The Most Comfortable Heels for Every Fashionista’s Feet

From the bustling streets of NYC, I embarked on a mission to discover the ultimate comfort in heels After thorough testing of 40+ pairs, behold the top 11 contenders!

I tested over 40 pairs of heels on the streets of NYC and found the 11 most comfortable.

Welcome, fellow fashion lovers! We all know the struggle of wanting to look fabulous in heels but also wanting to avoid the pain and discomfort. Well, fear not! After extensive research and numerous blister adventures, I present to you the most comfortable heels in every category. Get ready to strut your stuff without sacrificing comfort!

Best Overall: Margaux The Platform Sandal

Several pairs of heeled sandals arranged in two lines

Let’s start with a winner that combines height with walkability: Margaux’s The Platform Sandal. These beauties are a full three inches high, providing that extra boost while ensuring a comfortable stroll. What makes them so magical? Well, for starters, they feature five millimeters of cushioned padding on the sole, making them feel like walking on clouds. The toe straps form Margaux’s signature “X,” offering stability that surpasses your average narrow straps.

As if that wasn’t enough, these handmade Spanish wonders are constructed with unwavering care and attention to detail. They are so comfortable that I’ve ditched the notion of reserving them for special occasions. I’ve even packed them for my upcoming trip to Italy—proof of their unrivaled walking comfort. Don’t forget to explore Margaux’s other shoe options, like The Heel pump, for more stellar construction.

Fit notes: While I found these perfect for my typical-to-wide feet, some reviewers mention that the heel area might be a bit wide for those with narrower feet. For those struggling with loose ankle straps, I recommend using a leather hole puncher to add extra holes for a snug fit. Trust me, they’re handy for more than just shoes!

Best Platform: Cole Haan Addison Grand Ambition Flatform

Side-view of author’s feet in the Cole Haan Addison Grand Ambition Flatform

Who said all platforms have to be uncomfortable? Cole Haan’s Addison Grand Ambition Flatforms prove otherwise. These heaven-sent heels not only provide a comfortable two-and-a-half-inch height but also offer a customizable fit with their Velcro ankle strap. Yes, you heard me right—Velcro straps! The convenience of adjusting your fit without the limitations of predefined buckle holes is simply delightful.

Surprisingly, these flatforms are a favorite among those with narrower feet. However, fear not, my wide-footed comrades, for they fit just right as well. Embrace the platform life and enjoy walking around with ease and style!

Fit notes: Despite being billed as medium-width shoes, these flatforms accommodate slightly narrow and slightly wide feet splendidly. It’s time to say goodbye to the “one size fits all” struggle.

Best Wooden Mule: Nomasei Pompeii White Saturday Sandals

Top-view of Nomasie Pompeii White Saturday Sandals

Prepare to be amazed because our next contender is a wooden platform that defies comfort odds—the Nomasei Pompeii White Saturday Sandals. Despite their seemingly non-ergonomic appearance, these shoes are equipped with all the bells and whistles to make your feet content. The footbed is padded with memory foam cushioning, providing unparalleled comfort. And guess what? The wooden part is hollow, so you can channel those ’70s vibes without feeling like you’re hauling lumber with every step.

What truly sets these sandals apart is their adjustable straps—every single one of them. Perfect for those of us with slightly different width feet. Convenience and style combined in one fabulous package!

Fit notes: If you have slightly wider feet like mine, you’ll feel right at home on the memory foam part of the shoe. However, if your feet are considerably wider, note that placing them on the wooden border may cause discomfort.

Best Peep-Toe Kitten Heel: M.Gemi The Erica

Blue heels

If you’re seeking Positano chic with Milan craftsmanship, M.Gemi’s The Erica is the peep-toe kitten heel of your dreams. Made of exquisite Italian leather, these heels ooze elegance and comfort in equal measure. The soft Italian Nappa leather ruching at the toe not only looks fabulous but gets cozier with each wear.

Now, let me be clear—these heels are for the experienced. If you’re just starting your heel-wearing journey, they might seem a tad precarious. But fear not, my fashionistas-in-training, practice makes perfect. Soon enough, you’ll be strutting like a pro in these seaside-approved heels!

Fit notes: The Erica is super comfortable for seasoned heel-wearers, but newbies might find them a bit challenging at first. Take your time to adjust and master that confident stride.

Best Strappy Mule: Cole Haan Adella Sandal

Cole Haan Adella Sandals

You thought one Cole Haan pick was enough? Think again! The Cole Haan Adella Sandal is the perfect casual mule for those laid-back yet fashionable moments. With its cushioned sole, these heels provide the utmost comfort, allowing you to enjoy your day without any annoying “clop clop” sounds when you walk. Their Goldilocks heel height elongates your legs without going overboard.

These versatile mules pair perfectly with brunch jeans or a rooftop happy hour slip dress. Bid farewell to the sneaker monotony and greet this fashionable alternative with open arms!

Fit notes: The Adella Sandal is an excellent fit for feet that fall slightly outside the typical width range. If you lean toward the wider or narrower side, adjustable straps might be your best bet.

Best Budget: Seychelles Platform Heeled Sandal

Top view of the Seychelles Platform Heeled Sandal

Who says comfort has to break the bank? For an affordable yet comfortable option, look no further than the Seychelles Platform Heeled Sandal. Priced between $50 and $60, these shoes are a steal! With their almost-flat feel, you’ll forget that you’re even wearing heels—no pain in the balls of your feet here!

