Costco Delights: Holiday Season Edition

18 Years at Costco Unveiling the 10 Must-Haves I'm Snagging for the Holidays!

18-year Costco employee shares top 10 holiday purchases.

Are you ready to embark on a wondrous journey through the aisles of Costco during the holiday season? As a seasoned Costco veteran, with 18 years under my belt, I have unearthed some hidden treasures that are sure to make your fashion-loving hearts skip a beat. So put on your imaginary designer sunglasses and let’s dive into the fashion wonderland that is Costco!

🎄 Mohawk Magic: Gnomes and Trucks Galore!

Picture this: you step into your humble abode, and what greets your fashionable feet? The Mohawk holiday mats! These little darlings come in two mesmerizing designs: one with three adorable gnomes and another with a snazzy holiday truck print. Perfect for sprucing up your entryway, these 24-by-36-inch mats will make your guests feel like they’re walking on a fashionable runway. And the best part? They have a recycled rubber backing, because being eco-conscious never goes out of style!

🦌 LED Deer: Light up the Night in Style

Who needs a runway when you can have your very own fashion show on your lawn? Introducing the LED deer family! This trio of majestic creatures will add a touch of enchantment to your holiday decor. With 656 cool-to-the-touch LED lights, these deer can twinkle like a supermodel or stay perfectly illuminated, just like your fashion sense. Whether you place them indoors or outdoors, prepare to be the talk of the town, dear fashionistas!

🐶 Pet-Lover’s Paradise: Kong Play Pack

Calling all pet parents! It’s time to pamper your four-legged fashion companions with the Kong play pack. This delightful set of four plush toys is the perfect gift for your furry friends. From weave knots monkey to tugger knots lion with a knotted rope inside, the fun never ends! And let’s not forget the Huggz Koala bear and the soft plush overstuffed bear…talk about posh cuddles. Your pets will be strutting their stylish selves all through the holiday season!

☕️ Sweetest Indulgence: The Modern Gourmet Cocoa Caddy

Got a sweet tooth that refuses to be tamed? Fear not! The Modern Gourmet cocoa caddy is here to rescue you from the clutches of plain hot cocoa. This exquisite addition to your holiday bar is as cute as a designer handbag and as delicious as a mouth-watering dessert. Packed with mini marshmallows, crushed peppermint candy, and four delightful flavors of hot cocoa (milk chocolate, snickerdoodle, salted caramel, and s’mores), this caddy is a must-have for all the fashionistas with a penchant for sweets!

🎅 Elegant Eggnog: Producers Delight

No holiday season is complete without a glass of Producers Dairy eggnog. This rich and creamy delight will have you singing carols and doing your best catwalk down the hallway. Whether you enjoy it straight-up or use it to create scrumptious holiday recipes, this eggnog is the fashion accessory your taste buds have been waiting for. So raise your glass and toast to a season of undeniable style and fabulous feasting!

🧁 Hostess with the Mostess: Winter Treats

Who says fashion can’t be tasty? Treat your little ones (and the not-so-little ones) to the Hostess Winter Snoballs and holiday cupcakes. These individually wrapped delights bring the holiday spirit straight to your kids’ lunches and parties. With 28 cupcakes in each box, including the ever-popular Snoballs and a variety of mouthwatering holiday cupcakes, you’ll have enough sweetness to share the fashion-forward joy with family and friends!

🥤 Gifts That Keep on Giving: Starbucks Tumbler Set

Fashion lovers know that presentation is everything. That’s why the Starbucks tumbler set is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. These stylish tumblers come with an added bonus. They’re filled to the brim with tasty surprises like hot cocoa mix, cookies, or Starbucks Verona coffee. You can even customize them with additional gifts or let their fashionable charm speak for itself. Time to sip in style and spread some holiday cheer!

🏰 Gingerbread Extravaganza: Create a Treat

Bring the whole family together with the Create a Treat pre-built gingerbread chateau cookie kit. It’s a fashion-forward activity that’s as fun as dressing up in designer couture. This kit includes everything you need to create a gingerbread masterpiece: cookies, assorted candy, a piping bag, icing, a pre-built house, and two trees. And the best part? It’s an edible decoration, so you can really have your fashion cake and eat it too!

🎁 The Perfect Gift: Berkshire Faux-Fur Throw

Snuggle up in style with the Berkshire textured faux-fur throw. This luxurious fashion accessory is a perfect gift for all ages. Whether you’re easing into a peaceful slumber or adding a touch of chicness to your living room, this 60-by-70-inch throw blanket has got you covered. With three tantalizing colors to choose from, including white, gray, and brown, you’ll be enveloped in pure fashion bliss all season long!

🎄 Brighten Up: Squishmallows Ornaments

Last but not least, we have the Squishmallows 4-inch ornaments. These pocket-sized fashion wonders will bring a smile to your face and a sparkle to your holiday decor. Each box contains eight adorable ornaments, making them the perfect stocking stuffers for anyone who appreciates a little cuteness in their life. Hang them on your tree or fashionably scatter them around your home. The possibilities are endless with these little fashion icons!

And there you have it, my fellow fashion enthusiasts! A delightful journey through the aisles of Costco during the holiday season. Remember, shopping is not just a necessity, it’s an art form. So embrace your inner fashionista, have fun exploring, and above all, enjoy the magical moments that this season brings.

Happy shopping, glittering stars of fashion! ✨