Falling in Love at the Dog Park: A Fashionista’s Journey

A Whimsical Love Story From the Dog Park to a Unique Date with Frozen Rats and a Baby Owl!

I found true love at the dog park. Our unique date involved picking up 600 lbs of frozen rats and a baby owl.

Couple posing for photo Courtesy of the author

After my divorce, I bid farewell to the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles and embarked on a new adventure in Oregon. Little did I know that this ordinary move would lead me down an extraordinary path, where love and fashion would collide in the most unexpected way.

Picture this: I, with my rescued mutts, found myself at the local dog park, enjoying the company of four-legged friends while navigating the treacherous terrain of post-divorce life. It was there that I encountered a tall, dashing man and his Sheltie companion. Our fateful encounter began with a stray soccer ball that seemed to gravitate towards me, as if Cupid himself had a hand in it.

As I lobbed the ball back, I casually remarked about the cacophony of jays that serenaded us from above. “Those are Cooper’s hawks,” the man replied, dazzling me with his hazel eyes. “They’re raptors.” Little did I know at the time that this man, Jonathan, had a story of his own – a heartache that had brought him to this trail in the woods, seeking solace and pursuing a Creative Writing MFA. All I saw was a handsome stranger, studying me ankle-deep in mud, before he mustered the courage to invite me on a date.

Ah, the date. It was anything but ordinary, my dear fashionistas. Jonathan, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, posed a question that left me momentarily flabbergasted: “Would you like to drive two hours up to Portland to pick up six hundred pounds of frozen rats?” My past experiences with bizarre dates prepared me for such audacious proposals. However, this one was too intriguing to resist.

Thus, we embarked on our slightly unconventional journey up the I-5, where Jonathan taught me to spot Red-tailed hawks surveying the land like fashion critics on the prowl for the perfect prey – in this case, unsuspecting mice. At Delta’s cargo facility, we were met with puzzled faces and towering stacks of boxes, labeled “Frozen Rodents”. What on earth were these for?

Aha! The mystery unraveled as Jonathan explained that these frozen delicacies were intended to nourish injured and orphaned raptors. They were dieticians for the feathered elite, providing nourishment to these majestic creatures as they recovered from their misadventures in the wild. Not one to shy away from an opportunity to make a grand entrance, I clumsily stepped out of the truck – my attire rather absurd, a floral dress and sandals – and picked up a box. Who knew that fashion and frozen rats could go hand in hand?

During our lunch break, nerves got the best of me, rendering my appetite nonexistent. Perhaps it was the excitement of being engulfed in this new world or the growing attraction between us. But, my dearest readers, as we made our way back down the I-5, a pet carrier nestled on my lap, I couldn’t help but wonder what exciting adventures awaited Jonathan and me.

Unbeknownst to me, this man had captured more than just my curiosity. He had captured my heart. We continued on this whimsical journey, saying “yes” to every bizarre invitation that came our way. I transformed into an environmental educator and owl trainer, sharing my love for Oregon’s stunning flora and fauna while donning a raccoon suit that rivaled the most fashionable ensembles. I even camped under the starry Alaskan sky on the deck of a ferry, en route to Sitka’s Raptor Center.

And oh, my dear readers, let me spill the feathers on the top of this fashion-forward cake! Jonathan proposed to me under the majestic trees of our very own raptor center. And who do you think our esteemed ring bearer was? None other than a Great-horned owl, lending an air of regality to our joyous occasion.

So, my fellow fashion enthusiasts, never underestimate the power of love to sweep you off your feet and into a world where fashion collides with the wildest of adventures. Embrace the unexpected, say “yes” to the peculiar, and let your heart take flight on the wings of a raptor.

But, dear reader, I must know – have you ever had a serendipitous encounter that changed your life, perhaps in the most fashionably unconventional way? Share your tales of love’s triumph in the comments below!

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