Embracing the Flames: My Journey as a Drag Queen

Defying Judgments Unapologetically Shining as a Drag Queen at Penn State, Despite Parental Disapproval

I am a determined drag queen at Penn State, performing despite disapproval from my parents.

The back of a drag queen putting on earrings

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In 2021, a star emerged from the shadows of Penn State University, setting the drag scene ablaze with fierce fashion and fabulous performances. That star was none other than yours truly, the one and only Ms. Fire. Picture me, stepping onto the stage like a vision in a velveteen gown that screamed glamour, causing jaws to drop and heads to turn. Yes, honey, drag wasn’t just a hobby for me – it became an integral part of my identity.

But, oh darling, the road to drag success was no walk in the park. Despite facing setbacks from my family and societal pressure, I resolved to keep the fiery spirit of Ms. Fire alive, even in the face of extinguishment. You see, drag taught me about resilience and confidence, like learning to strut in 5-inch pointy-toe stilettos all day without breaking a sweat.

As a conservative, Republican, and Catholic household, my parents held no reservations about expressing their anti-LGBTQ+ views. Keeping my drag persona under wraps was like trying to hide a flamboyant peacock in a hen house. But, alas, the secret couldn’t stay hidden forever. One day, my dad stumbled upon my fabulous drag ensemble, causing a showdown of epic proportions. He called it “transvestitism” and warned me of a life filled with perversion, disease, drugs, and early demise. Oh, the drama!

My parents insisted that I donate all of my drag essentials and made me promise to never engage in the glittery world of drag again. It was a painful blow, like having a part of my identity ripped away from me. However, darlings, I refused to let their disapproval snuff out my inner flame. With the help of trusted friends, I managed to safeguard a few drag essentials, ready to rebuild and reignite the flames of my true self.

I’ve come to realize that my parents’ disapproval stems from a different era, a time when individuality was often frowned upon. So, my fabulous friends, rather than harboring resentment, I choose to focus on my personal growth and self-assurance that this experience has granted me. Though they may never fully accept my drag persona, I appreciate the love and support they offer in other aspects of my life. This realization has only made me stronger and more confident, knowing that I can face any obstacle with my head held high and my false lashes fluttering.

Today, I proudly continue my reign as Ms. Fire, having rebuilt my wardrobe from the ashes. The support from my community has been overwhelming, like a wildfire spreading across the land. Through the flames of adversity, I have discovered my inner strength, and I aim to inspire others to embrace their true selves with unapologetic pride. Remember, my lovelies, no matter what challenges come your way, your fire can never be extinguished. So let it burn, let it rise, and let your inner drag goddess shine bright like a diamond on that stage!

Now, my fabulous readers, I want to hear from you. Have you ever faced adversity for expressing your true self? How did you overcome it? Share your stories and let’s ignite a bonfire of inspiration and empowerment in the comments below!