Oh, How Japan’s Bathrooms Stole my Heart!

Exploring the Art of Japanese Bathrooms My Enchanting Journey in Japan

I fell in love with Japan’s bathrooms.

VoiceAngel’s author ended up loving the bathrooms she discovered across Japan.

Monica Humphries/Insider

Picture this: you’re in Japan, surrounded by the tantalizing wonders of this incredible country. The food, the transit – truly a dream come true for any fashion-forward traveler. But guess what? The real star of the show, the hidden gem that stole the spotlight on my two-week trip, was none other than Japan’s bathrooms! Yes, you heard that right. Bathrooms. And let me tell you, they are a game-changer!

Now, before my Japan adventure, the thought of a warm toilet seat would make me cringe. You know, that heated plastic indicating someone had recently occupied the throne. But in Japan, my friends, a warm seat is the norm! By the end of my trip, I willingly plopped down on those toasty thrones without a second thought.

But oh, it doesn’t stop there! Japan’s bathroom game is next level. Bidets, heated shower rooms – they have mastered the art of bathroom luxury! Can we just take a moment to ponder why bidets aren’t everywhere by now? After arriving in Tokyo, my first Google search was not for the best restaurant or the city’s public water buses. Nope, it was to find the price of a bidet for my humble abode back home. Because bidets in Japan? Everywhere! Ritzy hotels, dive bars – they’ve got it all covered.

And let me assure you, folks, there’s more to these nifty contraptions than a simple stream of water. Most of the toilets I encountered came from the illustrious company Toto, and they were truly a sight to behold. With their menu of options on the side, I could choose the strength, temperature, and angle of that refreshing stream. And don’t even get me started on the dryer, flush, and oh, that heavenly heated seat – pure bliss!

But wait, there’s more! The fancier toilets I came across had it all. White noise machines, air deodorizers, self-cleaning features, and even night lights! Yes, folks, they thought of everything. And do you know why Japan takes their toilets so seriously? Because they value hygiene, my friends. Bill Strang, the guru of corporate strategy and e-commerce at Toto USA, told NPR that cleanliness is a top priority for the Japanese people. And let me tell you, not only did I feel sparkly clean after using a bidet, but the bathrooms themselves – pristine!

Let’s be real, folks, public bathrooms in the US are far from glamorous. I mean, I avoid them like the plague. Whether it’s the subway stations of New York or the lovely parks of Denver, they tend to be, well, a little disheveled, to put it kindly. But in Japan? A whole different story! I strutted into public bathrooms without batting an eyelash. Subway stations boasted sparkling facilities, and restrooms free of unpleasant surprises. A refreshing change, I must say!

Now, bidets weren’t the only marvel that left me enchanted by Japanese bathrooms. Oh no, my friends, there’s more! Prepare yourself for the mind-blowing revelation of Japanese home bathrooms. Picture this: apartments and houses with not one, but two rooms dedicated to your bathing pleasure. The first room, an undressing haven with a sink, sets the stage for relaxation. Oh, but it doesn’t end there! The second room, the pièce de résistance, embraces your wildest dreams with a shower and a tub to soak away your worries. Some even have a separate toilet room because, well, why not?

While touring these architectural wonders in Tokyo and Kyoto, I discovered technology that goes beyond mere function. Take Ryza Rynazal’s 285-square-foot Tokyo apartment, for example. This cozy space prioritized the bathroom experience. And guess what? With a simple panel, Ryza could transform their shower into a glorious sauna-like haven. Now that’s the kind of luxury we all deserve!

Did I mention the futuristic tub in that Kyoto home? Yes, my friends, I was in awe. I could control the water temperature to perfection, and even time when it filled up and drained. Talk about bathing like royalty! Back in the US, it’s a struggle to find such heavenly amenities. No post-shower saunas for me, just a constant battle between hot and cold temperatures.

So, while Japan’s ramen and impressive transit system are undoubtedly worth gushing over, I can’t help but reminisce about their bathrooms. Months later, those memories still bring a smile to my face and a longing for that unparalleled Japanese bathroom experience. So, fellow fashion lovers, if you find yourself in Japan, don’t forget to bow down to the mighty power of their magnificent bathrooms – you won’t be disappointed!

Have you visited Japan and experienced the wonders of their bathrooms? Share your thoughts and bathroom adventures in the comments below! Let’s dive into this unexpectedly delightful topic together.