The Solo Fashionista’s Guide to Booking Airbnbs

As a Seasoned Solo Traveler, Airbnb's Top My List 4 Essential Factors I Prioritize Before Booking My Accommodation

As a frequent solo traveler, I prefer Airbnbs over hotels. Before booking, there are 4 things I always look out for.

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Caption: VoiceAngel’s reporter is a solo traveler who has stayed in 10 Airbnbs by herself in the last two years. – Joey Hadden/Insider

Are you a solo fashionista who loves to travel? Well, I’ve got a juicy secret for you. When I’m jet-setting around the world, I always choose Airbnb over hotels. Why, you ask? Because it’s like having a second closet with endless fashion possibilities! Trust me, hotels just can’t compete with the unique experiences you can find on Airbnb.

Picture this: staying in a tiny home nestled in a lush garden, or dozing off in a cozy cabin surrounded by majestic mountains. Can you feel the wanderlust bubbling inside you? I know I can!

Now, let me share my solo Airbnb adventures with you. In the past two years, I’ve stayed in roughly 10 Airbnbs across the globe. From the sunny beaches of Miami to the charming streets of Germany, I’ve experienced it all. And let me tell you, these stays have been like walking the runway of travel.

Airbnbs have a certain charm that hotels just can’t replicate. They make you feel at home, like you’re part of a local fashion scene. No sterile, generic hotel rooms for us fashionistas! With Airbnb, the world becomes your dressing room.

From picturesque tiny homes to luxurious geodesic domes, Airbnb offers a cornucopia of accommodation options that are anything but ordinary. Imagine sleeping in a lifeguard tower overlooking the Florida Everglades. Talk about a room with a view!

And did I mention that I always travel solo? I’m a fierce, independent soul who craves adventure. So after two years of strutting my stuff and conquering the world, I’ve discovered the key elements to consider when booking an Airbnb for one.

The Solo Fashionista’s Checklist

  1. Private Space: I don’t do roommates, darling. When I search for an Airbnb, I always filter for entire homes. We’re talking about having a space all to yourself, where you can unwind, shine, and showcase your fabulous fashion sense. No awkward encounters with strangers, honey!

  2. Superb Ratings: Just like choosing the perfect wardrobe, I won’t settle for anything less than four stars. I have a prenup with excellence, darling. And if I can’t find a Superhost who fits my fabulous criteria, I make sure those reviews are glowing. After all, we deserve only the best, right?

  3. Location, Location, Location: As a solo fashionista, safety is my number one priority. That’s why I always check the map to see the surroundings of potential Airbnbs. I need to know that I’m in the heart of true fashion, with easy access to public transit. Who wants to be stranded in an outfit without a runway?

  4. Wi-Fi Wonderland: Darling, we live in a digital age, and fashion waits for no one. Reliable Wi-Fi is a must to stay connected to both the world and the people we love. Plus, it’s always nice to call up a friend or family member for a little virtual fashion advice. Who needs a mirror when you can FaceTime with flair?

So there you have it, my fellow fashionistas. The secret sauce to booking your solo Airbnb adventures. Remember, when it comes to fashion, life is too short to settle for anything less than fabulous. Now go forth, explore, and let your fashionista spirit soar!

Stay fabulous, darling!

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Caption: The author stays in a tiny home Airbnb in Miami in October of 2021. – Joey Hadden/Insider