A Greek Honeymoon Filled with Laughter, Mishaps, and a Side of E. coli

Lost in Paradise The Honeymoon that Almost Left My Husband Behind in Greece

I nearly left my husband on our Greek honeymoon.

The author and her husband smiling in Greece

Our Greek honeymoon ended up being a bit of a disaster. – Janelle Leeson

Ah, the beauty of a honeymoon in Greece! A dreamy escapade filled with sun-kissed beaches, romantic strolls, and memorable adventures. Or so we thought! Hold onto your fascinators, my fashionable friends, because our honeymoon tale is as riveting as a twisted fashion design.

Lesson #1: Points, Planes, and Panic!

My beloved and I, being the savvy lovebirds that we are, managed to cover our honeymoon expenses with reward credit cards. The plan was set, the flights were booked, and the excitement was palpable. Little did we know that our love for points and separate reservations would turn into a comedy of errors.

Let the comedy of errors begin!

Imagine this: My newly minted husband sets off an alarm with three little words – “I missed my flight.” Just hours before our romantic getaway was supposed to commence, chaos ensued. Was it a cosmic joke or the universe’s way of testing our marital strength? We may never know.

Lesson learned: Damn the points, always book one reservation!

The Curious Case of Flight Overbooking

In this whirlwind of mishaps, we discovered the dark art of airline overbooking. Who knew that they could bump just one of us onto a different plane? Clearly, marriage vows didn’t come with a built-in knowledge of aviation policies. Oh, the things you learn when you say “I do.”

But fear not, dear readers, for love conquers all! With some frantic calls to the airline, a dash to the airport, and my “Bride” sweatshirt soaked in stress-induced sweat, we managed to reunite amidst the chaos. Goodbye codesharing nightmares, hello marital bliss!

Island Hopping – From Cancelled Ferries to Stripping Star Ratings

The author and her husband smiling in front of the Acropolis in Greece

As our journey continued, the Greek gods played a whimsical game of hide and seek with our plans. Ferries were canceled without warning faster than a model changing outfits on the runway. Island hopping turned into a distant dream, crushed by nationwide strikes and treacherous weather conditions. Psst! The fashionably correct term for that is “unexpected ensemble change.”

Back in Athens, we stepped into what was supposed to be a four-star hotel. But oh, the fashion faux pas! Cigarette-burnt furniture, makeshift doorknobs, and a strip club as our neighbor. Who knew that star ratings could be as deceiving as an ill-fitted dress?

Culinary Fairytales and Honeymoon High Jinks

Athens Greece

Feeling famished yet? Time to dive into the culinary highlights of our Greek adventure! Greek salads, dolmas, and raki danced on our taste buds like fashion models on the catwalk. And then came the grand finale – a Michelin-starred restaurant, complete with a cheese trolley that would make any foodie’s heart skip a beat. Little did I know that my gastronomical Everest would be asking about the pasteurization of those exquisite cheeses.

Meanwhile, my husband was engaged in a culinary drama of his own – spending the meal on the phone with his bank and the airline, fighting for a return flight he had already paid for. Cue the dramatic background music!

A 4 a.m. Showdown and a Middle Seat Blessing

The crescendo of our honeymoon symphony arrived in the form of a 4 a.m. showdown at the airline’s ticketing booth. We were ready to fight tooth and nail for my husband’s rightful seat on the plane. But here’s the punchline: after ten long days of agony and uncertainty, the airline printed him a ticket without a single word of apology or explanation. It was as if they decided to throw a surprise fashion show with no outfits, no apologies, and definitely no seats together.

It took a ticketing-booth hero in London to save the day. With a swift move, he upgraded us to adjoining seats, and lo and behold, we finally experienced the sweet taste of victory. Fashion may be fleeting, but Middle Seat Madness is forever!

The Crappiest Journey of All

Greece Travel Paradise Ensign Alexander

Just when we thought our honeymoon hijinks couldn’t get any crazier, a roller coaster ride filled with abdominal pains and medical mysteries awaited me upon our return. It felt like a knife was being expertly wielded in my abdomen, reminding me of the importance of good tailoring and avoiding tight-fitting dresses.

After a baffling dance with the ER doctor and a CT scan, it was time to unveil the culprit of my discomfort: E. coli. Turns out, those daring unpasteurized cheeses had a hidden fashion secret, and it wasn’t chic at all. But what’s a honeymoon without a touch of bacteria-induced humor, right?

Embracing Mishaps and Memories

Despite the twists, turns, and unexpected surprises our honeymoon threw our way, we’ve learned to embrace the laughter that emerged from the chaos. As I sit here, recovering from my inflamed colon and crafting this tale for you, my fashionable friends, I can’t help but smile at the memories we made.

So, let this be a testament to the fact that even fashion-forward honeymooners experience their fair share of mishaps. Life is a runway, after all, and sometimes you stumble in the fiercest heels. But together, we can walk with confidence and a sense of humor.

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever experienced a fashion disaster during your travels or honeymoons? Share your stories in the comments below, and let’s laugh our way through this stylish adventure called life!