A Much-Needed Escape: Embracing Fashion and Fun in Stowe, Vermont!

Unveiling the Transformative Power of Taking a Well-Deserved Break How a Memorable Trip with a Friend Transformed Me into an Even Better Mom, After 6 Years of Devoting Myself to Motherhood

After a 6-year break from my kids, going on a trip with a friend made me a better mom.

Image Courtesy of the author – a fashionista posing with a rainbow

Hey there, fellow fashion enthusiasts! Let me tell you a hilarious tale about my recent adventure that involved leaving my hubby and kids behind for a fabulous trip to Stowe, Vermont. Believe it or not, it was my first vacation without them in a whopping six years! Can you imagine? But hey, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to keep her fabulousness intact.

Now, let me set the scene. In the past, I used to jet off to every corner of the globe, rocking stylish getaways with my fabulous friends. You name it – serene retreats or thrilling escapades – I’ve done it all! But, as fate would have it, life happened. One baby after another, and then, boom! The pandemic swooped in like a fashionably late diva and stole the show. Time flew by, and I suddenly realized I hadn’t escaped the clutches of family life for a real vacation in ages.

That’s when it happened – the opportunity of a lifetime. A two-day trip with my dearest friend to Stowe, Vermont, known for its breathtaking autumn colors. I couldn’t resist! So, without a second thought, I packed my trendiest outfits, jumped on that train of freedom, and boy, was it exactly what the fashion doctor ordered!

Embracing the Art of Doing Nothing in Style

You see, my dear readers, every trip I’d taken without my mini-me clan before this was not exactly a walk in the park. Sure, I visited my homeland, Argentina, to say goodbye to my dear grandma when she was a fashionably short breath away from saying adieu herself. And, yes, I flew back across the globe for a friend’s wedding – but it was basically a marathon of events and zero beauty sleep. Talk about a guilt-infused getaway, right?

But this time, oh, this time was way different! My friend and I embarked on our Vermont adventure with barely any plans in mind. We were free birds, soaring through picturesque landscapes and devouring delectable delicacies at our leisure. Can you imagine? No ticking clock ruling our lives, no schedule squeezing our souls. It was like slipping into the most comfortable couture gown and sipping champagne without a care in the world.

I must confess, my days were filled with glamorous conversations and heartwarming moments with my dear friend. Now, don’t get me wrong, I adore my friends, especially my tennis pals, but usually, we are frenzied mamas rushing back to our little angels. But this time, ladies, it was just us, the mountains, and a whole lot of laughter. Pure bliss, I tell you!

A Fashionable Transformation: Rediscovering My Fabulous Self

As my kids grow older, so does my semblance of sanity. Hallelujah! With a decent amount of beauty sleep under my belt, I can actually carry on an adult conversation with my dashing husband during the day (can you relate?). Gone are the days of eating with one hand while balancing a squirming babe on the other. Finally, my body feels like it belongs to me again!

But here’s the kicker – my brain! Oh, the challenges of parenthood have turned it into mush. Day in and day out, my hubby and I are so consumed by parenting that our adult conversations often consist of exchanging blank stares and longing gazes. Pitiful, I know. But during my stay at the marvelous Spruce Peak, I felt like myself again – a vivid cocktail of fabulousness and wit, ready to conquer the fashion world, one stroll at a time.

Each morning graced me with luxurious sleep-ins (well, until the kids’ internal alarm clocks shattered the dreamy tranquility at the ungodly hour of 7:30 a.m.). Blessed with long, luxurious showers and leisurely breakfasts, I regained my sense of self. It was like being sprinkled with fairy dust, rejuvenating my spirit and rekindling the spark of my fashionable soul.

Dancing to the Joyous Melody of Whining-Free Days

Now, brace yourselves for this fashionably fabulous revelation. During my Vermont escapade, guess what melodious tune was missing from the soundtrack of my life? That’s right – whining! Hold your applause, darlings. It’s true! As my friend and I trekked through nature’s stunning wonders, not a single whine escaped our lips. Instead, laughter and delightful conversations filled the crisp, mountain air, rejuvenating my stylish aura with each glorious step.

And would you believe it? Upon my return, my darling husband greeted me with eyes wide open and a triumphant declaration – “You look happy!” Oh, how right he was! It turns out, these trips, whether extravagant or not, are the magical elixir that keeps my sanity intact. A well-deserved break from the beautiful chaos of parenthood, a chance to revel in the pleasures of fashion-forward freedom.

Now, my fashionable comrades, I implore you – never forget the power of fashion and fun. Embrace those opportunities for escape, even if it’s just for a short while, and rejoice in the beautiful symphony of laughter and rejuvenation. You deserve it, every splendid moment. So, grab your most glamorous outfits, embark on your own magnificent adventures, and let the world witness your fashionista glory!

Stay fabulous, my lovelies!