A Fairy Tale Feast at BlueBlood Steakhouse

A Royal Experience Indulging in a $270 Culinary Extravaganza at a Castle-Embedded Steak House

I splurged $270 to dine in a castle steak house and felt like royalty.

Alice, wearing a white wedding dress and sitting in a plush chair at a table, smiles while holding a menu. My husband and I spent our first anniversary at a steak house inside a castle. – Tyson Bateman

A Castle Fit for Culinary Royalty

This is no ordinary steak house, my dear fashionistas! Picture yourself dining in a Toronto castle called BlueBlood Steakhouse. Yes, you heard that right! I paid a whopping $270 for a meal fit for the gods. Now, this is fashion on a plate!

The restaurant is nestled within Casa Loma, a colossal former private residence in Canada. This castle, completed in 1914, is not just any old tourist spot. It has graced the silver screen in films like the iconic “X-Men” franchise and the sensational 2016 made-for-TV version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” It’s a feast for the eyes before you even step foot inside!

The Ambiance: Where Dreams and Burgers Collide

Let me set the sartorial scene for you. Imagine arriving at this fairy-tale realm, surrounded by gawkers and enchanted by the majestic beauty of a castle rising out of nowhere. The only thing missing is your pumpkin-carriage Uber ride. Trust me, it’s worth every penny! Some guests may opt for jeans, but not us! We decided to turn back the fashion clock and don our wedding outfits for this special occasion.

Upon entering the great oak room, we sank into cushy leather chairs beside “royal” pop portraits by the renowned artist Mr. Brainwash. Queen Elizabeth and Prince, in all his “Purple Rain” glory, kept us company while we perused the menu. Can you say regal dining?

A Culinary Symphony: From Gougères to Profiteroles

Let’s dive into the delectable feast we shared, my fashion aficionados. Our culinary journey began with a silver bowl of gougères, delicate cheesy puffs that barely needed the whipped chive butter they came with. It’s like a flavor symphony exploding in your mouth!

Next, we ventured into a colossal chopped salad. The kitchen split the $22 salad into two massive bowls, brimming with iceberg and gem lettuce drenched in a lively white-balsamic vinaigrette. It was a verdant garden of tomato, onion, Canadian bacon, avocado, and hearts of palm. Trust me when I say we almost needed a forklift to finish our half-portions!

Now, let’s chat about the stars of the show – the steaks. Instead of tackling a monstrous 44-ounce tomahawk steak, we opted for an aged striploin and an 18-ounce ribeye. The dry aging process bestowed these beauties with a lovable funk that took the taste to another dimension. However, I must confess, my striploin arrived a tad undercooked. But fear not, our server Gabriella whisked it away, granting it a few more glorious minutes on the grill. When it returned, it was a tender, juicy medium-rare masterpiece drenched in a delectable morel-mushroom sauce.

Of course, no regal feast is complete without the perfect accompaniments. We indulged in chunky duck-fat fries and sautéed Broccolini in Mornay sauce, a delightfully sinful concoction of butter and cheese. Just thinking about it makes me want to don my crown and reign over this culinary kingdom!

Now, lo and behold, dessert arrived. But not just any dessert. Brace yourselves, fashionistas, for a spectacle that truly stole the show. Gabriella, our knight in shining armor (or rather, silver kettle), presented us with the most divine profiteroles. Hidden under a dark-chocolate dome, they revealed themselves only when she poured hot salted caramel over the chocolate fortress. Excessive? Absolutely. But oh, so jaw-droppingly delicious!

An Enchanted Ending

As if this fairy tale feast wasn’t enough, Gabriella, our gracious server, offered to show us around the magical grounds of Casa Loma. We strolled through history, passing by the awe-inspiring antique pipe organ and portraits of the original owner, Sir Henry Pellatt. The outdoor area, often used for weddings, treated us to breathtaking views of downtown Toronto. And as a cherry on top of this royal affair, we were bid farewell with a handwritten note congratulating us on our first anniversary.

And how much did this unforgettable experience cost? Well, my dear fashionistas, with a generous tip, the grand total came to $270 CAD. But let me assure you, it was worth every cent for a truly remarkable celebration. The food alone was extraordinary, but the entire imperial experience overshadowed even the most memorable of steaks.

If you’re a fashion lover seeking a culinary adventure fit for a queen, then BlueBlood Steakhouse at Casa Loma is an absolute must. Book your reservations now and prepare to be swept away into a world where fashion and flavor collide like never before!

Tell me, my stylish readers, have you ever had a fashion-forward dining experience like this? Share your regal culinary tales in the comments below!