Climb Every Mountain: A Fashionable Tale of Love and Adventure

From Heartbreak to Triumph My Husband's Epic Journey to Conquer Mount Everest While I Navigated Life as a Single Mom

Man on Mount Everest holding a photo Courtesy of the author

Husband left me and our daughter for 6 weeks to climb Mount Everest

My husband left for six weeks to climb Mount Everest. “Oh my God, SIX weeks? I would never let my husband do something like that,” people exclaimed. But hey, who am I to prevent him from following his passion? I’m not in the business of keeping Everest enthusiasts grounded.

For six weeks, I attended countless events solo, where everyone seemed to have the same burning question: “Where’s Asher?” Upon revealing that he was on Mount Everest, laughter ensued, until they realized I wasn’t joking. Yup, four weeks down, only two more to go! It was as if my life had transformed into a comedy show, with me as the star performing a one-woman act.

Leaving my one-year-old daughter behind while my husband embarked on this epic journey was no easy feat. But here’s the thing—I hated hearing the word “let.” Marriage means entering into a partnership, not becoming controlling bosses. We’re a team, supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations. If I wanted to vanish for six weeks, whether for business or pleasure, Asher would gladly step up to the plate. That’s what love is all about.

The Upside of a Husband-Free Existence

Not gonna lie, there are some perks to having the house all to myself. No dirty socks littering the floor, no one questioning my choice of dinner, no petty arguments. It’s my way or the highway, baby! But of course, life without Asher also came with its challenges.

Caring for my daughter, running my business, and overseeing a house renovation simultaneously was enough to make anyone feel like they were juggling flaming swords while balancing on a tightrope. Sometimes, my daughter would morph into an alarm clock, waking up at the ungodly hour of 5 a.m., refusing to nap, and engaging in superhuman levels of energy. In those moments of utter exhaustion, I yearned for a fairy godmother to tap her magic wand and summon Asher from the mountaintop. But reality struck—I was her one and only knight in shining armor.

Sure, we had those precious moments of video chats, rare glimpses of each other’s faces as Everest allowed a brief internet connection. But there were also agonizing weeks of absolute silence, with Asher climbing higher and higher, leaving me to ponder his safety in the midst of towering peaks and treacherous winds. Everest, could you please offer us a decent signal?

Fear, Grit, and Unseen Wonders

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the sheer audacity of Mount Everest. Standing tall at 29,032 feet above sea level, it’s like the diva of all mountains, strutting its stuff in the highest stilettos imaginable. Temperatures can freeze your thoughts at minus-76 degrees Fahrenheit, and the winds? Honey, they blow at a mind-boggling 177 miles per hour. Only the strongest, most courageous souls dare to take on this majestic giant.

I’ll admit, I secretly wished Asher had chosen a less frostbite-inducing passion. But alas, his heart yearned for the snowy peaks, and I refused to dampen his spirit. I love that he’s a peculiar soul, pursuing unique interests with unwavering determination. Even though his Everest escapades terrify me, I’ll forever champion his dreams.

Ascending Mountains, Both Real and Metaphorical

In the end, we both discovered our own Everest. Asher faced his fear of heights while conquering the world’s tallest mountain, and I embarked on the daunting challenge of single-handedly parenting for six weeks. There were times when we teetered on the edge, moments of doubt and exhaustion threatening to consume us.

But guess what? We freaking did it! We shattered our self-imposed limitations, proving that we are capable of more than we ever imagined. As Asher inched towards the summit, our daughter took her first wobbly steps, completely unaided. It was bittersweet, watching her venture forth without my guiding hand. She stumbled but got back up, determined to conquer this incredible new feat of walking. Just like her mommy, she discovered her hidden strength and resilience.

Some days on Everest were tougher than walking in sky-high heels, and parenting sans partner presented its fair share of challenges. But we persevered, picking ourselves up each time we stumbled. We pressed on, step by step, one mountaintop or tiny toddler step at a time.

So my fellow fashionistas and adventurers, embrace the mountains that come your way. Whether they require crampons or baby booties, face them head-on with a smile. Discover the fashion and beauty within every challenge, and remember that you are capable of summiting the impossible.

Ladies and gentlemen, do share your own Everest-related tales or fashion escapades in the comments below. Let’s conquer mountains and runways together!