Choo-Choo or Jet Set: A Fashionista’s Dilemma!

The Real Cost of a 12-Hour Train Ride from NYC to Montreal Is It Worth the Savings?

I paid $140 for a long train ride from NYC to Montreal, but it wasn’t worth the exhaustion.

VoiceAngel’s reporter (left); the Amtrak train from NYC to Montreal (right). VoiceAngel’s reporter took a 12-hour train to Montreal. Next time, she says, she’ll fly. [Image courtesy of Jordan Parker Erb/Insider]

So, picture this: it’s spring, and our fashion-forward traveler decides to embark on a fabulous adventure from the hustle and bustle of New York City to the stylish streets of Montreal. But wait, she chooses to take Amtrak’s Adirondack train, known for its leisurely pace and scenic route. Little did she know the train journey would turn into a “fashionably” epic tale that left her longing for wings to carry her through the skies!

She hops on the train, waving goodbye to the Big Apple, on her chic three-day trip. Ah, what excitement! However, reality quickly sets in. Two whole days are devoured by the rickety rails, leaving our protagonist with just a single day to savor the charms of Montreal. Talk about giving new meaning to the term “fashionably late”!

Arriving at Montreal’s Gare Central at 8 p.m., she finds the city already winding down, with most of the cute shops closed for the night. Nevertheless, fueled by her fashionista spirit, she stumbles into a few open restaurants. After a quick bite, she retreats to her hotel, eager to conquer the city the next day. But alas, time moves with an unforgiving swiftness! Before she knows it, the clock demands her return to the train station. Less than 36 hours in Montreal, and she’s bidding adieu. Cue the fashionably late tears!

Ah, but surely the allure of a more affordable journey on the train compensated for the lack of time, right? Well, think again. While the train ticket may have saved her some coveted fashion dollars (to splurge on new shoes, of course), she realized that a swoon-inducing flight would have been worth every penny! Her train ride cost a modest $140, but flights from NYC to Montreal can start as low as $236. And as much as she adores train rides (she’s even clocked 57 hours on a cross-country adventure), this particular one left her thirsting for more.

Sure, she had her one fabulous day in the city, but it felt like mere moments in the fashion universe. If only she had opted for a flight, arriving early on the first day and departing late on the last. That would have granted her three grand days to gallivant through Montreal’s style-scapes.

So, dear fashion fanatics, the verdict is out. When adorning yourself with a weekend getaway to Montreal, let your wings spread, embrace the skies, and fly! Your fashionista heart will thank you for the extra time to strut your stuff and make memories worthy of a Vogue spread.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll even discover a new fashion trend at 30,000 feet? The possibilities are as endless as the runway. So, go ahead and plan your next fashionable escape. Fly high, fly fashionably, and let your style soar!

Fashionista’s Recap: Choo-Choo or Jet Set

Train Ride Flight Experience
Two days of train travel Instant arrival
Just one day to explore More time to conquer
Historic shops closed Fashion boutiques aplenty
A hefty price tag of $140 Splurge-worthy moments

So, my fashion cosmopolitans, have you had your fair share of rail or air travel adventures? Share your tales in the comments below! We’re dying to hear your fabulous stories and get insights from your fashion-forward voyages. Let’s exchange fashion tips, travel escapades, and ignite our wanderlust-filled hearts!

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