Country Living with a Humble Twist: A Tour of Rachael Petach’s Rustic Retreat

Experience the Dreamy Delight of a Cloud Bed in this Unique Family House in Upstate New York

Cool cloud bed in Family House in Upstate New York

Rachael Petach’s house

“I’ve always felt a little country, even when I was in big cities,” says the delightful Rachael Petach. “Moving to a rural town has been like coming home to myself.” Nestled in Germantown, New York, Rachael resides with her husband, Steve, and their son, Theo, in a place so charming that waving to everyone, including cars, buses, and pigeons, has become second nature. Can you imagine Theo’s attempt at sharing the country village’s friendliness with the bustling streets of Manhattan? Adorable chaos! Come along as Rachael gives us an exclusive tour of their whimsical abode.

The Grand Entrance

Rachael Petach’s family

As we step into Rachael’s enchanting world, we’re greeted by an old Pier 1 rattan loveseat and chair, vintage treasures spray-painted with Rust-Oleum semi-gloss black for a touch of modern glamour. A nearby bench, found at a barn sale, adds to the rustic beauty.

Pro Tip: Making old furniture shine like new? Rachael does it with style!

A Show-Stopping Entryway

Rachael Petach’s entryway

Stepping into the entryway, the atmosphere instantly embraces you like a warm hug. A stunning table from One Hundred Ninth steals the show, while a beautiful floor lamp from Pottery Barn lights up the room. The lampshade, sustainably sourced from Palais Sustainable, adds a touch of eco-chic. Rachael proudly displays a captivating print from Kvindehuset, and a pendant light, whose origins remain a mystery, casts a subtle glow.

On finding the one: Did you ever enter a house and feel an instant connection? Rachael did! Her new rural retreat reminds her of the charming craftsman homes in California, complete with hardwood floors, large windows, and a sprawling front porch. It’s pure magic!

On the family dog: Ramona, the Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix from a nearby farm, is the sweetest and most emotionally attached furry friend. Leaving her side for even a mere five minutes results in a dramatic floor flop that would win an Oscar for the best canine performance.

Rachael Petach’s staircase

On Hudson Valley favorites: Rachael and her family have struck gold when it comes to local gems. The renowned Gaskins restaurant is just a stone’s throw away, offering mouthwatering dishes that make taste buds dance. When strolling through the neighborhood, Rachael loves to explore unique shops like Luddite, Alder & Co., and Mary MacGill. The cherry on top? A delightful bike ride to Tivoli General, a heavenly market with tasty lunches and market provisions. Tivoli Mercantile, a neighbor of Tivoli General, is another delightful spot to explore. And let’s not forget Rose Hill Farm, a picturesque cidery located in the scenic Red Hook. It’s a true paradise for the senses!

The Heart of the Home: The Living Room

Rachael Petach’s living room

Unleash your imagination as you enter the living room, where comfort and style seamlessly blend. An inviting sofa from Article takes center stage, accompanied by a stunning rug from The Rug Shop. Playful pillows from H&M add a pop of personality, and a vintage chair adds an element of surprise. Quirky coasters from and a vase from Crate & Barrel complete the scene.

On a kid-friendly layout: Rachael cherishes the circular layout of the ground floor. It’s a stroke of genius when you have an energetic little one and a playful pup, as they often run in joyful circles around the family while they cook or relax.

Rachael Petach’s living room

Let’s talk about blackcurrant liqueur: Rachael’s creativity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to her sideline business. During her pregnancy, she experimented with low-alcohol and no-alcohol beverages that capture the essence of her favorite flavors. Combining her passion for fresh blackcurrants, found during her farming days in France, and her knack for mixology, she birthed the delightful C. Cassis. The perfect tipple to enjoy, whether you’re swaying in a hammock or hosting a backyard soiree.

On a TV alternative: Let’s face it, televisions can sometimes invade our living spaces like extraterrestrial beings. Rachael, ever the visionary, opted for a projector to bring cinematic magic into her home. Less distraction, more enchantment!

An Elegant Feast: The Dining Room

Rachael Petach’s dining room

Imagine a dining room where the door is always open, inviting neighbors for impromptu cocktail gatherings while the children frolic and play. Rachael’s space is the epitome of warm hospitality, adorned with stunning candle holders from Luddite Antiques, a beautiful estate sale dining table, and chic chairs from Safavieh. A charming salt cellar from Busted Ceramics and a Terra Délicat Bowl by Athena Calderone act as delightful accents, completing the picture-perfect scene.

On an open-door policy: Rachael and her family are blessed with friendly and fabulous neighbors. The door is always open for spontaneous get-togethers, where laughter flows as freely as the drinks. Picture this: 15 people are mingling in the dining room, and the heavenly aroma of sizzling burgers fills the air. It’s a joyful chaos that brings hearts closer.

On low-stress entertaining: Rachael’s secret to hosting unforgettable gatherings? Keep it simple and beautiful! Food that doesn’t require constant vigilance, picturesque grain salads that exude freshness, and grilled chicken that shines even at room temperature. These delightful dishes are the hidden treasures of Rachael’s entertaining repertoire, gathered through years spent with chef extraordinaire Sean Rembold.

Rachael Petach’s vintage dry sink

On family heirlooms: Rachael cherishes the memories her grandmother left behind through the stunning vintage dry sink that now graces their space. Each piece holds a story, carrying the energy and vivacity of her beloved grandmother.

