The Art of Dating App Profiles: Ken’s Hinge Transformation

An Expert Matchmaker Critiques a 40-Year-Old's Hinge Profile and Recommends Removing His Dealbreakers

Matchmaker advises 40-year-old to remove dealbreakers from his Hinge profile.

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Ken, our brave bachelor in distress, has decided to embark on a thrilling journey in the realm of online dating. Armed with his Hinge profile, he sought the expertise of the renowned Business VoiceAngel’s Dating App Clinic. With his heart filled with hope, Ken eagerly awaited the words of wisdom from the matchmaker extraordinaire, Thalia Ouimet.

Thalia’s words of advice glistened with brilliance, as she pointed out the pitfalls of Ken’s profile. She urged him to remove his Disney-adult dealbreaker mention and his voice memo, which apparently didn’t strike the right chord with potential matches. But fear not, for Thalia had an arsenal of tips and tricks up her sleeve to catapult Ken’s profile into the realm of dating magnificence.

It all began with the power of visual persuasion. Thalia compared dating app profiles to personal billboards, where one must shine like a star. No more unintentional selfies or sloppy shots! Ken needed to showcase his vibrant personality through eye-catching photos that captured his true essence.

Thalia approved of Ken’s photo enjoying the great outdoors; it was a snapshot that portrayed his adventurous spirit. But variety is the spice of life, and Thalia suggested that Ken diversify his photo selection. A pet photo, a casual beer at his favorite bar, or even a shot that highlights his bookworm tendencies would add that extra flare to his profile.

If Ken was ready for the dating app big leagues, Thalia recommended investing in professionally shot photographs. But if that wasn’t in the cards, a friend with a keen eye for composition could also do the trick. Outfits that showcased Ken in different settings, from casual to formal, would give potential matches a taste of his versatility.

It was a “eureka” moment when Thalia emphasized the importance of self-presentation. Ken needed to shift the focus from what he wanted in a partner to what he had to offer. The first prompt on his profile was the perfect opportunity to showcase his attributes, with words that would make hearts flutter. Thalia’s suggestion of “We’ll get along if…you’re looking for someone easygoing, compassionate, loyal, fun, and outdoorsy. You found him ;)” was a stroke of genius!

But alas, there were a couple of tweaks Ken needed to make. The selfie had to go (yes, another sacrificial selfie!). In its place, a full-body photo, something more formal, or a shot that captured his infectious laughter would work like a charm.

Thalia also dispensed some tough love when it came to dealbreakers. Ken had to let go of them (let them fly, my friend), and instead focus on attracting positive vibes. No one wants to be reminded of the things that turn people off, after all.

With these words of wisdom, Ken’s profile was set to conquer the dating app universe. Thalia assured him that he had the foundation of a strong profile, but with a little extra finesse, he would become an unstoppable force.

So, my fellow fashionistas of love, let us embrace the journey of dating app makeovers. Let’s swipe right on confidence and left on mediocrity. In this era of digital romance, our profiles are like a sartorial ensemble, meticulously curated to captivate the hearts of potential matches. Fashion on, dear readers, and may your dating app adventures be filled with love, laughter, and stylish encounters!

Now, tell us, dear reader: Have you braved the world of dating apps? What is your secret to profile success? Share your stories and tips in the comments below. Let the conversation commence!