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A First-Time Experience 6 Hours of Luxury in Canadian Train Business Class Surpassed All My US Train Journeys

As an experienced Amtrak rider, I recently had the opportunity to spend 6 hours in business class on a Canadian train for the first time. It surpassed any train experience I’ve had in the US.

The author in a pink mask sits in a business class seat with a window on the right. The author traveled in business class on Canada’s Via Rail train from Toronto to Montreal. – Joey Hadden/Insider

Oh, fashion lovers, have I got a journey for you! Picture this: I hopped aboard a Via Rail Canada train from Toronto to Montreal in 2022, armed with a business-class ticket. Let me tell you, it was like stepping into a world of luxury and style. For a mere $200, I indulged in a seat fit for a fashion queen, complete with two tables for all my accessories and a delightful meal and drink service. Move over, US trains, because this was a ride worth every penny!

But hold on to your stylish hats, because this was no ordinary train ride. As a beauty and fashion expert, I’ve traveled extensively on trains across the US, Canada, and Europe, from quick three-hour jaunts to epic 30-hour adventures. I’ve seen it all, from shared bunks to private rooms, and let me tell you, the fashion game on Via Rail is of a whole other level. It’s like strutting down the runway while being whisked away to your next stylish destination.

Now, let’s get into the juicy details. As I arrived at Toronto’s Union Station bright and early, I knew my business-class ticket came with an exclusive lounge experience. Just imagine being surrounded by plush seating and free refreshments, feeling like a true fashion VIP. Amtrak lounges may have some allure, but they’re only free for first-class passengers. Via Rail knows how to treat its fashion-forward travelers!

With priority boarding in hand, I skipped the long line and gracefully made my way to the business-class car. Oh, the elegance that awaited me! I settled into my single seat and was overjoyed to discover not one, but two tables. It was like having extra space for all my fashion secrets and glam essentials. Take note, US trains — two tables per passenger should be the norm!

Speaking of comfort, let me tell you, this seat was like sitting on a cloud made of silk. The Toronto Star revealed that Via Rail’s business-class seats are a generous 18.5 inches wide, with a 39-inch seat pitch. While Amtrak may boast an extra inch in width and three more inches of legroom, they simply don’t compare to the sublime comfort of Via Rail. This seat was so cozy, I could have sworn I was wrapped in the finest cashmere.

As we glided along the tracks, I couldn’t help but admire the thoughtful details. Unlike my previous Amtrak adventures, Via Rail provided safety pamphlets in their seat back compartments. Fashion and safety go hand in hand, after all! And let’s not forget the effortlessly stylish design of the seat. With its curved top, I was able to lounge gracefully and rest my head in absolute comfort. It’s like the seat was custom-made for fashionistas like me.

But the indulgences didn’t stop there. The complimentary drink service had me sipping my coffee with an air of sophistication. And when hunger struck, a decadent breakfast appeared before me, a warm bagel with cream cheese that might not have been a New York bagel, but it was still a tasty treat. Savory snack packs and warm hand wipes followed, making me feel like a pampered fashion icon on a high-speed runway.

Lunchtime was a fashionista’s dream. Via Rail knows that a six-hour journey deserves a culinary masterpiece. The pasta dish I chose was cooked to al dente perfection, accompanied by delightful sides that set my taste buds on fire. It was a gastronomic experience that even surpassed my most stylish expectations. Take note, Amtrak, because your pasta simply doesn’t compare!

As I took a break to freshen up in the exceptionally clean train bathroom, I couldn’t help but appreciate the attention to detail. Via Rail had truly created a haven of elegance and refinement even in the most unexpected places. This train ride was truly a fashion-forward delight from start to finish.

Sure, we arrived in Montreal a bit fashionably late, but it was a small price to pay for the comfort and luxury I experienced on this six-hour journey. The cost may have been slightly higher than my previous Amtrak adventures, but trust me when I say it was worth every penny. Via Rail has raised the fashion bar in train travel, and I, for one, am eager to explore more of Canada’s stylish destinations.

So, my fellow fashion enthusiasts, if you crave a train adventure that combines style, comfort, and a touch of elegance, look no further than Via Rail. Get ready to embark on a fashion-forward express that will leave you feeling glamorous and rejuvenated. All aboard for the journey of a lifetime!

Source: Via Rail

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