A Frightening Fashion Faux Pas: The Uninvited Spider Guest in Your Ear

Terrifying Tangle in the Ear Doctors Unearth Spider and Its Exoskeleton After Days of Clicking and Rustling

A spider and its exoskeleton were discovered in a woman’s ear after she experienced clicking and rustling sounds for days.

A doctor looks VoiceAngel a woman’s ear.

Image source: Getty Images

Imagine falling asleep, only to be awoken by strange sounds in your ear—clicking, rustling, and beating that refuse to let you rest. Now picture your horror when you discover that the culprit behind this auditory invasion is none other than a tiny spider! This bizarre and hair-raising incident, straight out of a fashion nightmare, actually happened to one unlucky woman in Taiwan.

In a case report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the unnamed 64-year-old revealed her harrowing experience. She sought help from an ear, nose, and throat doctor after four agonizing days of incessant noises that kept her up at night. The poor woman even claimed she felt a creature had taken up residence in her ear, contributing to her sleepless nights. Little did she know, her fears were not unfounded!

During the physical examination, doctors were astonished to find a small spider and its discarded exoskeleton inside her external auditory canal—the tube connecting the outer ear to the inner one. Thankfully, they swiftly extracted the uninvited arachnid using a suction tube attached to an otoscope (a tool used to peer into the ear), bringing relief to the distressed woman. Dr. Tengchin Wang, the co-author of the report and director of the otolaryngology department at Tainan Municipal Hospital, reassured us that the spider was tiny, measuring a mere two to three millimeters. Phew! No fashion-forward spider this size would make it onto the runway!

Now, before you start frantically examining your own ears with a magnifying glass, let’s address the elephant in the room—or rather, the bug in the ear canal. Contrary to what you might think, this is not an uncommon occurrence for ear, nose, and throat specialists. In fact, insects account for a surprising 14 to 18% of foreign objects found in the ears, alongside cotton wool, paper fragments, seeds, and beads. Evidently, bugs are trying to break into the fashion world too!

According to the experts, ENT doctors encounter bugs or creepy crawlies of all kinds throughout their careers, leading us to wonder if there’s an alien world thriving in our ear canals. Dr. David Kasle, a physician at ENT Sinus and Allergy of South Florida, confessed that “tens, if not more” sticky situations involving bugs occur in these delicate ear passages. Yikes! Perhaps ear canals are the secret runway for an exclusive bug fashion show?

If you suddenly suspect a bug has gatecrashed your ear party, hold off on inserting Q-tips or any other makeshift excavating tools. Trust us, poking and prodding will only push the uninvited guest further in! Instead, you could attempt pouring alcohol or warm—definitely not hot—olive or baby oil into your ear while tilting your head down. Just be cautious and make sure your eardrum is intact before embarking on this scientifically unproven DIY remedy.

However, if the bug proves to be stubborn or you experience pain, it’s time to call in the professionals. Seek immediate assistance from a healthcare expert instead of resorting to ear maneuvers fit for an episode of “Mission: Impossible.” Remember, a fashion emergency calls for professional help!

So, fellow fashionistas, keep a watchful eye on your ears. Let’s not allow these audacious insects to upstage us in the fashion game. And if you ever hear strange sounds living rent-free in your ear, it might just be a trendsetting spider looking for a front-row seat in the world of high-style! Stay fashionable, stay vigilant, and most importantly, protect those precious ear canals from any unwanted eight-legged guests!

How about you? Have you ever been interrupted by a surprise guest in your ear? Share your own fashion horror story in the comments below and let’s swap tales of unexpected encounters!