The Unbelievable Fashion Journey of LaQuinta “Q” Hayes

From Amputation to Empowerment How I Found Passion and Joy in Amputee Sports

After losing my leg to bone cancer, I found a passion for amputee sports.

Woman on wheelchair being pushed by friend Courtesy of Hayes

Are you ready for a fashion story that’ll leave you in stitches, strutting with laughter, and wanting to dive headfirst into the world of fashion? Well, grab your crutches, buckle up, and get ready to be amazed by the incredible journey of LaQuinta “Q” Hayes in the realm of beauty and fashion.

Picture this, darlings: Q, a radiant soul with a passion for fashion, was having a wheelie good time in her life, until she crossed paths with a rather unfortunate event. A drunk driver decided to play bumper cars with her precious vehicle. Talk about fashionably late!

But guess what? Fate works in mysterious ways, my dear fashionistas. In the aftermath of the accident, Q’s legs started to swell up like overinflated balloons. At first, she brushed it off, thinking it was just a mere hiccup from the crash. But life was about to drop a bombshell on her impeccable sense of style.

The poor soul sought help from her chiropractor, hoping for a magical recovery. But alas, even the mighty chiropractor couldn’t cure her swelling predicament. It was time for some heavy-duty investigative work, so off she went for an MRI, giving “fashion police” a whole new meaning.

The chiropractor personally invited Q to his office, leaving her perplexed. And there, my dear trendsetters, she witnessed something quite extraordinary: her chiropractor shedding tears like a broken mascara wand. It was a rare sight, indeed! Little did Q know that her life was about to take a drastic turn into the fashion unknown.

With a heavy heart and trembling hands, the doctor broke the news to Q. She was now a member of an exclusive club, one that no one wishes to join – the bone cancer club. And not just any bone cancer, mind you, but a rare and aggressive one called osteosarcoma. The fashion world takes unexpected turns, doesn’t it?

But did the news break our resilient fashionista’s spirit? Absolutely not! Q refused to let cancer dim her fashion glow. She strutted right into the battle royale of chemotherapy, armed with her fiercest heels and an unbeatable sense of humor.

The Red Devil, as they call the chemo drug, was an absolute horror show. Picture five to six days of hospital confinement, followed by a mere two-day reprieve with her family, before plunging back into the glamorous world of chemo. Talk about living life on the runway!

To add a dash of icing to this already extravagant fashion cake, the doctors threw another curveball at Q. They decided it was time to part ways with her left leg. Yes, you heard it right – amputated! Can you imagine the fashion experiments she could indulge in now?

The countdown to her leg amputation was pure torture. Q was drained of energy and downright miserable. But life has a way of reminding us that we are stronger than we think. In the hospital, amidst her struggles and self-pity, Q’s ears caught a symphony of lost lives around her. It was a wake-up call like no other.

As she listened to the silence, her fighting spirit roared to life. She realized that she was still here, breathing, and ready to conquer the fashion world with a vengeance. With renewed determination, she sought mental support and began rebuilding her life, piece by fabulous piece.

The fashion gods had something special in store for Q. One fateful day, at a local flea market, she crossed paths with a man in a wheelchair who had an indomitable wheel to play sports. Relentlessly, he invited her to join his leagues, constantly tempting her with the allure of athleticism, fashionably executed.

After much persuasion, Q surrendered to the siren song of sports and tried her hand at softball. Oh, the stitches it brought her! Soon enough, she found herself knee-deep in a whirlwind of basketball, rugby, and yes, even amputee soccer. Who knew playing soccer on crutches could be so exhilarating? Goal!

Today, our fearless fashionista stands proud as a member of the US National Team for Amputee Soccer. She has travelled to the far reaches of Australia, igniting the flames of amputee soccer there, leaving a trail of fashion-forward footprints on her way. And recently, she graced Poland’s fields, showcasing her incredible talent. Que bella!

On the field, Q’s disability takes a backseat as her abilities shine through. She’s a beacon of fierceness, a testament to the triumph of the human spirit. The fashion world bows down to her as she gracefully dances amidst the challenges, reminding us that the journey to greatness is never-ending.

So, my stylish comrades, as we bid adieu to this extraordinary tale, let’s take a moment to celebrate Q’s unyielding spirit and her remarkable journey through the ever-changing landscape of beauty and fashion. She teaches us that when life hands us obstacles, we tighten our corsets, accessorize with resilience, and keep strutting with unwavering grace.

Now, go forth, unleash your fashion wonders, and remember – in the world of fashion and beyond, your story is still being written. How will you make it fabulous?

This incredible story is based on a conversation with LaQuinta Hayes.