All Aboard Florida’s Brightline: A Fashionable Ride for the Jet-Set Fashionistas!

Exploring Florida's Brand-New High-Speed Train A Journey from Orlando to Miami

Florida’s new high-speed train from Orlando to Miami is expensive but convenient compared to driving.

A selfie of the author on the Brightline.

Oh, my fab fashionistas, have I got news for you! Picture this: you’re a Florida fashionista, gliding along at 125 mph on a luxurious high-speed train, wind in your hair, and stunning landscapes whizzing by. It’s the stuff dreams are made of! Welcome to the world of Brightline, Florida’s sleek, chic, and oh-so-stylish rail system.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Taylor, darling, a train? Isn’t that a bit old-fashioned?” Well, my stylish sweethearts, let me tell you, Brightline is anything but ordinary. It’s a fashion-forward, high-speed extravaganza that will leave you swooning.

Imagine yourself stepping into a world of elegance and glamour, where the train stations are sleek and modern, bathed in natural light, and adorned with comfy seating. It’s like stepping onto the pages of a fashion magazine, with every detail designed to make you feel like a VIP.

But let’s talk about the ride itself. Darling, it’s pure fabulousness! The train glides effortlessly along the East Coast, connecting Orlando and Miami in a swift three and a half hours. And when I say “glide,” I mean it. This train is so smooth, it’s like dancing on air in your stilettos. The only thing faster than this train is a supermodel on a runway!

Brightline train.

Now, I know what you’re dying to ask. “Taylor, how much does it cost to experience this fashion paradise?” Well, my lovelies, I won’t lie to you. It’s a tad pricey, but isn’t fashion always worth the splurge? A “Smart” fare will set you back around $79 one-way, while the “premium” experience, with access to an exclusive lounge and delectable food and drinks, starts at around $150. But please, darling, don’t let a few Benjamins stop you from experiencing the ride of a lifetime. Trust me, you deserve it!

As you settle into your spacious seat, with ample legroom that will make even the longest-limbed supermodel jealous, you’ll find yourself surrounded by all the amenities a fashionista could ever dream of. Power ports abound, ready to keep your devices charged and your Instagram game on point. There’s even a table big enough for your laptop and a smaller table perfect for showcasing your latest designer handbag or the must-have accessory of the season.

My seat on the Brightline.

And let’s not forget the dining options, my fabulous fashionistas! While your “Smart” fare doesn’t include food, fear not. The onboard menu offers a delectable array of treats to satisfy your cravings. From an egg sandwich that will make you weak at the knees to a refreshing soda to quench your thirst, they’ve got you covered. Although, if you’re feeling thrifty, I do recommend bringing your own snacks to save a few dollars for that next shopping spree.

As the train glides effortlessly through the breathtaking Florida landscapes, you’ll marvel at the convenience and luxury of it all. No more sitting in traffic on congested highways or navigating crowded airports. This is fashion on the move, my darlings. Just sit back, relax, and let Brightline transport you to your destination in style.

Brightline train.

But it’s not all about saving time and avoiding traffic jams, my fabulous friends. Brightline is a game-changer for fashionistas without wheels of their own. Just imagine, no more relying on friends or expensive ride-sharing services. With Brightline, you can be an independent, jet-setting fashionista, hopping from city to city with ease. It’s like having a supermodel’s private jet at your disposal!

Of course, no fashion-forward journey is complete without a touch of celebrity glamour. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg himself has hopped aboard the Brightline and declared it a “bright area of America moving forward for high-speed rail.” If it’s good enough for him, my darlings, it’s certainly good enough for us fashionistas!

So, my stylish sweethearts, what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump aboard the fashion express and experience the wonder that is Brightline. Say goodbye to traffic woes and hello to a world of luxury, convenience, and pure fashion fabulousness. All aboard, darlings, all aboard!

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