Saving Money in Disney World: A Fashion Lover’s Guide

Disney World Insider Reveals 7 Must-Avoid Purchases in the Gift Shops

As a former Disney World employee, there are 7 items I always avoid purchasing in the gift shops.

Hayley and a friend posing in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World

By Hayley Hutson

As a former Disney World employee, I have a deep love for all things Disney, including the fabulous merchandise. But let’s be real, those price tags can make even the most fashionable hearts skip a beat. Don’t worry, fellow fashionistas, I’ve got you covered. Get ready for some valuable tips on how to save money and still rock that Disney style!

The Pricey Clothing Conundrum

I know, I know. Spirit-jersey lovers, please don’t come at me! But trust me when I say, most of the clothing in the park isn’t worth the cost. You can find adorable matching family shirts and cute onesies for your little ones at stores like Target, Walmart, and even thrift shops in Orlando. Unless there’s a one-of-a-kind design you simply can’t resist, save your money and splurge on the Mickey-shaped pretzel instead! Your baby won’t know the difference anyway.

Hayley posing wearing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears

Mickey and Minnie Ears: Unleash Your Inner Fashionista

Let’s talk about those iconic Mickey and Minnie ears. Sure, you’ll find the mass-produced ones everywhere in Magic Kingdom, but why blend in when you can stand out? Check out the unique and handmade ear headbands on sites like Etsy or Instagram. They offer a variety of styles and are often more affordable than the ones you’ll find in the park. If you’re feeling crafty, go ahead and create your own personalized ears. Be the envy of every Disney fashionista!

Bubble Wands: The Temporary Joy

Ah, the infamous bubble wands. Your kids’ eyes light up the moment they see those colorful flashing lights. But let’s face it, their excitement will fade faster than a morning mist. Don’t fall into the bubble wand trap! Savvy parents can save up to 50% by purchasing a similar wand on Amazon or at Target before the trip. Your wallet will thank you, and you can still enjoy the magical bubbles without bursting your budget.

Souvenir Popcorn Buckets: To Buy or Not to Buy?

I’ll admit, I’ve definitely been a sucker for those cute souvenir popcorn buckets. The struggle is real, but fear not! Take a moment to consider if you’ll actually make your money back by purchasing multiple popcorn refills throughout your stay. If the answer is no, skip the adorable bucket and opt for some mouthwatering churros instead. Your taste buds will thank you, and your wallet won’t feel the pinch.

Alien popcorn bucket Disney souvenir

Baubles, Knickknacks, and Tchotchkes: A Hard Pass!

Let’s talk about those tempting small souvenirs near the registers. Though they may seem cheap, they still cost more than they’re truly worth. Don’t be fooled by their charm! Save your hard-earned cash and browse the aisles of a local Target or souvenir shop instead. Pro tip: Ask any park employee for stickers during your visit. By the time you leave, you’ll have a collection of fun Disney stickers without spending a single cent.

Stuffed Animals: Don’t Break the Bank

If you’re shopping for a little one, trust me, they’ll love the stuffed Mickey Mouse you find at Walmart just as much as the overpriced one at Hollywood Studios. Unless you’re after a limited-edition or park-specific character, buying stuffed animals in the park is unnecessary. Save your money and splurge on a delicious Dole Whip instead. You’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and your budget at the same time!

Comfort is Key: Plan Ahead

Don’t forget to prioritize comfort during your Disney adventure. Invest in rain gear, sunscreen, bug spray, handheld fans, and reusable water bottles before your trip. Planning ahead will save you from shelling out hefty sums for ponchos or expensive convenience store necessities. Pro tip: If you forget your water bottle, grab a free water cup from most quick-service dining locations. Stay hydrated without spending a dime!

With these tips in mind, you can now navigate the enchanting world of Disney fashion without breaking the bank. Remember, it’s not about how much you spend, but how you style it. So go forth, my fashion-loving friends, and let your inner Disney fashionista shine!

How do you save money when indulging in Disney fashion? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!