Red Lobster’s Family Taco Meal Deal: A “Seafood” of Disappointment

I Tested Red Lobster's $30 Family Meal Deal and It Barely Satisfied My Family of 4 Until I Ordered Extra Sides!

I tried Red Lobster’s $30 family ‘meal deal,’ but it wasn’t sufficient for my family of 4 without extra sides.

By Terri Peters
Image by Terri Peters Author Terri Peters smiling outside of a Red Lobster location


Are you a seafood fanatic looking for a family-style meal deal that won’t sink your wallet? Well, hold on to your fins because Red Lobster’s family taco meal deal might not be the catch you’re hoping for. As a busy mom of two teens, I was excited to try this “seafood” extravaganza. But did it live up to the hype, or did it swim back to the depths of disappointment? Let’s dive in and find out!

Ordering: Easy as a Breeze

Before indulging in this seafood delight, I had to navigate the treacherous waters of online ordering. Choosing the chicken taco deal for $30, I added two orders of fries and a half-dozen Cheddar Bay Biscuits to give it some bulk. After all, I didn’t want my family to be left gasping for more.

Pick-Up: The Waiting Game Begins

Arriving at Red Lobster to pick up my treasure trove of tacos, my teens and I searched high and low for the hidden curbside pick-up parking spots. It was as if they were playing a game of hide-and-seek, with the signs as small as a sunken treasure chest. Finally, we texted “here” to the number provided, and the waiting game began. Over ten minutes passed before we received a reply that our order was ready.

The Light as a Bubble Bag

As I grasped hold of the to-go bag, it felt as light as a bubble floating in the sea breeze. The bag was practically whispering, “Don’t expect much, darling.” This surprised me, as chain restaurants often drown us in leftovers. But not today, my friends. Today, our stomachs were left high and dry.

The Tacos: Small but Mighty…Small

Ah, the moment of truth. As we unwrapped the taco toppings onto plates, I couldn’t help but notice the shortage of tortillas. With only six included, my family of four would have to fight tooth and nail for a mere taste of taco goodness. Our grilled chicken disappeared faster than a seagull steals a French fry. No leftovers, no requests to finish someone else’s dish. It was a sad day for the land of chain restaurant feasts.

Sides to the Rescue

Desperate to salvage our meal, I turned to the sides I had so wisely added. Two orders of fries and a serving of Red Lobster’s famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits were our lifeboats in this sea of disappointment. I was relieved I had made the extra investment because, without them, we would have drifted aimlessly in the abyss of hunger.

The Verdict: The “Seas” can do Better

Sadly, Red Lobster’s family taco meal left us with a bad taste in our mouths. With a price tag close to $45, this mediocre portion of taco ingredients failed to make a splash. We could have embarked on a grand taco adventure at the grocery store or enjoyed an ocean of options at a fast-food chain like Taco Bell. As a family that carefully chooses where to spend our dining-out budget, this experience sank faster than the Titanic.


To all my fellow fashionistas, remember to tread carefully when seeking a delicious and value-packed family meal. Red Lobster’s family taco meal deal might not be the pearl you’re searching for. But fear not! The sea of culinary delights is vast, and there are always other fashionable fish in the sea. Cast your net wide and explore other options, lest you find yourself stranded on a tasteless island of unsatisfying meals.