Elophia Mengestu: The Fashionable Jetsetter

My Sacrifices Are Worth It Why I Spend $500 Every Week Flying from NYC to Chicago for Grad School

Despite the sacrifices, I don’t regret spending $500 every week to fly from NYC to Chicago for grad school.

Elophia Mengestu

Courtesy of Elophia Mengestu.

Hey there, fashion lovers! Get ready to buckle up for a tale that will take you soaring through the skies of style and determination. Meet Elophia Mengestu, the fashion influencer who knows how to make a grand entrance – by commuting from NYC to Chicago in a plane! Yes, you heard it right, she’s taking her fashion game to new heights, both literally and figuratively. Strap on your seatbelts and let’s dive into her fabulous journey.

Elophia is a woman with ambitions as high as her stilettos. As a successful influencer marketing manager and a grad school student pursuing her MBA, she faced a dilemma. How could she balance her dream job in the Big Apple and her dream education in the Windy City? The answer was simple – she decided to fly her way to success.

While others may rely on the subway or a car to get around, Elophia takes the term “commuting” to astonishing new heights. She jets off from the concrete jungle to the windy midwest, all to attend her classes at Northwestern University. Thank goodness her program offers flexible options for full-time professionals, allowing her to squeeze in her classes on Saturdays. Fashionably on point and academically ambitious, Elophia proves that you can have your runway and walk it too.

Now, let’s talk logistics. On a typical commuting day, Elophia rises before the sun, summoning her Uber chariot to the airport. With an early morning flight, she glides through the clouds before gracefully landing in Chicago. As if straight out of a fashion show, she briskly heads to her classes, arriving like a true style diva. After lunch and catching up with classmates, she returns to the airport, jetting back home to New York City and ensuring she arrives just in time for Sunday’s errands. Talk about a whirlwind schedule!

Of course, flying in style doesn’t come cheap. Elophia invests an average of $500 per round trip. That’s right, she’s not just splurging on designer shoes; she’s splurging on commuting too. But she assures us it’s worth every penny. After all, how many people can say they attend their dream school and work their dream job simultaneously? Sacrificing a few social outings or Uber Eats deliveries seems like a small price to pay for conquering the dual world of academia and influencer marketing.

But wait, buckle up for the turbulence! Elophia’s unconventional commute sparked a viral TikTok video, and the internet was abuzz with both admiration and assumptions. Some viewers applauded her dedication to juggling both her personal and professional dreams. Yet, a considerable number of commenters made snap judgments about her background, assuming she must be a trust fund baby or living a life of luxury. As she gracefully explains, her journey to success was far from paved in gold.

Elophia’s parents immigrated to the US from Ethiopia and worked hard to build a life for themselves. Her dad, a retired public school teacher, and her mom, employed at an intellectual property firm, instilled in her the values of tenacity and self-reliance. Elophia is quick to clarify that she flies on her own wings, financially supporting herself without relying on any parental trust fund. Her fabulous lifestyle isn’t just a product of privilege; it’s the result of her dedication and hard work.

To those who question the necessity of her extravagant commute, Elophia rises above the turbulence. She firmly believes in pursuing whatever makes you happy, regardless of outside opinions. Embracing fearlessness in your ambitions and goals is the secret to unlocking personal success. Whether it’s attending a prestigious university or slaying in the world of fashion, Elophia proves that you can be a stylish jetsetter and a career-driven individual simultaneously. Beauty and brains – she’s the whole package!

So, dear readers, are you ready to spread your wings and reach for the fashion stars? Elophia Mengestu has shown us that anything is possible when you dare to chase your dreams while looking fabulous. Let her story inspire you to soar to new heights and seize the opportunities that await you. Remember, the sky is not the limit when it comes to fashion and ambition!

Check out Elophia’s TikTok journey here.

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