5 Common Mistakes for Pelvic Floor Health: Revealed with a Touch of Fashion Flair!

Common Pelvic Health Mistakes You Need to Stop Making, According to a Physical Therapist

Pelvic health mistakes to avoid, says physical therapist

A young woman pauses in pain and holds her lower stomach/ pelvis Most people don’t know how to look after their pelvic floor health. – Fertnig/Getty

Fashionistas, gather around because we’ve got some juicy secrets to spill! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of pelvic floor health, where problems range from sexual dysfunction to pooping and peeing predicaments. If you thought lingerie was complicated, just wait until you see what’s happening below the belt!

Join us as we unveil the wisdom of Elizabeth Akincilar, a pelvic floor health specialist with over two decades of experience. She’s about to spill the beans on the five most common mistakes people make when it comes to their pelvic floor health, and boy, are they jaw-dropping!

Holding Your Breath: The Workout Whisperer

So, ladies, when you’re pumping iron or showing those squats who’s boss, have you ever noticed yourself holding your breath? Well, listen up because this could be causing some serious trouble down there! Picture your pelvic floor as a nervous masseuse who clenches up when working out aggressively – it’s a recipe for disaster!

But fear not, dear fashionistas! There’s a simple solution to avoid this catastrophe waiting to happen: breathe! Yes, simply focusing on your breathing during those intense workouts can prevent your pelvic floor from tightening and causing issues. So, ladies, inhale confidence, exhale pelvic floor problems!

Sit-Down Seduction: The Cushioned Comedown

Oh, the allure of sitting! We love lounging in our stylish chairs, but little do we know the chaos that ensues below. When you park it for extended periods, your pelvis muscles and nerves get squished and compressed. Ouch!

But don’t worry, darling fashionistas, we’ve got your backside covered! Elizabeth Akincilar suggests liberating yourself from your seat as much as possible. Take frequent breaks to stroll around, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider investing in a fashionable standing desk. Let’s give “sitting chic” a whole new meaning!

Unleashing the Kegel Saga: The Hidden Gem

Ladies, brace yourselves! We’re about to expose the truth about kegel exercises – clenching and unclenching that pelvic floor. You’ll be shocked to know that most of us are doing them wrong! And doing kegels unnecessarily? Well, it’s as useless as wearing a tiara to bed.

Here’s the real deal: too much kegeling can tighten those pelvic floor muscles to the point of no return. Who would’ve thought? So, unless a medical professional (your pelvic floor fairy godmother) summons you to kegel duty, skip the exercises. Focus on improving your pelvic floor health through other means, like dancing your way to a stronger core.

The Stool Saga: A Luxury Worth Pondering

Ah, the art of pooping – it’s a delicate dance between discomfort and liberation. But here’s a secret that’ll leave you pondering on the porcelain throne: constipation is the ultimate nemesis of your pelvic floor health. That’s right, darlings, those episodes of push-and-strain can wreak havoc down below.

To save your pelvic floor from this tragic fate, eat enough fiber and hydrate like you’re sipping champagne at a fashion show. Your poop should be smooth like a snake, not pellets or mashed potatoes! And remember, the age-old squatting position is the real MVP when it comes to pooping. So, elevate your feet with a luxurious toilet stool or any fashionable prop you have on hand. Who knew poop could hold such power?

Pain-Free Paradise: The Harmonious Haven

Listen up, ladies, because we’re about to spill the tea on something crucial. If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort in your pelvic region, it’s time to sound the alarm! We repeat – pain is not the latest fashion trend when it comes to urinary, bowel, or sexual functioning.

Whether you’re going through menopause or just had a baby, pain should never be a part of your pelvic journey. Seek help from the experts, because there’s always a solution to turn your pelvic woes into pelvic glows. You deserve a pain-free paradise, darling!

Fashionistas, we hope you’ve enjoyed this eye-opening adventure through the dazzling world of pelvic floor health. Remember, taking care of your undergarments is important, but looking out for what lies beneath is equally vital. Stay fabulous, stay informed, and let the rhythm of your pelvic floor guide you to true fashionista bliss!

Fashionably yours,

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