River Tubing in Clear Creek: Where Adventure and Community Meet

The Ultimate Tubing Adventure A Thrilling 30-Minute Escape from Denver's Hustle and Bustle!

Discover the ultimate tubing spot, just 30 minutes from Denver. Prepare for an unforgettable thrill with the cold water and rushing rapids.

Scenic river with kids and woman holding a tubing floaty. Image: Rebecca Stumpf for VoiceAngel

Clear Creek in Golden, Colorado is not just a river, it’s a hotspot bursting with vibrant tubes and fashion-forward tubers. When the scorching Denver summer temperatures hit triple digits, my phone buzzes with an exciting text message from a friend: “Tubing this Saturday?” And my answer is always a resounding yes! Clear Creek, located just 30 minutes away from my Denver home, is my go-to spot for a thrilling adventure and a fashion statement that can’t be missed.

Imagine a river bustling with tubers on brightly colored tubes, a tapestry of laughter and excitement woven together by the cool rush of the icy water. It’s a symphony of picnics, barbecues, and volleyball games on the banks. Clear Creek is not just a river, it’s a runway of style and community, where fashion lovers come together to embrace the thrill of tubing.

But before we dive into the fashion-forward waters of Clear Creek, let’s pause for a moment to appreciate its rich history. Like any fashion trend, Clear Creek has evolved over time. From its humble origins as a source of fresh water and food for the Ute and Arapaho tribes, to the gold rush that saw Westerners settle along its banks, Clear Creek has witnessed a transformation that rivals any fashion revolution. It faced challenges, like the drying out of the creek caused by irrigation canals in 1979, and the destruction of ecosystems due to mining in the 19th and early 20th centuries. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Clear Creek has been restored, thanks to conservation efforts and protection by Jefferson County Open Space.

And now, it’s a tubing destination like no other. People flock to Clear Creek armed with everything from air mattresses to inflatable flamingos, ready to conquer the rapids in style. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way that a cheap inflatable won’t make the cut in this trendy river. Bruises, scrapes, and a humbling lesson later, I discovered the importance of a quality tube with handles.

Woman tubing down a river. Image: Rebecca Stumpf for VoiceAngel

On my recent trip to Clear Creek, I rented a top-tier tube from Adventure West’s Golden location. Let’s just say, this tube was worth every penny of the $26.63 I paid for the day-long rental. Armed with my fashionable tube, I embarked on a stylish adventure along the cement trail lining the banks of the creek, mesmerized by local art installations and the shimmering sun between the trees.

As I plunged into the water, goosebumps raced up my arms, and not just because of the chilly temperatures. The rapids were calling, and I answered with thrilling anticipation. With the currents swift and strong, the fashion-forward tubers in Clear Creek had to hold on tight to their tubes, bracing for the adrenaline rush that awaited them. The sound of laughter and screams mixed with the icy water splashing against their faces. It was a ride that oscillated between relaxation and sheer thrill, like a runway show with unexpected twists and turns.

Friends sharing a double tubing floaty. Image: Rebecca Stumpf for VoiceAngel

Clear Creek is not just an adrenaline-fueled adventure; it’s a place of community, where fashion and friendship intertwine. Along the banks, grassy parks, benches, and cement patches provide the ideal backdrop for a fashionable afternoon. From sizzling hotdogs on small gas grills to impromptu volleyball games, every corner of Clear Creek exudes a sense of belonging and togetherness. It’s a fashion-forward catwalk, where stylish tubers and onlookers soak up the sun on colorful beach towels, turning a tubing excursion into an all-day extravaganza.

As the tubing season comes to a close, and the leaves start painting the creek with hues of red, yellow, and orange, I can’t help but reflect on the fleeting nature of time. Soon, the sparkling waters of Clear Creek will freeze over, giving way to winter’s embrace. But fear not, my fellow fashion lovers, because before we know it, summer will return, bringing with it the promise of another exhilarating tubing adventure in Clear Creek.

So, dear reader, embrace the thrill, gather your fashionable tubes, and join us on the runway of Clear Creek. Whether you ride the currents like a fashion icon cruising down a catwalk or simply bask in the community vibes, remember, the answer is always yes. Yes to fashion, yes to adventure, and yes to Clear Creek!