On Basil, the musical feline: Who says pets can’t have eclectic taste in music? Theo, Rachael’s talented little one, has a deep affection for the iconic Black Sabbath. He serenades the family with his renditions of their greatest hits, while the harmonious duet between Basil the cat and Ramona the dog adds a touch of whimsy to the mix.

Where Culinary Magic Happens: The Kitchen

Rachael Petach’s kitchen

Marvel at Rachael’s culinary haven, where delicious concoctions are born and memories are created. Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” envelops the space with its soothing essence, setting the stage for gastronomic adventures.

On birthing a business: Rachael’s entrepreneurial spirit blossomed during her pregnancy. Inspired to create low-alcohol and no-alcohol beverages that packed a punch, she drew upon her experiences with fresh blackcurrants from her farming past in France. A chance encounter with blackcurrant connoisseur Greg Quinn fueled her ambitions, and shortly after, the delightful C. Cassis came to life alongside her beloved son.

Rachael Petach’s kitchen sink

On perfect drinks: Raise your glasses, because Rachael has mastered the art of the spritz! A taste of C. Cassis, mixed with dry vermouth, sparkling seltzer, and garnished with olives and an orange slice, creates an effortlessly refreshing treat. Just what you need for those lazy afternoons or glamorous evenings.

Dreams Come True: Theo’s Bedroom

Rachael Petach’s son’s room

In Theo’s room, whimsy rules the kingdom. Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” paint effortlessly blankets the space, allowing vibrant accents to shine. An adorable elephant wall hanging from Puppy Pillow steals the show, accompanied by a custom-made bed that resembles a fluffy cloud, designed by none other than Theo himself. A Pendleton blanket and a mushroom-shaped pillow from Myfawnwy complete the enchanting scene.

On making a cloud bed: Theo’s dreams woven into reality! When the time came to transition from a crib, Rachael asked her little visionary to describe his perfect bed. A cloud-inspired design, poised low to the ground so his beloved animal friends can easily hop on and off, captivated Theo’s imagination. With his approval, Rachael and Steve built the bed from plywood, creating a sanctuary that dreams are made of.

Rachael Petach’s son’s bookcase

On tiny obsessions: Theo’s kaleidoscope of interests showcases his vibrant spirit. From pirates to Lego, baking to costumes, and even Black Sabbath, this young talent dares to live life to the fullest. His infectious singing and zealous performances keep the whole family on their toes!

On using real tools: Theo’s miniature workbench has become the training ground for his future craft. Though he began by pretending, he now wields hammers and other tools with great care and responsibility. Watch out world, there’s a future master craftsman in the making!

Sleep Like Royalty: The Primary Bedroom

Rachael Petach’s primary bedroom

Enter the tranquil sanctuary, where muted hues and cozy accents create an oasis of peace. Rachael’s affinity for yellow takes center stage, infusing the room with warmth and serenity. A bedframe from Wayfair, elegant stool side tables (a memento from her grandmother), and a breathtaking painting by her father, John Petach, set the tone for restful nights. An Ichendorf Milano bedside carafe and heavenly sheets from Bed Threads complete the dreamy ambiance.

On bedroom colors: Rachael finds solace in the calming embrace of yellow, a color that holds the power to uplift the spirits and soothe the soul.

A Haven of Tranquility: The Bathroom

Rachael Petach’s bathroom

Prepare to be whisked away to a realm of enchantment. The bathroom blooms with an exquisite wallpaper from Work + Sea, evoking a sense of whimsy and serenity simultaneously.

On winding down: At the end of the day, Rachael carves out precious time for herself, indulging in quiet solo activities. Whether it’s losing herself in the pages of a book, luxuriating in a relaxing bath, or nurturing her garden, these moments of tranquility recharge her spirit.

Where Creativity Flourishes: The Office

Rachael Petach’s office

A creative haven where dreams take shape, Rachael’s office is a treasure trove of inspiration. An Ikea bookshelf and a sleek chair from Design Within Reach create a harmonious workspace. Handmade by Rachael and Steve, the desk stands as a testament to their craftsmanship. A delightful vase from Group Partner adds a touch of whimsy to the scene.

On work/life balance: Being an entrepreneur while raising children is no small feat. Rachael realized early on that finding a harmonious balance was essential. With her team working from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., four days a week, she ensured that work could coexist with personal fulfillment. Taking strolls, spending time with loved ones, and nurturing herself became non-negotiables in her journey to success.

An Outdoor Oasis: The Backyard

Rachael Petach’s backyard

The backyard transforms into a magical haven, where happiness blooms with every blossoming flower. Wayfair chairs provide a cozy spot to relax, while a handmade table, courtesy of Rachael and Steve, invites you to enjoy culinary delights in the open air.

On a different business model: Rachael’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond C. Cassis. She believes in creating a business model that benefits all involved. Collective ownership is the name of the game, paving the way for growth and unifying the team.

Rachael Petach’s outdoor tub

On backyard fun: Can you picture yourself soaking in a stock tank tub on a sweltering summer day? Rachael can! Seeking respite from the heat, she transformed her backyard into a cool oasis. A serene retreat that started with a phone call to Tractor Supply and a stroke of luck. What lies ahead? The possibility of converting it into a hot tub, adding a touch of luxury to their already dreamy retreat. Let the scavenger hunt for the perfect secondhand scuba stove begin!

Thanks so much for sharing your home, Rachael!

Now it’s your turn, dear readers! What elements from Rachael’s countryside getaway inspire you the most? Are you ready to infuse your own home with laughter, whimsy, and a dash of country charm? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share your own ideas for designing your dream abode.

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(Photos by John Gruen.)

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