Become an Influencer with a Twist at Southeast Technical University!

Become an Influencer Learn the Art of PR Crisis Management at an Esteemed Irish University

An Irish university offers a degree for aspiring influencers, including PR crisis management skills.

A stock image shows a social media influencer making content. Image: Getty Images

Hey, fashion lovers! Brace yourselves for the most unusual and exciting college course coming your way. Get ready to be schooled in the art of influencer-dom like never before. Southeast Technical University in Carlow, Ireland, is gearing up to launch a one-of-a-kind Bachelor of Arts in Content Creation and Social Media degree. Can you say “OMG, I’m majoring in influence!”?

Starting from September 2024, this program is your ticket to social media stardom. Move over traditional majors, it’s time to #SlayTheGame. Picture yourself studying modules on writing in the digital age, creative digital media, and social media marketing. You’ll practically be planted at the forefront of the digital revolution, turning your passion into a lucrative career. Cha-ching!

But that’s not all, beloved fashion enthusiasts. This unique curriculum throws you into the deep end with a compulsory course on crisis management. Yup, you heard it right! No fashionista worth their stilettos overlooks the importance of handling the occasional PR crisis. You’ll navigate treacherous terrain as you analyze real-life social media meltdowns, daring to uncover the secret sauce behind effective damage control. Exciting, right?

Hold your breath because here comes the showstopper, my stylish friends. In this course, you’ll dive headfirst into the eye of the storm by crafting your very own crisis management plan. Channel your inner Olivia Pope (minus the white wardrobe) as you construct a press statement that would make headlines blush. To add a sprinkle of reality, you’ll even organize a mock press conference. Lights, camera, influence!

As the saying goes, “education is the key to success” – and in this case, the key to unlocking your full influencer potential. Glam up your screen time, prove to skeptical friends and family that you’re not just scrolling through cat memes all day long, and embark on an adventure that could lead to a multi-billion-dollar industry. Yes, you heard that right. The global influencer market is worth a jaw-dropping $21 billion! We’re talking serious business here, folks.

Oh, but wait, Ireland isn’t the only spot turning influence into a career. An Ohio community college offers a Media Influencer Certificate, and across the pond, there are digital marketing and social media degrees galore. Who said fashion-forward knowledge couldn’t be academic? Arizona State University even offers an online Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication – Social Media Management. Your future is looking fabulous, darling.

So, whether you dream of being the next fashion icon or you simply want to master the delicate art of influencing, Southeast Technical University’s Content Creation degree is your golden ticket. Embrace your inner influencer, learn the secrets of crisis management like a pro, and enter the fashion-forward world of digital media with confidence. Hurry, the applications open in November – so don’t miss out!

Are you ready to become an online sensation? Share your thoughts and aspirations in the comments below! Let’s start this fashion revolution together!