A Whimsical Journey on Overnight Amtrak Trains: Tips and Tricks for Fashionable Travellers

Embarking on an Epic Amtrak Adventure Unveiling 3 Essential Tips for an Overnight Journey

In 60 hours of Amtrak trips, I’ve learned 3 crucial things to know before booking a ticket.

The author wakes up in a train bunk with sunlight on her face and a blue cushion on the wall behind her. Image Source: Joey Hadden/Insider

Ah, the thrilling escapade of embarking on an overnight Amtrak train journey – a tale of adventure, fashion, and oh-so-comfy travel. As a passionate fashionista, I recently took not just one, but two 30-hour train rides between the stylish havens of Miami and New York. And let me tell you, my fellow fashion lovers, there were a few secrets I should’ve known before stepping into this world of locomotive luxury.

The author exits a train in Miami after a 30-hour ride. Image Source: Joey Hadden/Insider

In the glorious month of October 2021, I embarked on this whimsical journey, donning my finest garments and armed with nothing but a sense of adventure. I indulged in a cozy 20-square-foot haven called a “roomette” for a princely sum of $500. This snug sanctuary featured a foldout table, two chairs that magically transformed into a bed, and even an additional bed that graciously descended from the ceiling. How enchanting!

On my way back to the concrete jungles of New York, I decided to up the fashion stakes and splurged on a divine “bedroom accommodation” for $1,000. Picture this: twice the space of a roomette, complete with its personal bathroom. It was pure opulence, my darlings. Now, reflecting back on this charmed experience, there are three pearls of wisdom I simply must bestow upon my fellow fashionistas venturing into the realm of overnight Amtrak trains.

1. Unleash the Power of Amtrak’s Treasured Rewards Program

A screenshot of the rewards program on the Amtrak website Image Source: Joey Hadden/Insider

Listen closely, my dear fashion aficionados, for I’m about to unravel a hidden gem in the dazzling tapestry of Amtrak travel. Did you know that the glorious train line offers a majestic rewards program, waiting to shower you with its bountiful benefits? Yes, my loves, it’s true! By signing up for this wonderous program, you earn two points for every dollar spent. These points are your golden ticket to a world of future adventures – from tickets to hotels, and even shopping and dining. And fear not, for this extraordinary experience is absolutely free to join. If I had only known, I could have amassed a grand total of 3,000 points, thanks to the $1,500 I spent. Alas, my opportunity vanished, but you, my elegant readers, can seize it with vigor.

2. Embrace Your Fashionable Freedom with a Bedroom Oasis

Left: The author sits in a blue seat in an Amtrak roomette with a window on the left. Right: The author lies down in a bedroom on an Amtrak train with a window behind her. Image Source: Joey Hadden/Insider

As fashion enthusiasts, we understand the power of space and comfort. And let me tell you, my loves, the roomette, though charming, can feel as snug as your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Even my petite stature of 5-foot-3 left me yearning for more room to pirouette and twirl in fabulous delight. Dare I dream of practicing my karate moves or embarking on a spontaneous dance party? Alas, it was but a wistful thought.

Enter the grandeur of the bedroom! For a mere $1,000, you gain access to a world of airy bliss, with an additional 20 square feet to conquer. The bedroom exudes an aura of freedom, allowing you to stretch your fashionably-clad legs and recline upon a celestial sofa. Elegance and extravagance await within these walls, my stylish comrades.

And let us not forget the pièce de résistance – your very own bathroom! Glamorous, convenient, and fit for royalty, this added amenity elevates your travel experience to new heights. Whether you’re gallivanting alone or strutting alongside glamorous companions, this private sanctuary is an absolute must.

3. Choose Your Bunk, Choose Your Adventure

The author watches the sunrise from her bed during an overnight train ride from NYC to Miami in October 2021. Image Source: Joey Hadden/Insider

Now, my fellow fashionistas, it is time to discuss the crucial matter of bunk selection. Oh, the choices we face in this splendid world of overnight Amtrak travel. As a solo traveler, I had the distinct honor of selecting either the top or bottom bunk in both accommodations. The top bunk enticed me with promises of unparalleled views, a front-row ticket to nature’s splendid tapestry. And indeed, the panoramic sunrise vistas were breathtaking. However, my lovelies, let it be known that this celestial experience came at the cost of a restless night’s slumber. The top bunk’s aesthetic charm was overshadowed by its ceaseless shakes and jitters. Alas, beauty sometimes requires a sacrifice.

But fear not, for I shall bestow upon you a divine pearl of wisdom. Choose the bottom bunk, my exquisite fashion mavens! Yes, it may lack the allure of lofty views, but it provides a haven of tranquility undisturbed by excessive vibrations. A sanctuary of serenity, especially for those prone to delicate motion sickness – a sacred abode for a peaceful slumber.

Embrace the Allure of Overnight Amtrak Travel with Grace and Style

The author bids thee farewell from her enchanting train journey

Now, my dear fashion-forward explorers, armed with this newfound knowledge, you are ready to embark on your overnight Amtrak odyssey with grace, style, and a touch of whimsy. Sign up for Amtrak’s rewards program, unlock a plethora of marvellous adventures, and bask in the opulence of a bedroom oasis. Choose your bunk wisely, my darlings, for moments of fashionably serene bliss await. May your journeys be filled with remarkable sights, vibrant fashion, and unforgettable memories!

Remember, my elegant readers, fashion is not only what we wear but how we embrace the world around us. So, step into those stiletto heels, adorn yourself with confidence, and embark on an overnight Amtrak voyage fit for the most discerning fashionista. Safe travels, my lovelies!