The Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep: Unleashing the Power of Neurofeedback!

Invaluable Insights How a Doctor Expertly Soothes his Nervous System Every Night for Blissful Slumber

Doctor’s nightly routine to calm nervous system for deep sleep

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Do you dream of having a flawless night’s sleep? Well, we’ve got just the prescription for you! Today, we’re diving into the bedtime routine of the charming and sleep-savvy doctor and leadership coach, Mark Atkinson, MBBS, FRSPH, who knows how to calm his nervous system using the incredible power of neurofeedback training. So, lean in, fashionistas, because this is a night routine you don’t want to miss!

For Mark, optimal health starts with eight hours of beauty sleep. And boy, does he know how to catch those Zzz’s! With 30 years of meditation and neurofeedback under his stylish belt, along with buckets of exercise and stress-busting tricks up his sleeve, Mark’s nervous system stays as balanced and calm as a zen master on a mountaintop. And guess what? He has a secret weapon to silence those pesky thoughts that buzz around like annoying little flies before bedtime. It’s called the Fast Shift Method, and trust us, it’s a game-changer.

But wait! Just like a delicate couture dress, Mark’s sleep can unravel if he lets some bad habits seep in. Staying up late, binge-watching thrilling shows, ignoring accumulated stress, skipping workouts, and sipping caffeine after sundown are all recipe killers for a restful night. So, to keep the dream alive, Mark does the exact opposite. He’s the master of dialing in his sleep routine, giving him the energy and capacity to conquer both his personal and professional life. Sleep, ladies and gentlemen, is the real elixir of life, especially as the years pile on.

Now, let’s talk tools! Mark has an arsenal of sleep aids at his disposal. He relies on the wonders of magnesium bisglycinate, a heavenly pair of Mack’s ear plugs, and, brace yourself, the cutting-edge neurofeedback and light stimulation system from Oh, the feelings of well-being, relaxation, and expansion that come from training and stimulating the brain early in the evenings are simply mind-blowing! It’s like turning your brain into a star-studded runway show.

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But, hold on—let’s take a catwalk stroll through Mark’s sleep stats:

Average hours I sleep a night 8 hours
Ideal bedtime 9:30 p.m.
Ideal wake-up time 5:30 a.m.
Nightstand essentials Salt lamp, Mack’s ear plugs, headset
Favorite place I’ve ever slept On the beach in Australia whilst backpacking
Sleep bad habit Checking work emails before bed
Caffeine consumption 100-150mg (1-2 cups of coffee) in the morning — all before 11 a.m.
How I track my sleep I don’t use a sleep tracker
The last product or habit that changed my sleep for the better Shutting down all screens by 9 p.m. at the latest — a non-negotiable
The first thing I do when I wake up Smile
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Let’s take a backstage pass into Mark’s sleep routine:

5:20 a.m.: The prep work starts early! As the sun rises, Mark practices the enchanting Inner Smile. An inner smile that fills him with gratitude and an expansive sense of well-being. It’s like ordering a double shot of bliss straight to his soul, telling his nervous system that everything is A-okay. Talk about starting the day like a fashion icon!

5:30 a.m.: It’s showtime! Mark hits the gym and dances his way through a 30-45 minute exercise routine. From cardio to weights and core training, he’s a one-man fitness extravaganza. And guess what? He’s even mastered the exotic moves of Isha Hatha yoga, leaving us all in awe.

7:00 a.m.: Time for a coffee fix! Mark pours himself a piping hot cup of black coffee—but don’t be fooled, this is no ordinary joe. Our sleep maestro is a fan of organic mushroom-based coffees, giving his taste buds a haute couture caffeine experience. And as he sips his brew, he strolls through his garden, basking in the warm embrace of sunlight. It’s like a fabulous morning fashion show for his circadian rhythm.

6:30 p.m.: The sun begins to set, and Mark and his family embark on a magical journey to nearby woods. Yep, you heard that right. They take leisurely strolls, connecting, chatting, and relaxing. It’s a new habit that brings joy and tranquility to their evenings. And just like that, they become the ultimate fashion statement of family togetherness.

8:00 p.m.: Lights, camera, action! It’s time for Mark’s neurofeedback brain training extravaganza with Picture this: Mark, reclining in style, diving into alpha relaxation training, combined with heart coherence training or the sensational chill light stimulation program. He emerges from this dazzling experience feeling like a superstar—relaxed, centered, and ready to take on the world.

8:30 p.m.: Every evening, Mark enjoys some quality TV time with his family. As they gather around the screen, it’s like a fabulous fashion show for the couch-potato fashionista in all of us.

9:15 p.m.: With the night winding down, it’s time to switch on the salt lamp next to his bed. Ah, the perfect ambiance for a night of exquisite rest. Mark has mastered the art of low lighting, creating a dreamy atmosphere for his sleep sanctuary. After all, lighting is the ultimate accessory for a good night’s sleep.

9:30 p.m.: And now, the grand finale! Mark doesn’t read in bed, oh no. He has a simple ultra-glam routine. A quick slip of the earplugs, a graceful shift into his favorite sleep position, and within a minute, he’s off to dreamland. Talk about an easy bedtime routine—pure luxury!

5:20 a.m.: The moment we’ve all been waiting for—curtain up, it’s time to wake up! Like a true superstar, Mark rises naturally, sans alarm clocks. He’s in tune with his body, perfectly synchronized with the rhythm of the universe.

So, there you have it, my fashion-forward friends. The secrets to a good night’s sleep, straight from the sleep guru himself, Mark Atkinson. So, slip into your most fabulous PJs, fix your sleep crown, and sleep like royalty. Oh, and remember, always start the day with a smile!

Do you have any sleep secrets or nighttime rituals that make your heart skip a beat? Share them below!