How I Mastered the Art of Saving Money in Iceland: A Fashionista’s Guide

Exploring Iceland on a Budget 8 Thrifty Tips to Save Money on Your Trip

In pricey Iceland, here are 8 money-saving tips I used on my trip.

The author puts white mud on her face at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The author at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. (Image source: Talia Lakritz/Insider)

Iceland, the land of stunning landscapes and sky-high prices. As a fashionista embarking on an Icelandic adventure, I was faced with the dilemma of how to maintain my impeccable style without breaking the bank. Fear not, dear fashion lovers, for I have discovered the secrets to saving money in this fashionably expensive land.

1. Flying in Style (on a Budget)

Icelandair became my ticket to frugal fashion. I hopped on their cheapest red-eye flight, ensuring maximum glamour and minimum expenses. Picture this: I glided through the sky, nestled in the cozy confines of economy class, sipping on champagne (okay, it was probably just sparkling water) while looking effortlessly fabulous. All this, while saving a cool $100.

2. Rental Cars and Runways

Who needs a glamorous car rental counter in the arrivals terminal when you can take the scenic route? I strategically booked a rental car further away from the airport, embarking on a mini adventure just to get to my set of wheels. Sure, it took a tad longer, but the money I saved made it worth it. Money saved is money to be spent on that perfect runway-worthy fashion ensemble.

3. Fashion on the Go

Skipping those overpriced airport snacks and eating like a true fashionista on the go is a powerful move. I packed my own fashion-approved food, including decadent granola bars and mouthwatering trail mix. But wait, there’s more! Picture this: Enjoying a cup of instant soup in a secluded bubble hotel, nestled in a dreamy forest. It’s like having your own personal runway show, with a touch of wilderness.

4. Grocery Glamour

I may be a fashion devotee, but even I know the importance of a well-stocked pantry. To keep my hunger and expenses at bay, I frequented Icelandic grocery chains like Hagkaup and Krónan. It was like stepping into a fashionista’s paradise, adorned with delicious sandwich ingredients and tempting snacks. Who needs five-star restaurants when you can put together your own gourmet picnic?

5. Breakfast, Beauty, and Bliss

As a self-proclaimed hotel breakfast enthusiast, I reveled in the joy of starting my day with a sumptuous, fashion-approved meal. With prices soaring in Iceland, booking hotels that offered complimentary breakfast was a stroke of genius. Imagine indulging in a “happy marriage cake” while sipping on freshly brewed coffee, all prepared to fuel your fashionably adventurous day.

6. Hydration, Iceland Style

Being fashionably hydrated is a must, and in Iceland, I discovered a stylish way to quench my thirst without draining my bank account. Forget overpriced bottled water. I tapped into my inner wilderness spirit and drank straight from crystal clear rivers and streams. It was like drinking from a sparkling runway-inspired elixir. Plus, rumor has it, Icelandic tap water is liquid gold for your skin. Hydration and fashion, all in one sip.

7. Off the Beaten Fashion Path

As a fashionista, I pride myself on discovering hidden gems. So, I ventured off the beaten tourist path, armed with local recommendations. Instead of splurging on the luxurious Blue Lagoon, I opted for the Secret Lagoon—a hidden hotspot where fashion dreams come true without draining your wallet. Not to mention, I stumbled upon a picturesque garden bistro adorned with flowers and bubbling fountains, where exquisite fashion and flavorful soup collide.

8. Nature’s Fashion Show

In the land of ice and fire, nature’s runway is free for all to enjoy. I marveled at the majestic Seljalandsfoss waterfall, a stunning backdrop that took my breath away. The best part? It didn’t cost a single króna. Mother Nature truly knows how to put on a fashion show, no tickets required.

So, my fellow fashion lovers, fear not the siren song of pricey Iceland. With these frugal fashion tricks up your perfectly tailored sleeves, you can conquer this stylish country without sacrificing your fashionista status.

Tell me, dear readers, have you explored any fashionably expensive destinations? How did you manage to save money without compromising style? Share your tips and tales in the comments below!

Talia Lakritz stands next to a waterfall in Iceland. The author in Iceland. (Image source: Talia Lakritz/Insider)