Embracing Virginity with Yvonne Orji: The Comedy of Waiting for Love

Comedian Yvonne Orji Embraces her Virginity at 39 despite Pressure, Ready to Find a 'Good' Man

Yvonne Orji, a comedian, feels pressured being a 39-year-old virgin and desires a good partner.

Yvonne Orji at ‘The Blackening’ premiere at Tribeca Film Festival on June 13, 2023 in New York City. Actress and comedian Yvonne Orji has been open about being a virgin. (Arturo Holmes/ Getty)

They say good things come to those who wait, but comedian Yvonne Orji has taken that to a whole new level. At the age of 39, she’s proudly waving the flag of virginity, and boy, does she have some stories to tell!

You may recognize Yvonne from her hilarious role as Molly Carter in the comedy series “Insecure.” But behind the scenes, Yvonne has been candid about her decision to save herself for marriage. That’s right, folks, she’s keeping it locked up like a dazzling treasure awaiting its rightful owner.

Now, being a virgin in your ’30s is no walk in the park. Yvonne admits to feeling the pressure of it all. Imagine going on a date and wondering, “What if he wants to get down and dirty? What do I say? What if he runs for the hills?” It’s enough to make anyone break out in a nervous sweat!

But Yvonne is no damsel in distress. Oh no! She’s a woman who knows her worth. As she aptly puts it, “there are going to be guys that are not going to rock with you because you’re a virgin, and that’s fine,” because she’s “not for everybody that way.” You go, Yvonne! Embrace being ‘that chick’ and let the right man come knocking on your virtuous door.

Now, don’t think for a second that Yvonne hasn’t had her fair share of romantic escapades. She’s been in the dating scene and had a fantastic time, even though sex was not part of the equation. She’s a master at creative dating, proving that intimacy goes beyond the physical. In fact, she even dated Emmanuel Acho, a former NFL linebacker and current sports analyst, from 2018 to 2019. Talk about scoring in the game of love without scoring in the bedroom!

But let’s get real here. Yvonne can’t contain all that pent-up energy forever. She’s ready for a committed relationship that will stand the test of time. So, all you good men out there, listen up! Yvonne’s calling on you to step up and show her what you’ve got. And, hey, if you need a little nudge, Chelsea Handler might just be your wingwoman. So hurry up, fellas, and make your way to Yvonne’s radiant kingdom of love.

So there you have it, fashionistas with a love for laughter and a heart for romance. Yvonne Orji is a force to be reckoned with, a woman who’s unapologetically living life on her own terms. She’s got the comedy chops and the courage to take on the world, all while staying true to her values.

Remember, the beauty of being yourself lies in the power to embrace your choices, and Yvonne Orji’s decision to wait for love is a testament to that. So go ahead and rock your unique style as you navigate the fashionably funny and delightfully lovely world of romance. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your own happily ever after, just like Yvonne.