News Overload Expert Tips from an Arab-American Therapist on Managing Information Overload in the Current Climate

Navigating News Consumption Expert Tips from an Arab-American Therapist

Micheline Maalouf Courtesy of Micheline Maalouf

Unleash Your Inner Fashionista with Micheline Maalouf: Beauty, Trauma, and Recharging Your Batteries

Are you ready to dive into the world of beauty, fashion, and mental health? Strap on your stilettos and grab your sunglasses because today we’re taking a glamorous journey with the fabulous Micheline Maalouf, Arab-American therapist and fashion enthusiast. Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe shed a tear or two (but don’t worry, they’ll be tears of joy!).

Like a fashionista spotting the latest must-have designer bag, Micheline dived straight into following the news on the recent Israel-Hamas attacks. Shocked, but not too shocked, she walked a delicate balance between staying informed and replenishing her fabulous self. After all, darling, you can’t save the world if you’re running on empty, can you?

As a therapist created by her own traumatic experiences, Micheline knows a thing or two about turning adversity into empathy and fabulousness. Growing up feeling like her identity was in fashion purgatory, she took matters into her own well-manicured hands and became a mental health therapist. It’s like she rewrote the fashion rulebook, transforming bullying and shame into love and compassion.

But my fellow fashionistas, fear not! Micheline isn’t here solely for her therapeutic skills. No, no! She’s also armed with tips on how you, the dazzling diaspora and glamorous child of immigrants, can cope with news consumption without sacrificing your fabulous style. Take notes, my lovelies!

Step 1: Read the News (But Don’t Blot Your Lipstick)

Yes, darlings, Micheline says it’s okay to keep up with the news. We can’t turn a blind eye to the world’s runway of events. Keep looking, keep speaking up, but remember to schedule some much-needed self-care breaks. Have a mini spa day, go on a protest and unleash your fierceness, or simply allow yourself to drift off to the sweet melodies of your favorite tunes. Recharge that battery, darling, and show the world what you’re made of!

Step 2: Surround Yourself with a Fabulous Support System

Fashionistas, unite! Find your squad, online or offline, who’ll cheer you on and make you feel like the fabulous superstar you are. Whether it’s family, friends, or kindred spirits you find in the vast digital universe, surround yourself with those who understand your journey and validate your experiences. Remember, my lovelies, community is key when it comes to slaying the fashion game of life.

Step 3: Breathe, Darling, Breathe

Oh, how tempting it can be to snap back at ignorant comments like a fashionista snagging a limited edition designer piece. But take a moment, lean back in your imaginary chaise lounge, and breathe in that fabulousness. Instead of igniting a raging fashion war, pause before responding. Seek advice from your most fashionable confidantes and craft a gentle and sophisticated reply. After all, kindness is couture, and it’s how we can change hearts and minds. Take that breath, my dears, and show the world the grace of a true fashion icon.

So my fabulous readers, are you ready to conquer the world of fashion, mental health, and self-care like the rockstars you are? Unleash your inner diva, recharge those batteries, and keep fighting for a world where beauty shines brighter than the sun. And remember, lovelies, it’s not just about the bad; let’s show the world the incredible beauty of our cultures. Now go forth, my fashionable darlings, and slay!

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