A Fashionable Adventure in Saudi Arabia: From Midwest to Middle East

A Fearless Woman Abroad Embracing Saudi Arabia's Masculine Domain Without Compromising Safety

As an American woman, I lived and traveled alone in Saudi Arabia for 4 months. Despite it being a man’s world, I never felt unsafe.

Embracing the Unconventional

Imagine a world where fireflies are replaced with vibrant night markets, and baseball caps are swapped for stylish abayas that flow elegantly from head to toe. This is the enchanted land that Kylee Nelson, the fearless travel nurse and fashion aficionado, found herself in. Leaving behind the quaint and familiar Midwest, she embarked on a whirlwind journey that led her to the mesmerizing kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Brace yourself, fashion lovers, as we dive into her extraordinary tale.

A Symphony of Contrasting Styles

In this land of enchantment, the fashion scene was a kaleidoscope of colors and designs. The Midwest’s plain, old jackets and caps were tossed aside in favor of breathtaking abayas and flowing thawbs. Picture yourself strutting through the bustling streets, draped in a black robe that exudes an air of mystique, while men elegantly glide by in ankle-length white robes. It’s a true runway spectacle, making even the world’s most renowned fashion shows pale in comparison.

From Bright to Blazing

It’s not just the fashion that took a dramatic turn; the weather did a complete 180 as well. In the Midwest, days were cool, and even the hottest summer days could barely muster a measly 85 degrees Fahrenheit. But hold onto your fashionable hats, because in Saudi Arabia, the scorching heat reached unimaginable heights. Kylee found herself in a sweltering cauldron, where temperatures soared to a sizzling 110 degrees. It’s like being in a never-ending runway show under a blazing sun!

Unleashing the Night Owl

While the daytime heat could induce a fashion meltdown, it was the night that truly stole the show. In Saudi Arabia, the evening air whispered secrets of night markets, alluring hookah lounges, and extravagant feasts shared with loved ones. As the sun set, the vibrant energy of the Middle East surged through the veins of the city, inviting daring fashionistas to embrace the night. It was a nocturnal fashion extravaganza that left even the most die-hard party animals enthralled.

Fierce and Fearless in the Middle East

People often cower in fear at the thought of traversing the enchanting landscapes of Saudi Arabia. But our intrepid fashionista, Kylee Nelson, unraveled the truth behind the veil. Far from being dangerous, she discovered a treasure trove of kind-hearted individuals who embodied both beauty and hospitality. This land of a thousand tales became her fashion runway, where respect and warm smiles were the accessories of choice.

Emboldened by Respect

As a Western woman, Kylee reveled in the respect lavished upon her during her Middle Eastern escapades. From chivalrous gentlemen ensuring her safety when hailing an Uber to warm and welcoming smiles in local eateries, she felt like the belle of the fashion ball. Men even gallantly paid for her meals, tugging at heartstrings in the process. In this land where she felt cherished and cocooned, she discovered the true meaning of fashion: confidence and empowerment.

A Man’s World, but a Woman’s Journey

In the midst of her stylish sojourn, Kylee encountered moments that served as a stark reminder of the lingering gender disparity. A man had the audacity to report her for working out at the gym, while another boldly cut the line at a hotel, sparking a heated confrontation. These encounters were a somber reminder that, despite progress, Saudi Arabia remains a man’s world in many respects. Yet, even amid these challenges, Kylee’s spirit never faltered. For her, Saudi Arabia was a once-in-a-lifetime fashion adventure, a mesmerizing tapestry of culture and history that she proudly wore as she ventured forth.

The Fashionable Finale

With her bold spirit and unrivaled sense of style, Kylee Nelson conquered the world of Middle Eastern fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the kingdom’s landscapes and hearts. She emerged from this extraordinary journey, forever changed, with a recommendation for fashionistas and solo travelers alike: embrace the unexpected, embrace Saudi Arabia. Step onto this magical runway, where exquisite abayas and radiant smiles await. Let this be your fashion voyage of a lifetime!

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