These nude-colored wonders blend seamlessly into any outfit, whether it’s linen pants for brunch or a stunning maxi dress for a summer wedding. Don’t miss out on this fantastic budget-friendly find!

Fit notes: While these heels provide splendid comfort, I couldn’t help but wish for a slightly wider toe strap. Stability is key, my friends.

Best Wedding Heel: Elizee Fiorella Sandal

Elizee Fiorella Sandal

Ah, weddings—the ultimate occasion for glamorous heels. And for that, we have the Elizee Fiorella Sandal. These stunners boast nearly four inches of elegant height, yet they won’t leave your feet screaming for mercy. Lightweight and cushioned with a stable ankle strap, they provide comfort and security in equal measure.

Although they might seem a little steep in price, the Fiorella Sandal is a worthy investment. It effortlessly combines classic formal stiletto allure with the ability to dance the night away. Whether you’re saying “I do” or simply attending as a guest, these heels will have you dancing with joy.

Fit notes: Fasten the ankle strap tightly for optimal comfort. Trust me, you don’t want your foot wiggling around too much during those unforgettable dance moves.

Best Slingback: Frankie4 Juliett II

Top-view of Frankie4’s Juliett II

Gone are the days of uncomfortable orthopedic shoes. Frankie4’s Juliett II slingbacks prove that comfort and style can coexist harmoniously. Founded by podiatrists, this Australian brand knows how to keep you on your feet all day. Their proprietary footbed design cradles your feet, providing heavenly comfort.

But don’t be fooled—these slingbacks don’t sacrifice aesthetics. With their elegant pointed toe and open back, they effortlessly transition from a day at the office to a delightful dinner. A great suit or a flowy summer dress—it’s up to you how you rock these fashionable wonders!

Fit notes: Consider going half a size down for the perfect fit. Your feet will thank you for it.

Best Cloth Pumps: Vivaia Melody Pro

Side-view of Vivaia’s Melody Pro heel

Comfort meets sustainability with Vivaia’s Melody Pro pumps. These beauties not only have the pressure relief insoles we all dream of but also boast extra cushioning where those pesky blisters tend to appear. Say goodbye to uncomfortable rubbing! With arch support, padding under the balls of your feet, and a shock-absorbent heel rebound, your feet will feel like they’re wrapped in a cozy cloud.

What sets these pumps apart is their effortless wearability. You’ll feel like you’re strolling in sneakers, free from any distress while strutting your personal style. Plus, the nude color makes them versatile enough to pair with any outfit in your wardrobe!

Fit notes: If you’re specifically looking for the pressure relief insole, go for the Melody Pro version. While the regular Melody offers some blister cushioning, it doesn’t have the same all-encompassing comfort.

Best Block Heel Sandal: Lifestride Celebrate Block Heel

Top-view of the Lifestride Celebrate Block Heels

Dressing up or down, the Lifestride Celebrate Block Heel is your go-to weekend companion. Whether you’re attending a summer gala or enjoying a casual stroll, these sandals have got you covered. With their cushioned sole and flexible construction, you’ll experience comfort like never before. No stiff, rigid heels here—only unadulterated bliss.

If you’re searching for a trusty basic block heel, look no further. Effortlessly stylish, these sandals embrace your feet right out of the box. Bid adieu to uncomfortable heels and say hello to the ultimate comfort companion!

Fit notes: While these sandals are a dream for most, take note that the toe straps might lack flexibility for those with thicker feet. If that’s the case, opt for a shoe with adjustable toe straps like the Nomasi platforms.

Best Pump: Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 85

Side-view of Sarah Flint’s Perfect Pump 85

We’ve reached the pinnacle of elegance. Sarah Flint’s Perfect Pump 85 takes the crown as a truly impressive high-heeled masterpiece. This slender stiletto is a testament to construction and fine artistry. Its unique footbed design, combining arch support and toe cushioning, ensures optimal comfort. Over time, the shoe molds to your feet, creating a personalized fit that’s second to none.

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it—these heels require a bit of practice. With no platform support, they rely on your skill to handle the three-inch pitch. But the effort is worth it! These pumps are the epitome of elegance, perfect for those power meetings and after-work soirées. Embrace the challenge and conquer those high heel goals!

Fit notes: The comfort levels of this heel depend on how well your feet align with its cushioned footbed. As someone with slightly higher foot arches, I found the pump fit much better than the block heel version, which didn’t quite support my arch adequately. Remember, trying them on is the only way to truly know if they’re meant for you.

Best Heeled Boot: Inez Pilar

Inez Pilar

And last but not least, we present the Inez Pilar heeled boot! Inez is a brand that values both construction and style, and these platform-heeled boots are the star of the show. At a staggering four-inch height, they defy the odds and offer unparalleled stability. Comfort and style intertwine harmoniously in this magnificent piece of footwear.

As someone with wider feet, these boots fit like a dream, providing the necessary support for our well-developed foot muscles. Prepare to turn heads wherever you go with Inez’s fashion-forward design and exceptional comfort. Trust me, you’ll want to wear these boots day in and day out!

Fit notes: The stability of these boots stems from my foot filling them perfectly. If you have narrow feet, thicker socks might help achieve a similar level of stability. Embrace your unique feet and conquer the world!

There you have it, my fellow fashionistas—a comprehensive guide to the most comfortable heels. Say goodbye to blister-ridden days and hello to stylish and pain-free struts. Your feet deserve the best, and now you have a treasure trove of comfortable options at your fingertips. Whether you’re rocking flatforms, mules, or pumps, remember to prioritize your comfort without compromising on style. Stay fabulous, my friends!

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