Fried Chicken Fever in Belgium: Belchicken Challenges KFC’s Reign

I tried Belchicken, the beloved fried chicken shop in Belgium. Could KFC have some competition soon?

I sampled Belchicken, the popular fried chicken joint from Belgium. KFC might face some tough competition.

Lauren Edmonds explores Belgium Lauren Edmonds/Insider

Hold on to your drumsticks, fashionistas! You won’t believe what I discovered during my recent trip to Brussels, Belgium. Move aside, waffles and chocolate, because the talk of the town is none other than Belchicken – a fried chicken sensation that’s causing a clucking frenzy!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Belgium, fried chicken? That’s as unexpected as finding stilettos in a henhouse. But let me tell you, this crispy contender is giving KFC a run for its chicken money. Forget moules-frites, it’s all about chicken-frites now, baby!

Belchicken has even been compared to the finger-lickin’ sensation that is KFC. And while it may not have snatched the fried chicken crown from Popeyes, it’s definitely strutting its stuff, ready to take on the Colonel and his crew.

But how did I stumble upon this poultry paradise, you ask? Well, it all started with a simple Google search for food near my hotel. Little did I know that Belchicken, with its succulent selection of cluckin’ good dishes, would become the star of my taste adventure.

Screenshot of Belchicken’s menu Belchicken

With a menu that could make any chicken lover’s heart flutter, Belchicken offers an array of tantalizing treats – from buckets of crispy goodness to mouthwatering burgers, salads, wraps, and even delectable desserts. And fear not, my halal-conscious fashionistas, for their products are made with 100% halal ingredients.

Being the culinary explorer that I am, I couldn’t resist indulging in their signature smoky chicken burger and a generous serving of their perfectly seasoned fries. The bill came to a stylish €17.30, or roughly $18.50. Trust me, this sizzling combo was worth every euro and cent.

Belchicken Taste Test burger and fries: Lauren Edmonds Lauren Edmonds/Insider

When the delivery arrived, I carefully unwrapped my celestial feast. Talk about haute cuisine in the comfort of my hotel room! The burger was a masterpiece: the bread fresh, the chicken succulent, and the cheese melting beautifully like a designer gown on a runway. And let’s not forget the crispy lettuce, adding a refreshing crunch like an unexpected accessory.

While the smoky chicken burger stole the show, the fries were the unsung heroes. Although they could have been crispier, I blame my late-night craving for not allowing these crinkle-cut wonders to shine in all their golden glory. Lesson learned, my friends – always order fries fashionably early.

Now, I must admit, the fried chicken competition is fierce. As a connoisseur of this crispy delight, I still bow to the luscious creations of Popeyes and the heavenly elegance of Chick-fil-A. But Belchicken has undoubtedly caught my eye, waltzing its way into the top-ranking dance, ready to challenge KFC’s throne. Consider KFC’s third place as slippery as buttered floors during Paris Fashion Week.

Belchicken Taste Test: Lauren Edmonds Lauren Edmonds/Insider

And who knows, my fellow fashionistas? With the way Belchicken is spreading its wings in Europe, there might come a day when this fried chicken sensation makes its grand entrance to the American stage. Just imagine strutting down the streets of New York, chowing down on a Belchicken masterpiece – a delicious combination of poultry couture and soul-comforting flavors.

So, my beloved style enthusiasts, keep an eye on Belchicken as it spreads its wings across Europe. Go ahead, take a bite of the unexpected and let your taste buds spark a new trend. Because in the world of fashion and fried chicken, anything is possible, darling.

Are you ready for a cluckin’ good time? Share your thoughts and your favorite fried chicken fashion moments in the comments below!