Why I Ditched Costco for Sam’s Club: A Love Story

Why I Switched from Costco to Sam's Club How I Saved my Family More Money

I switched from Costco to Sam’s Club for better savings.


By Kimberly Gladden-Eversley

Once upon a time, I was a loyal Costco member. But then, like a fashionista discovering a fabulous sale, I found myself irresistibly drawn to the alluring aisles of Sam’s Club. Oh, the wonders I found in this wonderland of savings!

Sam’s Club: Where Savings Meet Style


Walking into Sam’s Club, I couldn’t help but feel like Cinderella stepping into the ball. The membership fees, they beckoned to me, tempting me with their irresistibly affordable charm. Unlike its fancy counterpart, Costco, Sam’s Club knows how to throw a discount party. They even lured me in with a celebratory $40 off offer for their 40th birthday! And let’s not forget the ongoing sales and rebates that make shopping here a budget beauty’s dream come true.

To put things into perspective, let’s take a look at the numbers:

Costco: $60 for a Gold Star membership Sam’s Club: As low as $10!

I don’t know about you, but that kind of price difference is enough to make any fashionista do a little happy dance.

Fueling the Savings Engine


Just like a sleek, fuel-efficient car gliding smoothly on the highway, my eight-passenger minivan glides into the Sam’s Club gas station, where the prices are as refreshing as a breath of fresh air. While the world grumbles about unpredictable gas prices, Sam’s Club is like a fairy godmother, dishing out fuel savings that make other stations green with envy. With my minivan thirstily sipping on their attractively low-priced gas, my family’s budget breathes a sigh of relief.

The Sam’s Club App: A Budgeting Fairy Godmother


You know that feeling when you find the perfect accessory to complete your outfit? Well, the Sam’s Club app is like the ultimate fashion accessory for budget-conscious shoppers like me. With its scan-and-go self-checkout feature, I can gracefully waltz through the aisles, scanning my items with the tap of a finger, and watch my total spending magically appear before my eyes. It’s like having a personal assistant helping me stick to my budget. Oh, how I adore the convenience of it all, especially when Costco’s app can’t even come close to this level of shopping splendor.

Luxurious Yet Affordable Must-Haves at Sam’s Club

Member’s Mark Bath Tissue: Fit for Royalty


Ah, the soft touch of luxury against one’s delicate regions. The Member’s Mark bath tissue knows how to treat its royal customers right. With its plushness and durability, it’s like wrapping yourself in a regal robe fit for a queen. And the best part? It’s more affordable than its competitor, Kirkland Signature. Who needs a crown when you can have ultra-soft toilet paper?

Member’s Mark Garbage Bags: Shielding You from the Trashy Side of Life


In a world overflowing with garbage, you need bags that can handle the stench and keep it at bay. The Member’s Mark garbage bags are like noble knights, unyielding in their battle against leaks and unpleasant odors. With their strength and stretchability, they make even the dirtiest diapers bow down in defeat. And the price? A mere $16 for a generous 200-count pack. Take that, Kirkland Signature!

Member’s Mark Baby Wipes: Wallet-Friendly Baby Bottom Care


Babies are adorable bundles of joy, but they can also be expensive bundles of mess. As a seasoned parent, I’ve learned the importance of finding the best deals on baby wipes. Member’s Mark knows how to pamper our little ones without breaking the bank. These pure, gentle wipes are like a soothing balm for tender bottoms, and at $22 for a generous 1,152-count box, they’re a steal compared to Kirkland Signature’s offering. Say goodbye to overpriced wipes and hello to happy wallets!

Member’s Mark Disinfectant Wipes: Protecting Royalty from Germs


Remember when we used to obsessively sanitize everything? Well, the need for cleanliness is back with a vengeance. Sam’s Club, my trusty ally, offers a champion in the battle against germs: Member’s Mark disinfectant wipes. These pocket-sized defenders of cleanliness can wipe away the peskiest of germs, saving us from the clutches of illness. And at $11 for a pack of 312, they’re a wallet-friendly alternative to Costco’s Lysol wipes. A healthy home reigns supreme!

More Sweet Deals at Sam’s Club

Breakfast Cereal: Starting the Day on a Crunchy Note


Mornings can be chaotic, but Sam’s Club has the perfect antidote: jumbo-sized cereal boxes. These towering beauties not only save us precious time but also save us over $20 compared to other competitors. With Sam’s Club, we can savor our favorite crunchy breakfast delights without sacrificing our hard-earned cash. It’s a win-win situation, my friends!

Snacks: A Cornucopia of Delicious Delights


In a world brimming with snack options, it’s like Sam’s Club has waved its magic wand and bestowed upon us the ultimate snack paradise. From wholesome options like Bare Baked crunchy fruit and Sensible Portions apple-pie puffs to indulgent treats like Oreo ice-cream bars and classic Dunkaroos, my pantry is now a treasure trove of deliciousness. And the best part? Sam’s Club offers unbeatable prices, making me feel like I’ve scored front-row tickets to a fashion show of flavors.

ACT II Popcorn: Popping Up for Movie Nights


Picture this: a cozy family movie night, snuggled up on the couch with a bowl of fluffy popcorn. It’s a scene straight out of a rom-com, and Sam’s Club is the leading man supplying the popcorn. ACT II butter popcorn, to be precise. With 32 bags for a mere $10, it’s like the actor whispered a secret discount code just for us. Who needs expensive theater popcorn when you can bring the cinematic experience home?

The Happily Ever After

There you have it, my dear readers, the tale of why I became a Sam’s Club devotee. It’s not just about the savings—it’s about the sense of adventure and discovery that comes with each visit. Sam’s Club has become more than just my go-to shopping destination; it’s an enchanted palace where I can find everything my family needs, without compromising our style or our budget.

So go forth, my fellow fashionistas and bargain hunters, and may your shopping journeys be filled with joy, laughter, and savings fit for royalty!