The Magical Duvet Cover That Makes Bed-Making a Breeze

Crane & Canopy Nova duvet cover review This brilliantly crafted duvet cover employs a captivating optical illusion, effortlessly creating the illusion of a meticulously made bed without requiring extensive time and effort.

Crane & Canopy Nova duvet cover review This clever cover creates the illusion of a perfectly made bed without much effort.

Crane & Canopy duvet cover Crane & Canopy’s clever design is one of the reasons we named its duvet cover the top pick in our guide. (Crane & Canopy)

Making the bed can be therapeutic for some. They find joy in fluffing and smoothing down the sheets, duvet, and blankets, meticulously folding them over each other. But for the rest of us, especially those with small bedrooms and corner bed configurations, it’s a chore that feels like the work of the devil.

If you’re in the latter camp, or simply don’t enjoy making your bed, fear not! We have discovered the Nova duvet cover by Crane & Canopy. This magical duvet cover ($159-$219) requires minimal effort on your part to create the illusion of a perfectly made bed. Just pull your comforter up, and voila! It looks like a professional housekeeper came in and did all the work for you.

The brilliance of this design is why Crane & Canopy was crowned the best duvet cover in our guide. With the best comforter as its companion, you can have a beautifully cozy bed that will make you never want to leave. And to add a touch of humor to your day, keep reading to hear about my personally testing this magical duvet cover.


  • Material: 100% long-staple cotton, 300-thread count
  • Sizes and dimensions:
    • Twin/Twin XL (70” x 88”)
    • Full/Queen (90” x 94”)
    • King/CA King (108” x 94”)
  • Corner ties: Yes
  • Bottom closure: Zipper

Crane & Canopy duvet cover The Nova duvet makes it look like you turned down your sheets, when really all you did was pull up the comforter. (Crane & Canopy)

Now, let me explain how this bedroom magic works. The Nova duvet cover has a clever strip of white fabric that mimics a perfectly folded sheet placed over the top of your comforter. It even has a line of piping to give it a polished look. But guess what? This line of piping does more than just dazzle your eyes; it also conceals the zipper that opens up the duvet cover for easy inserting of your comforter. It’s that simple! It’s like working smarter, not harder.

Available in a selection of 40 prints and colors, the Nova duvet cover caters to every kind of aesthetic. The price ranges from $159 for a twin bed to $219 for a king/California king. Keep in mind that pillowcases are sold separately, and they will cost you an additional $40-$55 each. But since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, investing in good quality sheets and blankets should never make us feel guilty, right?

Personally, I have the all-white duvet cover with grey piping. While it may not create as much illusion as one with contrasting colors or patterns, it still looks wonderful in my sunny bedroom. The material itself is a 300-thread count, extra-long staple cotton with a sateen weave, and it feels as crisp and cool as a deliciously pressed white button-down shirt.

Crane & Canopy duvet cover Thoughtful features, like a zipper enclosure, make putting the duvet on your comfort as easy as it can be. (Crane & Canopy)

As a bonus feature, the Nova duvet cover has little fabric ties in each corner, allowing you to connect it with Crane & Canopy’s duvet insert. This prevents any bunching, ensuring your bed always looks neat and tidy. Even without a compatible insert, I’ve found that the duvet cover stays perfectly in place.

So, in conclusion, this duvet cover is truly remarkable. It saves you valuable time in the morning, provides a polished and cozy look, and is super comfortable. I highly recommend investing in the Nova duvet cover, especially if you want to feel like you’re slipping into a fancy hotel room every night.

Pros: – Very soft – Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns – Ties and zipper make assembly a breeze – Very polished look

Cons: – Additional shipping fee

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