Get Ready to Sweat in Style with Hilary Duff!

Hilary Duff's Brilliant Secret to Elevate Your 12-3-30 Routine

Hilary Duff’s Genius Hack for Enhancing the 12-3-30 Routine

Introducing Hilary Duff, the queen of multitasking, who effortlessly balances being an actress, singer, and mom of three. But wait, there’s more! This fashion-forward celeb not only rocks the red carpet, but she also knows how to slay her workouts. And guess what? She’s just like us when it comes to fitness trends. Move over, Beyoncé, because there’s a new workout routine in town that even Hilary is obsessed with – the viral TikTok sensation, the 12-3-30 workout!

For those who aren’t yet in the loop, the 12-3-30 workout involves walking on a treadmill with a 12 percent incline and a speed of 3 mph for a solid 30 minutes. Simple, right? But here’s where Hilary decided to take things up a notch and add her unique twist to this already trending routine. She introduces the weighted vest – the hottest accessory that’s definitely not going out of style anytime soon.

Move over, LBDs and statement handbags, because according to Hilary, a 12-pound weighted vest is the new it fashion accessory for gym enthusiasts. Weighted vest fashion, anyone? Not only does it make a bold fashion statement, but it also takes your workout to a whole new level. This vest means business, intensifying any activity you choose, whether it’s walking, push-ups, or squats. Studies even show that adding just 10 percent of your body weight with a vest can help you burn more calories. It’s like wearing confidence on your shoulders, boosting not only your strength and stamina but also your heart function, bone density, and balance. Talk about turning heads and breaking a sweat!

Now, for the best part – let’s talk about styling this fitness fashion must-have. Who says you can’t be a fitness and fashion girl at the same time? Whether you go for an adjustable vest with trendy pockets or a pre-designed one, you can conquer the gym in style. Show off your personal flair and make a fashion statement while you sculpt those muscles and unleash your inner boss babe!

If you’re not into the weighted vest craze, fear not! Hilary’s got some more tips and tricks up her sleeve. Here are a few ways to level up your 12-3-30 workout without the added weight, but with loads of fun and creativity:

  1. Switch up the numbers: Add some excitement by tweaking the incline, speed, or duration of your workout. Go for a sassy 13 percent incline, increase your speed to a cheeky 3.5 mph, or challenge yourself to go the extra mile (literally) by extending your workout time.

  2. Use other forms of added resistance: Don’t have a weighted vest? No problem! You can still turn up the heat by adding wrist or ankle weights, or even grab a pair of those cute little dumbbells to pump up your arm strength while strutting on that treadmill.

  3. Work on form: No need to change the settings or grab extra equipment for this one. Simply focus on your form and let your muscles do the talking. Say goodbye to resting on the handrails and hello to pumping those arms with confidence.

  4. Try intervals: Spice up your workout routine by incorporating intervals. Alternate between different inclines or mix in some jogging intervals to challenge yourself. You can even customize the workout to your liking – make it work for you!

So, whether you’re ready to rock a weighted vest that screams “I mean business!” or prefer to switch things up and get creative with your 12-3-30 routine, the key is to make it fun, fashionable, and a reflection of your unique personality. Remember, fitness should never be a chore, but a celebration of what your amazing body can achieve. So, go ahead, fashionistas, and conquer that workout runway with style and confidence!

Now it’s your turn to share your fitness fashion tips and tricks! How do you add a touch of flair to your workouts? Tell us in the comments below and let’s inspire each other to sweat it out in style!