Flying in Style: Jet-Setting Pets Take Over the Skies!

Jet-setting with your furry friend? Follow these 3 expert tips from the founder of K9 Jets, a pet-friendly private jet charter company

Flying with your dog? Here are 3 tips from the founder of K9 Jets.

Two dogs and a human board a private jet through charter company K9 Jets. Pups Violet and Winston join their owner, Christopher Matthews, on a K9 Jet.K9 Jets

Move over, first-class passengers! There’s a new pack taking over the skies – and they come with wagging tails and an impeccable sense of fashion. Meet K9 Jets, the pet-friendly private jet charter service that lets your furry friends fly like true fashionistas. Gone are the days of sad, cramped pet carriers in the cargo hold. K9 Jets believes in keeping the style game strong, both for pet owners and their four-legged companions.

But how did this glamorous venture take flight? It all started with a peculiar request, as Adam and Kirsty Golder, founders of K9 Jets’ parent company, G6 Aviation, received a query from a potential customer. Brace yourself for this one – the request was to charter a jet for not just 10 people, but 10 dogs too! No, you didn’t misread that – 10 dogs! Their jaws dropped, but their entrepreneurial spirits soared. Little did they know that the skies held a whole world of pet transport enthusiasts just waiting to be connected.

Enter K9 Jets, the stylish sister company with a touch of whimsy. With flights that take pets and their humans to amazing destinations such as New Jersey, London, Paris, Dubai, and more, K9 Jets is paw-sitively redefining pet travel. And the Golders don’t plan on stopping there – they have their sights set on expanding their routes to Dublin, Milan, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Singapore, and Melbourne in the near future. Who knew pets had such wanderlust?

Now, how much will this stylish journey cost you? Well, hold on tight to your designer leash because it comes with a hefty price tag. For example, a one-way seat from Jersey to London will set you back a whopping $9,000. But hey, when fashion and luxury are involved, who’s counting, right?

But fear not, fellow fashion-forward pet owners! We’ve got you covered with three tips from Adam Golder himself on how to make your pet’s high-flying adventure as smooth as silk.

1. Cut down on their food before the flight to minimize bathroom time Sure, inquiring minds may wonder where the pups go to relieve themselves at 30,000 feet, but fret not – K9 Jets has it all handled. Their flights are mostly overnight, meticulously planned to match your furry friend’s natural sleeping patterns. With plenty of pee pads on board, you can rest assured. But to minimize bathroom breaks, Golder suggests cutting down your pet’s food intake before the flight. As the American Veterinary Medical Association advises, flying on an empty or nearly empty stomach is the norm for pets. Just make sure to consult your veterinarian beforehand. We never thought our pets could be on a pre-flight diet too!

2. Exercise your dog during the day so they can sleep during the flight We all know that feeling of wanting to stretch our legs during a long flight. Well, our canine companions are no different. To ensure a peaceful and snoozy trip, Golder recommends giving your pet plenty of exercise before they board the jet. Think of it as their warm-up session before jet-setting with the elite. A tired pup is a happy pup, ready to catch some Z’s in the fluffy clouds.

3. Pack a blanket or their bed so they feel more at peace We’ve all been there – trying to get comfortable on those oh-so-cozy airplane seats. But what about our pets? Sedating them isn’t recommended, especially when they can’t be supervised in the cargo hold. Luckily, K9 Jets offers an alternative path to serenity. Golder suggests bringing along a blanket or your pet’s favorite bed. After all, isn’t it cute to see them snuggled up, feeling like they’re at home in the skies? Keep calm and let the fashion-forward furries take over.

Dear readers, the sky’s the limit when it comes to treating your pets like the stylish superstars they are. Whether your furry friend dons couture collars or rocks a more casual-chic look, K9 Jets is here to make traveling in style a reality. So say goodbye to cramped carriers and hello to the high life. Book a ticket, pack up those designer accessories, and let your pets soar the skies with unparalleled elegance. After all, they deserve nothing but the best!

Are you ready to fly the friendly skies with your four-legged fashionistas? Share your thoughts and Instagram-worthy pet travel moments in the comments below!