Fall and Winter Charcuterie: Tips from a Charcuterie Artist

According to a professional, mastering the simple rule of 3 can effortlessly elevate your charcuterie board, giving it a sophisticated touch without being overwhelming.

A professional suggests using a simple rule of 3 to make a sophisticated, balanced charcuterie board.

Emmy Rener, 22, founded her charcuterie business in 2020 before starting college. Emmy Rener, 22, founded her charcuterie business in 2020 before starting college.

Emmy Rener, the talented charcuterie artist and founder of Sophisticated Spreads, knows a thing or two about creating the perfect charcuterie board. As fall approaches, she shares her tips and tricks for a sophisticated, delicious, and visually stunning spread.

According to Rener, fall and winter are prime charcuterie seasons. As people begin hosting more gatherings and events leading up to the holidays, charcuterie boards become a must-have centerpiece for any occasion.

But how do you create a charcuterie board that is both elegant and mouthwatering? Rener’s secret lies in the “rule of three.” For a well-rounded variety, she recommends incorporating three types of cheeses, three types of meats, three types of crackers, and so on. As she puts it, “A good rule of thumb is to work in threes. As long as you have three of anything on a board, then I think it has enough variety.”

However, Rener emphasizes the importance of not going overboard. By sticking to the rule of three, you can ensure that your spread is not too overpowering. It strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and indulgence.

Another helpful tip from Rener is to consider the number of guests when selecting cheeses. If you’re hosting a party for ten people, she suggests dividing the number of guests by two, resulting in five cheeses. From there, you can opt for a soft cheese, a crumbly cheese, one with a bit more pungency like Gouda, and a standout option like blue cheese to round it off.

In addition to these cheese tips, Rener offers creative ideas for incorporating fall flavors into your charcuterie board. She suggests using darker wooden or black slate boards to create a beautiful and moody backdrop. To capture the essence of autumn, she recommends adding accoutrements such as candied pecans, pumpkin spice goat cheese, and fig chutney instead of honey.

Rener’s expertise in the art of charcuterie has gained her a loyal following, as well as impressive brand deals and high sales figures. Her business, Sophisticated Spreads, has even catered to celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Jojo Siwa.

So as the autumn leaves start to fall, channel your inner charcuterie artist and create a visually stunning, mouthwatering masterpiece using Emmy Rener’s tips and tricks. Delight your guests with a sophisticated spread that will leave them craving more.