Let’s Make Home Decor Fashionably Quirky!

Embrace the Winter Blues with Vibrant Interiors Get Inspired by This UK Homestead's Stunning Design

UK Homestead Winter Design Inspo with Bright Interiors

vibrant bedroom with giraffe figure and lots of colors and prints

Where does your mind go when you picture the perfect place to spend the holidays? Mine travels straight to a small town in the English countryside, where I’m surrounded by cozy nooks, fragrant seasonal greenery, and moody lighting—in other words, a fashionista’s dream come true! And one designer and vintage lover seems to have brought this charming dreamland to life. Welcome to Lois Connors’ (@colourfulleopard) enchanting homestead, where she shares her secrets for turning any home into a cozy, antique haven using nature-inspired touches and a touch of quirky decor.

Evolving, Eclectic, Balanced: Lois’s Design Philosophy

Lois describes her design philosophy as a blend of three words: evolving, eclectic, and balanced. Just like a fashionista’s wardrobe, her home undergoes constant transformations, evolving with her tastes and inspirations. And just like a fashionista’s outfit, her home embodies an eclectic mix of styles and influences, creating a harmonious balance that is undeniably stylish.

image of colorful bedroom with eye pillow, next to image of cozy kitchen with pink chairs

A Vintage Lover’s Treasure Hunt: Secrets to Finding Quality Pieces

Lois’s love affair with vintage began ages ago, as she was drawn to unique and interesting pieces while staying within her budget. Her advice to fellow vintage enthusiasts looking for quality pieces is simple but effective: trust your instincts and seize the moment! If you find something you love, snatch it up before it slips away, just like a fabulous designer handbag on sale. And don’t limit yourself to one set of stores; explore different places like a fashionista on a shopping spree. Thrift shops and charity stores can surprise you with hidden gems that match your style and vibe!

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two photos of jungle-themed living room with lots of prints

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Maximalism

Lois’s maximalist aesthetic is nothing short of spectacular! Maximalism, a term that has recently become a buzzword in the interior design world, perfectly describes Lois’s love for patterns and textures. However, there are countless flavors of maximalism, just like there are endless ways to style an outfit. Some lean towards bold and vibrant colors, while others embrace a dark and moody ambiance. With maximalism, variety truly is the spice of life!

Quieter Days and Bolder Nights: Sensory Delights at Home

During the day, Lois’s home is a tranquil haven, providing the perfect environment for her creative work. But when the family comes together, the house comes alive with a delightful symphony of noise, laughter, and yes, the occasional argument. After all, that’s what makes a home vibrant and full of life. To enhance the sensory experience, Lois embraces the power of scents. She fills her space with the intoxicating fragrances of diffusers and scented candles, immersing herself and her family in a world of rich and perfumed scents.

woman standing in doorway to home with cat, next to image of cozy kitchen with green shelving

Unveiling Sentimental Treasures: A Dash of TV Magic

In the depths of Lois’s home, lies a treasure trove of sentimentality. Her youngest son’s bedroom holds a special place in her heart, as it was the star of a TV show last year. The Japanese-inspired makeover transformed the room, making it a beloved space for the entire family. And to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime experience, the wallpaper is even autographed by the designer. Talk about a stylish moment that television magic can’t recreate!

Embracing the Seasons: From Festive Energy to Cozy Tranquility

For Lois, home decor is an ever-changing dance with the seasons. Fall, in particular, is a time for enchanting transformations. From September through December, her home becomes a picturesque backdrop for beautiful seasonal scenes. Traditional Christmas colors blend seamlessly with nature-inspired decor, creating a festive ambiance fit for a fashion show. And let’s not forget about the fireplace styling—a must-have element for Lois’s seasonal decorations!

two photos of home with green and nature-inspired accents

Fashion for the Soul: Wellness and Serenity in Every Corner

Lois believes that your home should be your sanctuary, a place where you can escape and rejuvenate. The ultimate fashionista, she knows the importance of comfort and balance in creating a space that promotes health and wellness. Every room features cozy nooks and comforting lighting, designed to help you unwind and relax after a long day. Nature-inspired elements, from floral patterns to calming green walls, bring a sense of calm and serenity to the bustling decor. It’s a fashion-forward approach to cultivating a harmonious and rejuvenating atmosphere.

photo of wicker chair in tropical living room next to photo of bedroom with pink accents

Home Sweet Home: A Reflection of Love and Personality

To Lois, home means so much more—an escape, a place of comfort, and above all, where her loved ones and adorable cats reside. It’s a reflection of her unique taste, her passions, and her self-expression. Just like how much thought goes into creating the perfect outfit, she pours her heart and soul into curating a home that warmly embraces her personality. Her home is a fashionably quirky masterpiece that showcases her love for all things beautiful and meaningful.

Recreate the Look—Style Tips from Lois Connors herself!

chart with ideas for how to recreate the look of a funky home

Want to add a touch of whimsy and charm to your own home? Lois Connors has you covered! She has generously shared some style tips to help you recreate the funky and fabulous look showcased in her delightful abode. Check out the chart above for some fashion-forward inspiration straight from Lois herself.

This interview has made us fall head over heels for the fashion-forward world of home decor. It’s clear that with a little creativity, a fashionista’s touch, and a pinch of vintage flair, every home can become a whimsical haven for all things stylish and quirky. So, go ahead and turn your home into a runway—you never know what fashion adventures await!

Let us know in the comments below which of Lois Connors’ design secrets you can’t wait to try! And don’t forget to share your own unique home decor triumphs and quirky finds. After all, the fashion-forward community thrives on inspiration and shared experiences. So, let’s continue to make our homes fabulous, one beautifully curated room at a time!