Saying Goodbye to Fashion Fails of 2023: A Humorous Interior Decorator’s Take

9 Interior Design Trends That Completely Missed the Mark This Year, According to an Expert Interior Decorator

9 interior decorating trends that missed the mark this year.

Boucle chair with red X

As an interior decorator with a passion for fashion and a love for all things fabulous, I simply cannot contain my excitement for what’s to come in 2024. It’s time to bid adieu to the trends of 2023 that didn’t quite hit the mark. Let’s shake off those boucle chairs and sofas and make room for some truly stunning design choices.

Paws Off the Boucle!

Sure, boucle fabric and designer sofas may exude an air of elegance, but let’s be real here, they just don’t make sense in the average person’s home. They’re like that stunning but completely unattainable crush you had in high school – beautiful from afar, but not meant to be touched. And trust me, darling, when it comes to everyday living, we need something that can handle the chaos and still look fabulous.

Boucle chair

Boucle fabric may be the epitome of high-end trendiness, but it’s also a magnet for hair and trapped fibers. And let’s not forget about how quickly it pills and mats. Low-quality boucle may be tempting, but it’s a bit like flirting with disaster – a short-lived affair that ends in disappointment. Instead, my dear fashionistas, let’s bring boucle texture into our lives with chic throw pillows and accent pieces. Trust me, your couch will thank you.

Put Away the Paintbrushes, Darling!

Ah, painted countertops, the DIY dream that often turns into a nightmare. I’ve seen countless before-and-after pictures that make my heart skip a beat, but let’s face it, my loves, this trend is just not practical. It takes a true artist to create a believable faux marble countertop, and even then, the durability just isn’t there. That epoxy coating is as delicate as a whisper, prone to scratches, and heat-resistant about as much as an ice cube.

Painting countertop

I know, I know, those pictures of stunning marble countertops may be calling your name, but my dear, practicality should always be in style. Let’s leave the painted countertops in 2023 where they belong and embrace the beauty of real materials that can stand the test of time. After all, we’re not just creating a pretty picture here; we’re crafting a home that actually works.

Contact Paper Courting Chaos

Contact paper, oh how I wish I could love you unconditionally. You’re the perfect solution for customizing walls, kitchens, and furniture in our cozy little abodes. But alas, my darlings, many affordable versions of this versatile marvel simply don’t cut it. They tear faster than a heartbroken teenager’s diary, show wear at the mere mention of a bad day, and the peeling edges are a force to be reckoned with.

Bright orange and pink wallpaper with prints on wall and blue chairs in foreground

If we want to incorporate patterns and create eye-catching spaces, we must invest in quality materials, even if it means a slightly higher price tag. Trust me, my lovelies, the difference is worth it. Quality contact paper won’t let us down like its cheap counterparts. Just be careful when it’s time to part ways, as that strong adhesive might take a little paint with it. We don’t want any surprises when it’s time to redecorate, now do we?

Now, let’s dive into the world of wall art, my darlings. We’ve all seen those sentimental pieces adorned with quotes and cheesy sayings. And while they might feel heartfelt, they often age about as well as the leftovers in the back of the fridge. It’s time to bid adieu to the “Live Laugh Love” plaques and any other font-tastic trends that make us cringe in the years to come.

Farmhouse book decor with

Minimalistic wall decorations may be all the rage now, but let’s not forget that individuality is key. We want our spaces to reflect our unique personalities, not just blindly follow the latest trend. So let’s ditch the art that lacks staying power and embrace the beauty of timeless pieces that speak to our souls. After all, fashion fades, but true style is forever.

Plaster Pains of DIY

The allure of post-modern curves and organic shapes has tempted many to craft their own plaster furniture and functional sculptures. But, darling, there’s a reason why the professionals do it so well. Trying to replicate these eye-catching designs with joint compound and a paintbrush is like trying to paint a masterpiece with finger paints – messy, patchy, and oh so disappointing.

Plaster air piece in home

While joint compound may be easy to work with, it simply can’t stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. Scratches, oil stains, and a never-ending battle to keep it clean are just a few of the headaches you’ll encounter. And let’s not forget that thick applications are prone to cracking, turning your masterpiece into a crumbling mess. Stick to the professionals, my loves. Let them handle the artistry while we sit back and admire their talent.

The Lightbulb Fiasco

Ah, the allure of battery-operated bulbs on sconces. They promised convenience, style, and an easy apartment-friendly lighting solution. But alas, my darlings, they’ve let us down. Those bulbs just don’t have the staying power we need, and who wants to deal with the hassle of constantly replacing batteries? Not me, darling, not me.

White vanity with sconces

Let’s opt for the good ol’ plug-in lamps, shall we? They’re reliable, sturdy, and won’t leave us in the dark when we need them most. After all, fashion should never come at the expense of practicality, my dear style mavens. So let’s bid farewell to the battery-operated bulbs and embrace the simplicity of a good old-fashioned socket.

The Sofa Saga

We can’t talk about fashion fails without mentioning the statement sofas, my loves. Those bold, quirky pieces that screamed “look at me” have had their moment in the spotlight. But let’s face it, they’re a fad with a hefty price tag. As much as I adore them, I simply can’t justify investing in a statement sofa that may lose its appeal before the decade is even over.

Curved sofa couch

Instead, my dear fashionistas, let’s bring that contemporary style to life with quirky side tables and tabletop items. They add personality without overpowering the room and can easily be switched out when the next trend comes knocking. Trust me, your bank account will thank you, and your home will exude style that won’t be yanked away by the ever-changing winds of fashion.

Plastic Fantasies and Real-Life Nightmares

Quirky acrylic furniture. Sleek, lightweight, and oh so affordable. But let’s not forget that practicality is key, my loves. Clear plastic may have its charm, but it’s not the best for hiding away our clutter or concealing unsightly cords. And don’t even get me started on smudges and scratches. We deserve better, my dear fashionistas.

Acrylic dining chairs at table

Let’s opt for colorful high-gloss wood furniture instead. It gives us a similar sleek look with the added bonus of renewable materials. Practicality and style can dance hand in hand, my darlings, and it’s time we embrace that harmony with open arms.

Reeded Glass, a One-Night Stand

Oh, the allure of reeded glass cabinets. They’re visually stunning, hiding our dishware with a touch of mystery. But investing in real fluted glass might not be the best choice, my dears. Instead, let’s opt for clear glass cabinets and dabble in a little DIY magic. Apply a reed window film, and voila! When this trend starts to show its age, simply peel away the film and refresh your cabinets with ease.

Reeded glass doors

We all have commitment issues when it comes to trends, my loves, so let’s keep our options open. And when the time comes to bid farewell to reeded glass, we can do so without breaking the bank or our hearts.

So there you have it, my fabulous fashionistas – a glimpse into the trends of 2023 that we’re waving goodbye to in 2024. It’s time to embrace new possibilities, elevate our spaces, and create homes that are as stylish as they are practical. Let’s make this year one to remember, my dears, and bid adieu to those fashion fails with a twinkle in our eyes and a spring in our step.

Tell me, my stylish darlings, what trends are you most excited to leave behind and what new wonders are you looking forward to in the world of interior design? Let’s chat in the comments below and toast to a year filled with fashion, flair, and fabulousness!