology, your bedroom is about to reach a whole new level of coolness. According to Stanley, the rise of automation will bring smart windows, lighting, and climate control to your slumber haven. Imagine waking up with the gentle rays of sunlight filtering through your smart window blinds, and your favorite playlist starts playing in the background. Welcome to the future, my friend!

8. Say Goodbye to Minimalism: Hello, Patterns! modern bedroom with black decor details and a big bed with a green botanical duvet and pillows Minimalist, solid-colored duvets and sheets are falling out of favor. (Image: Ground Picture/Shutterstock)

Minimalism, it’s been real, but we’re ready to move on. Ko spills some tea on the downfall of minimalistic design styles. In 2024, it’s all about embracing organic, fluid patterns and botanical-inspired prints. Picture yourself wrapped in a cozy, patterned duvet, surrounded by a sanctuary of serenity. These nature-inspired designs will not only make your bedroom Instagram-worthy but will also create a Zen-like atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day of being fabulous.

9. Dare to Add Color: Goodbye, All-White Walls red x over a beige, minimalist bedroom with floor to ceiling windows and wooden details White and gray are both fading and richer tones are becoming more popular. (Image: ImageFlow/Shutterstock)

White, oh, white, you’ve had your moment in the sun. But now, it’s time to let some color shine through! Stanley bids farewell to the all-white trend and welcomes a world bursting with hues and rich tones. In 2024, expect to see bedrooms filled with deep and vibrant shades, adding a personal touch to your oasis of dreams. It’s time to banish the blah and embrace the bold! Get ready to paint the town (and your walls) with colors that express your true self.

10. Curtains: Soft and Cozy Wins red x and arrow pointing at window shutters in a clean, modern bedroom Curtains are a lighter design element than clunky shutters. (Image: Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock)

Shutters, we appreciate your efforts, but it’s time to embrace something softer. According to Lee, curtains are on the rise in 2024. Not only do they add a cozy feel to your room, but they also provide an extra layer of thermal insulation. Plus, who wouldn’t want to feel like a starlet in their private hangout? So, let the curtains dance, block out the world, and create a space that’s as dreamy as a fairytale.

11. Industrial Design: Time to Retire red x over a very industrial bedroom with metal and brick details and gray linens Industrial design can often feel cold and impersonal. (Image: Laci_10/Shutterstock)

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Sorry, industrial aficionados, but it’s time to bid farewell to exposed brick walls, metal finishes, and concrete floors. Stanley puts it bluntly: “The industrial bedroom trend has had its day.” But don’t fret, my fashion-forward friends. The future holds a promise of earthy, natural, and soothing vibes. Embrace the warmth and tranquility that awaits you in the world of new design trends.

12. Luxurious Linens: Farewell, Silk red x and arrow pointing at pink silk bed linens in a modern room Silk isn’t the best material for chillier nights. (Image: New Africa/Shutterstock)

Silk, you have graced the bedrooms of the world with your elegance, but it’s time to take a step back. Lee reveals that in 2024, we’ll be embracing cozy, luxurious bed linens instead. Silk may have its charm, but when the chilly nights roll in, you want something that will keep you warm and snuggly. Plus, introducing more fabrics into your bedroom adds texture and style, turning your space into a haven of comfort and glamour.

And there you have it, darling! The exciting world of bedroom trends for 2024. Say goodbye to minimalism and hello to biophilic design, wallpapered walls, and locally crafted treasures. Let nature embrace you, technology wow you, and colors paint your dreams. It’s time to transform your bedroom into a stylish sanctuary fit for a fashionista like yourself. So, go forth and conquer the trends, my fabulous readers!