Annie Thorisdottir: From Postpartum Blues to CrossFit Glory

Reclaiming Her Strength How CrossFit Helped One of the Fittest Women on Earth Heal and Rediscover Her Identity After Childbirth

CrossFit helps fittest woman on Earth rebuild her identity after childbirth.

Annie Thorisdottir Annie Thorisdottir gave birth to her daughter Freyja in August 2020.

Annie Thorisdottir, the two-time CrossFit Games champion and “Fittest Woman on Earth,” never thought she would experience postpartum depression. As an elite athlete, she believed that all the endorphins from training would shield her from any mental health struggles. Boy, was she wrong!

After the “very traumatic” birth of her daughter Freyja in 2020, Thorisdottir found herself in the grip of emotional turmoil. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions in Iceland, she was unable to seek a formal diagnosis. Nevertheless, she spoke about her experiences openly and found solace in the fact that she was not alone. In fact, 75% of women experience “baby blues” after giving birth, and 15% go on to develop postpartum depression.

But it wasn’t just the emotional rollercoaster that Thorisdottir had to contend with. The body that had once propelled her to CrossFit glory had significantly changed. It didn’t “bounce back” as she expected. She no longer recognized her reflection, and her sculpted abs were nowhere to be seen. In an industry that idolizes perfect bodies, this was a hard pill to swallow.

Annie Thorisdottir Annie Thorisdottir training with her husband Frederik Aegidius and Freyja.

However, by sharing her story with loved ones and her massive Instagram following, Thorisdottir discovered that her struggles were not unique. Feeling supported and understood, she gradually regained both her mental and physical strength. She returned to exercise, albeit slowly. It started with gentle pedaling on an exercise bike, a feat of strength in itself considering her weakened pelvic floor. “Baby steps” became her mantra as she rebuilt her fitness.

Annie Thorisdottir Annie Thorisdottir competing at the 2023 CrossFit semi-finals.

To her surprise, seven months after giving birth, Thorisdottir found herself accidentally qualifying for the CrossFit Games. She had initially entered the CrossFit Open just to challenge herself a little. But as she progressed through the competition, she realized she could do more than she ever imagined. Despite her doubts, she competed at the Games and even landed on the podium, securing a remarkable third place finish.

Throughout her journey, Thorisdottir’s daughter Freyja has been her biggest inspiration. At only three years old, Freyja marvels at her mom’s strength and aspires to be just as strong. She joins her in the gym, eager to lift weights and prove her own might.

Frederik, Freyja, and Annie Frederik, Freyja, and Annie.

Despite the challenges and hardships she faced, Thorisdottir wouldn’t change her experience of motherhood for the world. Her journey shows the immense strength and resilience that women possess, both physically and emotionally. So, the next time you come across someone who has recently become a mom, remember that they may be battling their own version of postpartum blues. Be kind, be supportive, and celebrate their journey toward self-acceptance and strength.

Embrace the beauty of motherhood—both the struggles and triumphs—and remember that every body tells a unique and powerful story.

Original Content Source: Insider