The Fashion Faux Pas That Gen Z Loves to Mock – A Humorous Take on Millennial Trends

Why Gen Z has a point about high-waisted bottoms and skinny jeans, but let's not give up on side parts just yet - a millennial perspective

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Ah, the cringeworthy style trends of each generation! It’s like a dance of fashion folly that we can’t help but chuckle at. The 80s boasted an overload of neon, the 90s had questionable frosted tips, and who can forget those “Vote for Pedro” T-shirts from the early 2000s? But let’s not forget about the 2010s, the era when millennial fashion reigned supreme. While I must admit, I enjoyed many of those trends at the time, I can’t help but agree with Gen Z when they call out certain styles that now seem outdated and outlandish.

The Business Casual Mayhem – Office Attire Wherever You Go!

Kim Kardashian at a hotel on September 22, 2010 Toni Passig/Getty Images

Let’s go back to high school for a moment. Picture this: I’m strutting down the hallways, wearing a slightly oversized cardigan, a sleeveless top, a pencil skirt, and ballet flats. You know what I look like? A CEO ready to tackle a board meeting! But in reality, all I had on my schedule was algebra class and a free period. Oh, the confusion this trend brought! We millennials were masters at the art of business casual, taking it to non-work-related outings with a ferocity that left everyone scratching their heads. The club might as well have been a company conference room with all the vests, button-ups, and pencil skirts flying around!

The video 1 by TikTok user @cydnij hilariously mocks this trend, and boy, did it go viral! It seems we can’t escape the ridicule, but hey, at least we made a statement, right?

Rise of the High-Waisted Obsession – When Too Much is Not Enough!

Woman wearing high-waisted shorts AnnaZhuk/Getty Images

Ah, the glorious high-waisted wave! It was as if we were rebelling against the low-rise nightmares of the early 2000s. But let’s be real here, we millennials took this trend to a whole new level. We had high-waisted everything – skirts, shorts, pants, swimsuits – you name it! We were drowning in high-waisted fashion, unable to see the surface of originality. It’s no wonder that Gen Z started pushing back, desperately begging for a return to normal waistlines. Yet, in all this chaos, I’ve managed to salvage a few pairs of high-waisted shorts from my closet. After all, it’s not just a fashion statement; it’s about finding what works for our body types!

The Battle of the Skinny Jeans – Tight Squeeze or Fashion Disease?

Taylor Swift in November 2014 James Devaney/Getty Images

Skinny jeans! The holy grail of millennial fashion! They were practically glued to our bodies, always ready for any occasion. But oh, how Gen Z unleashed their wrath upon these tight-fitting wonders! They called them “mom jeans,” and I couldn’t disagree more. However, I must admit that maybe, just maybe, skinny jeans couldn’t handle the weight of every moment we threw at them. They didn’t flatter every body type, leaving some of us uncomfortable and longing for more forgiving styles. But fear not, for out of this strife emerged an unforeseen revolution – the resurgence of wide-leg pants and other silhouettes! The fashion world expanded, and our closets rejoiced with newfound variety and experimentation.

The Glorious Side Part – A Style That Stands the Test of Time!

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus in 2011 Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Ah, the battle of the hairstyles! Gen Z may find our love for the side part amusing, but I stand firm with my fellow millennials. Vice 2 might call it “roasting,” but I call it a war on personal expression! It’s all about face shape versatility, my friends. A middle part is predictable, but a side part? That adds spice, pizzazz, and a whole new vibe to any ensemble. Age, occasion, none of it matters when it comes to the always glamorous side part.

So here we are, my fellow fashion enthusiasts, reminiscing on the cringe-worthy trends of our millennial past. We’ve laughed, we’ve sighed, and maybe even shed a tear or two. But let’s remember, fashion is a journey, an ever-changing landscape of creative expression. So, whether you’re rocking those high-waisted pants or flipping your hair to the side, embrace your style and shake off the haters. After all, fashion may evolve, but our love for it will forever remain in vogue.

Have you fallen victim to any of these millennial trends? Share your fashion tales 📸 and join the debate in the comments below!

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